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Candace Flynn was sitting at her desk, wrestling (fairly successfully) with her trigonometry homework, when there was a gentle tap on her door.

Muttering something incoherent about being interrupted on the last question, she stomped across the room and flung open the door, ready to deliver a withering remark to whoever was disturbing her.

Ferb was standing there, looking (as far as he ever showed expression) a little sheepish. Candace's aforementioned withering remark halted at the edge of consciousness, then retreated. Ferb never came to her door. This was curious. Curiosity trumped trig any day.

'C'mon in,' she said blandly, her heart beginning to pick up its pace. What could he want?

He sat on her chair. She parked herself on the bed and looked hard at him, head to one side. For once in her life, Candace realised, it was time for simplicity.

'What's up, Ferb?'

He looked at the floor for a moment, then back at her, then down, then back, then down...just as Candace was about to give up and beat it out of him, he turned to her computer, bringing up her MyFace page.

'You're having computer trouble?' Candace hazarded. Sometimes Ferb's subtlety of expression could be...difficult. He shook his head, clicked on her 'Friends' page and indicated a picture.

Candace hopped off the bed and peered over his shoulder.

'Hey...Vanessa Doofenschmirtz? That goth chick we picked up in Toyko? The one who I switched clothes with once? The one with the boyfriend called Johnny?'

Ferb just looked at her.

'What? We're MyFace friends, I get her status updates.'

More silence followed this remark.

'Anyway,' said Candace, 'why are you showing me a picture of a girl you like her don't you.' The phrase changed from a question to a statement in the time it took to frame it.

Ferb nodded.

'I thought you'd be talking to Phineas about this, I mean you're practically joined at the hip...'

Ferb quirked an eyebrow.

'Yeah, I guess you're right. He'd never understand. Isabella's been chasing him for how long now? And he just doesn't get it.'

There was a long silence. Brother and sister were thinking. Candace, however, thought best out loud.

'She's...my age, Ferb. I mean, that's quite an age gap right now!' Seeing his somewhat panicked expression, she lowered her voice. Slightly. 'But we grow up. We get older. And the difference in years isn't as important any more. Right now it would just be...weird.' She continued her voice rising to crescendo, 'And maybe you'll meet a nice girl who's your own age, or maybe you won't, or maybe she's your one true love and you'll wait for her and she'll ditch her punk rock boyfriend and you'll get together on one of your crazy adventures and have a crazy adventure wedding like Auntie T's and have kids that are super smart and pretty...' Candace tailed off, realising she'd probably gone a little overboard there, and finished, 'But right now you just have a crush on someone a little out of your reach. And who hasn't had that?'

The eyebrow quirked again, and Ferb sighed.

'Besides Phineas, obviously.' Candace clarified, and ruffled her little brother's hair, smiling ruefully. 'I'm sorry, Ferb, I am. It's just part of growing up. It'll pass.'

He looked down at the floor again.

'It will, Ferb, I promise. You just have to hang in there. Sometimes that's all you can do when you like someone. Hang in there, and...wait and see.' She chucked him under the chin, and smiled again. 'And don't worry, I won't tell Phineas.'

Ferb smiled back.

'I doubt he'd understand if you did' he replied. They both shook their heads, thinking of Phineas.