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I see you by the water
Your toes dipped in the sand
I thought that it was over
I thought you'd understand
But the feeling is returning
Though time has made us change
And I understand if you don't
Wanna talk to me about it
Oh, tonight

Cos I see the light surrounding you
So don't be afraid of something new

~Light Surrounding You, Evermore


"Dean? Sam?" Harry stepped through the door cautiously. The lights were off and neither of the Winchesters were answering.

He stepped into the lounge, flicking on the lights as he did so. The two brothers had moved in with him just over six months ago. If they weren't on a hunt, they could be found here at the house.

It had taken all of ten seconds to convince them to move in with him . . . although he'd been expecting it to be much harder . . .


Dean stared at the younger man, who was fidgeting nervously in front of him, "What?"

Harry took a deep breath, "Would you two like to move in with me?"

Dean was about to protest, planning on saying how it would be unfair to Harry to have to support all three of them, when Sam elbowed him in the side, "We'd love to, Harry."

Harry's face brightened, eyes lighting up with happiness. It made Dean feel a little bit guilty that he had thought of saying no . . . "Great! I'll go and get your rooms together."

Before Dean could say anything else, Harry disappeared with a soft cracking noise. The older Winchester turned to his younger brother, a frown on his face, "Why'd you say that! I don't want to be a charity case, Sam. We're fine staying in motels."

Sam walked over to his brother, wrapping his arms around Dean in a warm hug. "Did you see his face Dean? Look how happy he was, and you know that he worries about us when we're out on the road. This way he knows that we're safe and not lying in a ditch somewhere, or being eaten by something."

Dean snorted, burying his face into his taller, yet younger, brother's neck, and inhaling the familiar scent. "I know, I know. I just don't want to have to depend on him. We should be helping him out more."

They stayed there for a moment, taking comfort in each others arms. Sam was trying to work up the courage to bring up something that had been nagging at him ever since they had met Harry.

"I know you want him, Dean."

Dean stiffened, how did he know? His head whipped up and he stared into the younger Winchesters eyes, "Sam . . ." He was cut off by Sam's lips against his own.

The kiss was short and sweet, meant to reassure Dean that it didn't matter. Dean pulled back and looked at his brother carefully. He could see it in Sam's eyes now, and by the way he'd reacted to Harry's offer.

"You want him too, Sammy?"


Harry stepped into the bedroom, almost jumping when the light switched on without him touching the switch. He looked up and flinched when he saw Sam standing there, small smirk adorning his face, "Hey, Harry, what's up?"

Harry's voice had a small quaver, something that he hoped Sam couldn't hear, but by the growing of the smirk on the taller man's face, he wasn't in luck. "Hi, Sam, nothing much, I was just wondering where you and Dean were."

Harry couldn't stop himself from jumping this time as a voice came from right behind his head, warm breath against his neck causing goose bumps to ripple down his back. "We were just waiting for you to come home."

Harry turned around to face Dean, scowling slightly at the smug smirk on the man's face. "Don't sneak up on me, Dean! I hate it when you do that!"

Dean just smirked wider, "Me and Sam were lonely here, Harry. How come your so late?"

Harry could feel the warmth of Sam's body against his back, the hunter was slowly moving closer to the black haired man. Both of them were moving closer actually, slowly trapping Harry in between them.

Exactly where they wanted him.


Harry could feel the change in the atmosphere, and it caused shivers to run down his spine. His instincts were telling him to run, now. But his feet were rooted to the ground, leaving him trapped in between the two hunters.

Harry stuttered out an answer, his mouth strangely dry, "U-umm, I had to help Ellen clean up the bar after a fight, two hunters had a bit too much to drink . . ." By now the black haired wizard could feel Sam's breath against his neck, and Dean was only a few inches away.

Sam spoke up, his voice vibrating through Harry's bones, husky and deep. "We waited, Harry, but you didn't even call."

Dean's face was basically all that Harry could see now. Deep in the back of his mind, Harry realised how handsome Dean really was.

Harry watched, spellbound, as they moved, barely paying attention to what the man was actually saying. He froze when the words actually did register.

"Me and Sam were worried about you, Harry."

Harry stayed frozen as slightly chapped lips pressed up against his. What. The. Fuck?

He stiffened up even more when a second set of lips brushed his neck, Sam's arms wrapping around his waist.

