When All The Clans Got Laptops

Chapter Six: First Attempt

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Two whole nights later, when all the cats of ThunderClan were in deep slumber in their dens, a certain flame-coloured tabby tom exited the leader's den and stalked quietly, even out-smarting Birchfall, who was on patrol with his laptop in front of him, too absorbed to even notice that this flame-coloured tabby tom was padding past him into the warrior's den, where all the laptops of the warriors were stacked on top of each other.

Firestar's main goal was to confiscate at least five laptops that night, so when the warriors woke up, they'd be fighting over who's laptop is whose and so forth. It should be successful, because Firestar had planned for this ever since his talk with Sandstorm, which infuriated the ThunderClan leader every time he thought of that horrible memory.

Tiptoeing his way into the warrior's den, Firestar discovered that the laptops were not piled up this time; in fact, they were scattered everywhere next to the warriors who owned their own laptops. This is going to be tricky, he thought. The laptops are too heavy to stack on top of each other. What should I do...?

This took the flame-coloured tabby tom a long time to think of what to do. Then he thought of an idea. I'll just drag them out onto the clearing and then confiscate five or more laptops. That should do it!

He took the nearest laptop closer to the entrance. Blossomfall's laptop. It was what Twolegs – or humans, as Firestar knew their real names over the net – call a Mac computer. It sounded like a really weird name, but it was one of the latest computer technology, and it was rated ten out of ten. Blossomfall was one of the lucky ones to get that laptop, but now it's in the hands of Firestar.

The ThunderClan leader pushed as hard as he could, moving the laptop out of the warrior's den and into the clearing. Stopping at the centre, Firestar made his way back, then suddenly remembered about Birchfall, whom he almost totally forgot about.

Whirling around, Firestar stared at the warrior. But he was still staring, unblinking at the screen that lay in front of him, typing a hundred words per second. Maybe he's finding a new mate, Firestar thought with amusement.

Back in the warrior's den again. Before Firestar moved the next laptop – which belonged to Cinderheart – he glanced at the sky. It wasn't moonhigh yet, and it wasn't very bright, so Birchfall would have a hard time spotting Firestar as he dragged laptops out over and over again.

Besides, the stupid tom was too busy blogging over the net, anyway.

This would be easy, Firestar thought.


That morning, Berrynose woke up. He was the first, as it seemed, to welcome the bright morning. But Berrynose wasn't interested in the sky, oh no. His paws were itching to get his claws on his laptop, which he traded with his littermate Mousewhisker for fun.

Turning around, Berrynose put his paw on his laptop. Except it wasn't his laptop. It was the ground, grassy and wet.

Berrynose stared at the forest floor in surprise. Where was his laptop? If anyone stole it, he thought angrily, then I'll rip their throat out. That was a very awesome laptop that is now mine. Padding out of the warrior's den, Berrynose finally decided to stare up at the sky and admire it.

The sun seemed to squeal with glee and cast its rays out further, making Berrynose's fur feel hot. He felt a cool gust of wind then, followed by dancing leaves swirling around camp. Then he looked down, finally.



Sandstorm leaped to her paws the second she heard someone screeching with shock. The shout aroused several other warriors, whose ears were pricked, alert with their claws unsheathed, wondering what the heck was happening.

The pale ginger she-cat headed out of the warrior's den quickly, and realised that there were laptops scattered everywhere on the clearing. Who the hell did this? Sandstorm demanded silently. Now I have no idea which laptop belongs to me!

A cry of anger rose from the cats behind her. All the warriors had exited their dens to realise that the laptops were everywhere. Some cats started accusing each other among themselves. Sandstorm heard her name a few times in the name accusing, but it was soon forgotten when some other random cat yowled another name.

Sandstorm had this feeling that it was Firestar who scattered the laptops everywhere. After their 'short' meeting two days ago, her mate had been very...very...frustrated, so frustrated that Firestar looked like as though he was going to blow up the world if he wanted.

He never touched his laptop since, and there was no sign of his laptop afterwards anyways. Sandstorm guessed that he chucked it away or even clawed at it continuously until it was completely destroyed. Or perhaps he dragged it onto a Thunderpath – or a road - and watched a monster – or a car – run right over it and laugh his head off as he saw the remains of the laptop lying on the floor. A laptop completely dead.

Firestar must be enjoying this view right now.

Fuming with rage, Sandstorm literally stomped right up to her mate's den and yowled: "Firestar!"

She could feel surprise surging through the ThunderClan leader as he sprang to his paws. "What is it?" he gasped, his fur on one end. "Is WindClan invading?" His eyes were unbelievably wide, and Sandstorm knew immediately that he was acting. But it was obvious that he was exaggerating in his act. The eyes were giving away the fact that he was lying.

"You took the laptops, didn't you?" Sandstorm snarled.

Firestar's eyes pretended to look confused. "I never touched the laptops!" he protested. "Are they really taken? Seriously?"

Sandstorm sighed, angry. "I know you took them," she meowed through gritted teeth. "Don't lie to me. Why did you take them? We've already adjusted to them anyway. You know now that there is chaos all over camp because of your outrageously stupid actions?" Firestar's eyes widened with hurt and pain but Sandstorm swept on. "You better return them, or else you're going to have enemies turning against you in your own Clan."

"I seriously haven't taken them!" Firestar argued, his voice dangerously low with a threatening stare to warn Sandstorm to shut up. "I'm not kidding! Go and ask Birchfall for proof. He was on guard the whole night. We'll see who's right."

Sandstorm sniffed disbelievingly at her mate. "Well, I'm going to return all the laptops to everyone," she meowed. "If there are any missing, then I'm going to get you." She left the den without a word.


Obviously, there were laptops missing, but Sandstorm didn't even want to look at Firestar. This made the ThunderClan leader very upset.

But what was very fortunate was the fact that Sandstorm didn't utter a word about their argument in the den.

That meant he could still try to confiscate the laptops.

And he will, you can count on it.


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