M A G I C A L./

Gently you tell her how much you love her, how much you care for her, and she always hesitate. Well it's her turn to return the gesture...

it might be wonderful

it might be magical

it might be everything ive waited for, a miracle...

I do not own anything.

In her heart, she finds the comfort and solitude of the three magical words he tells her. The words that catch her breath within the moment they stand together. The words that repeat over and over in her mind.

'I love you. . .'

In one second, it changes her whole view of him. It brings out these feelings that she has been hiding deep within her fragile heart. Tiny sparks erupt within her chest and her heart begins to pound furiously and at a fast rate. The sweetness and gentle kindness of his voice repeats the words. It's almost as if he writes the words across the sky of her very own world.

However, it might be wonderful. It might be magical. It might even be everything she waits and anticipates for. A miracle. . .

So, how does he do it? How does he make her feel this way? It's so exhilarating.

His princely charms as well as leadership skills illuminate from him and it takes her breath away. The way he holds her hand or makes eye contact... so heartwarming. Even when he promises to confess those three little words to her each day, it lifts her off the ground and into heaven. Is this a dream?

However, she fears that one day he won't say it anymore. She fears that if she doesn't step up to the plate and confess finally then she will lose someone dear to her. Someone whom she cares for. Someone whom she loves to be around. Someone whom she loves.

Wth all fears aside, she decides to embrace the idea of confessing. She knows that it wouldn't hurt to give it a try. Besides, she knows how he feels for her. Yet, a downside could always happen. . .

So here they are now, standing face to face. A smile forms upon his face and she turns red from the idea of expressing her feelings.

He asks her if there is a problem.

She tells him that there has been something on her mind.

He encourages her to continue.

Gathering all the courage and might, she takes his hand into her own and he looks down at their intertwining fingers. A small blush appears upon his face as he glances back up at her face. She squeezes his hand a little before the words escape from her mouth.

The three magical words.

'I love you. . .'

She closes her eyes and her blush deepens into a cherry red. She squeezes his hand tightly as he continues to stand there. She breathes in and out until she feels an equal squeeze upon her own hand. Opening her eyes, she sees his face filling up with love and adoration. He then embraces her. Their touch speaks for itself.

'It's okay to breathe now, I feel the same way and I always will. . .'

'I'm glad I fell in love you. . .'