Sam whispered in his ear as Dean's tongue caressed his lips, silently asking for entrance, "Come to bed with us, Harry?"

Harry gasped, Dean's tongue taking the chance to slip into his mouth, bringing with it the intoxicating taste of the older man. Dean skilfully played Harry, forcing him to surrender in seconds, the black haired man barely managing to gasp out his answer.



By now, the brothers had backed Harry to the bed, the green eyed man pressed against Sam's chest. Sam wrapped his arms around the smaller man and fell backwards, pulling Harry with him. Both of the Winchesters chuckled at the squeaking sound Harry made as his world tilted suddenly.

Dean was still standing, watching as Sam sat up, pulling Harry into a more comfortable position on his lap, pillows supporting the taller man's back.

Dean watched, with his mouth hanging open, as Sam pinned Harry's hands with one of his own, and nudged the other boy's legs apart with his knees. Harry blushed at the exposed position, and tried to pull his legs closed, but Sam held firm, "Do you like what you see, Dean."

Dean nodded absently, slowly stripping off his clothes. Harry and Sam were watching, riveted, as more and more mouth watering flesh was revealed. Dean was built, not in the obscene way that body builders were, but in the hard, dependable way that a builder was. Tanned skin, though not as dark as Harry's, was decorated with scars, some barely visible at all.

Meanwhile, Sam had started to kiss Harry's neck again, nibbling at the soft, tanned skin as Harry shivered. Still keeping Harry's hands pinned with one of his own, Sam slid the other one up Harry's shirt, gently caressing the smooth, hairless skin. Harry moaned softly when Sam rubbed at his nipples, occasionally pinching the soft pink nubs.

Sam chuckled into Harry's ear, "Do you know how long we've wanted you Harry?" He could see Dean's eyes darkening with lust now, something that made Sam even harder. Sam pinched Harry's nipple hard, and the sudden pain had forced a deep moan from the pinned man, who could feel Sam's arousal rubbing against his arse.

Dean started to talk now, lust causing his voice to become husky, something that made Harry whimper slightly, "We've been waiting for a chance like this since before we moved in with you."

Harry finally managed to speak, the pleasure making it hard to think, "B-but you two, ahh, I saw, you together."

Dean and Sam shared a smirk, "We know, Harry." Dean walked over, now only in a pair of grey briefs, and kissed Sam, forcing his tongue deep into his brother's mouth. Harry moaned and ground his hips back against Sam, blushing fiercely at the sight. He didn't think that watching the two of them would be so . . . sexy.

When he'd walked in on them five months ago, he'd been in too much shock to appreciate them together . . .


Harry's head jerked up as he heard a muffled shout. It was coming from Sam's room! Harry sprinted up the stairs, hoping that it wasn't a demon or something worse.

He took the stairs two at a time and threw Sam's door open, "Sam are you al-"

The rest of the sentence died in his throat, the black haired wizard captivated by the image in front of him.

Sam was lying down on the bed, back supported by a pile of pillows, while the older Winchester bounced up and down in his lap. Both of them were sweating and moaning, the occasional shout forcing its way out of Dean.

Sam's eyes opened to see Harry standing at them, spell bound by the scene in front of him. The sudden shock of Harry appearing, and watching the brothers together, was enough to set him off. Sam slammed his cock into Dean, shooting his load deep into the older Winchester.

Feeling the warm organ pulsing in him, pushed Dean over the edge. He arched his back and came, hot, white liquid streaking across Sam's stomach and chest. They lay there panting, cum smeared between them.

Harry gave a squeak and fled, not knowing that both of the brothers had seen him.


The two men separated, a line of saliva connecting their lips together, until they drew apart and it snapped. They both smirked at Harry, seeing the glazed look in his eyes.

Dean leant down until he was face to face with Harry, "Do you really want this, Harry? You can back out now, it's not gonna change anything."

It was a lie and they all knew it. No matter what Harry chose, everything would change.

Harry thought for a minute, considering the consequences of the choices he was faced with. Sam and Dean waited anxiously, hoping that Harry would choose them.

He hadn't shown any disgust to the fact that Sam and Dean were brothers, or the thought of the three of the together. He hadn't even protested when they had jumped him before.

Harry looked up, determination shining in his eyes. Sam and Dean held their breath, waiting for Harry's final answer . . .


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