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Goodnight, sleep tight
No more tears
In the morning I'll be here
And when we say goodnight,
Dry your eyes
Because we said goodnight,
And not goodbye
We said goodnight
And not goodbye

~Goodnight, Evanescence



Sam and Dean paused for a second, shocked that he'd said yes. They'd been waiting for this for almost six months now, and now that he'd said yes they were almost too shocked to react.

Harry squirmed, uncomfortable in the silence, and the brothers were reminded of what they were supposed to be doing.

Harry didn't have time to say anything before Dean's lips were pressed against his. The hunter's tongue plunging into his mouth, which caused Harry to whimper slightly. Sam chuckled, and both his brother and the green eyed man in his lap could feel the vibrations of his laugh pass through them.

Harry tugged on his hands and Sam released them, sliding his suddenly free hand up Harry's shirt to join the other in teasing the black haired man's nipples. Harry started exploring Dean's bare chest and stomach, gently caressing the raised skin of the older brother's scars. He pulled his lips away from Dean's and followed his fingers with his tongue, paying special attention to a deep scar on the man's abs.

Sam leaned forwards to mutter into Harry's ear, "You're wearing too many clothes."

Dean crawled onto the bed, making Harry whine as the hunter moved out of reach for a second. The older Winchester pressed up against Harry, kissing his younger brother over the wizard's shoulder. Both of them pulled back when they heard Harry mutter something, and suddenly they were all naked as the day they'd been born.

Dean smirked at the blushing wizard, "A bit impatient, eh?" He reached under Harry's thighs and flipped the slim man over, chuckling when Harry came face to face with Sam's not so little friend.

Harry gulped nervously, glancing up at the younger brother through his lashes. Sam smirked down at him, tangling his hands in Harry's soft black hair. Dean was softly tracing his hands down the wizards bare back, watching goose bumps ripple out from where he touched.

He leaned down to Harry's ear, meeting Sam's eyes as he did so, "Don't worry, Harry, you're not ready to take Sammy just yet," He whispered into the smaller man's ear, enjoying the whimper that Harry let out.

At any other time, Harry would have protested that statement, but faced with Sam's considerable length and girth, he couldn't quite find the words.

The younger Winchester carded his hands through Harry's hair, smirking down at the other man, "Why don't you put that pretty mouth to good use, Harry?" His smirk grew as Harry blushed again, much brighter this time.

Harry gathered his resolve, and leant forwards, licking the head of Sam's impressive erection. The tightening of the hands clenched in his hair told him that he was doing the right thing. He traced the vein on the underside of the younger Winchester's member with his tongue, before opening his mouth wider and enveloping the head of Sam's cock.

Sam moaned, and he couldn't stop his hips from lightly thrusting forwards, trying to bury himself into the wet warmth of Harry's mouth. Only the wizard's hands on his hips stopped him from pushing too far for Harry to handle. The black haired man bobbed his head slowly, it'd been more than a year since he had been with anyone and he was more than a bit nervous to tell the truth.

He felt Dean's hands on his hips, rubbing softly as they moved closer together. The older hunter stared, transfixed as Harry's cheeks were spread, and the tiny pink rosebud was revealed. Dean leaned forwards and lightly circled his tongue around it, smirking as both Sam and Harry moaned.

Harry slid more of Sam's cock into his mouth, arching his back at the same time, trying to get more contact from Dean. The wizard started to suck, enjoying the feel of Sam's muscles rippling and straining under his hands. He suddenly whimpered as he felt Dean's wet tongue beginning to press into him, feeling the hunter's slick muscle push in as far as it could go.

It only felt like seconds before Dean was pulling away, and Harry pulled his mouth off Sam's cock, in surprise, with a wet pop! Callused hands smoothed across his arse, sliding down his crack and across his fluttering rosebud, teasing him until he was just about ready to cry out in frustration.

Dean reached over to the bedside table and picked up a tube of lube. He generously slicked up his fingers and rubbed them together, warming up the slippery gel.

Large hands tugged on the wizard's hair gently, reminding him of the hunter's problem. Harry smiled apologetically at Sam, and without hesitating, took the hunter's cock back into his mouth, taking it down to the root. Sam twisted on the bed and started to pant as Harry swallowed reflexively, trying not to gag as Sam's cock pressed against the back of his throat.

While his younger brother was thrusting slowly into the wizard's mouth, Dean was gently pushing a lubricated finger into the black haired man, groaning slightly as he felt the tight muscles give way under his finger, and it was enveloped in the smooth warmth of Harry. He could just imagine what it would feel like to be buried inside that heat, pounding until Harry came, and clenched around him.

Harry moaned, the vibrations traveling down Sam's cock, and the man couldn't help but thrust faster, clenching his hands as Harry sucked harder in response. Dean was pushing two fingers in and out of him, too impatient to wait much longer. The older hunter was achingly hard, and a little bit afraid he would cum too soon.

Harry keened when Dean pushed in a third finger, the sound muffled by the large cock sliding in and out of his mouth as he sucked. Dean scissored his fingers, trying to stretch Harry as quickly as possible. It helped that Harry was being distracted from the pain by Sam.

Deciding that he was stretched enough, Dean traced his cock down Harry's crack, leaving a thin trail of pre-cum behind. "Are you ready, Harry?" Harry nodded hurriedly, before Sam's hands in his hair guided him back down on the younger hunter's cock.

Dean guided himself to Harry's entrance, slowly pushing the head of his cock inside. Harry tried not to tense, but it burned slightly as Dean slowly sank into him. While Sam was definitely larger than average, Dean wasn't small by any measure, probably only a fraction smaller than Sam. The wizard took Sam's cock out of his mouth, afraid he might accidentally bite down, and instead started to lick at the younger hunter's sack, wincing as Dean's hips finally pressed against his own.

Dean paused for a second, not wanting to cum too fast, and leaned forwards over Harry's quivering form. Sam smirked at him and met him half way, lips coming together in a heated kiss. The change in angle caused Dean's cock to brush over Harry's prostate, and the black haired man moaned loudly, squirming against both brothers. He took Sam's cock back into his mouth, bobbing and sucking as fast as he could, determined to bring the younger brother to orgasm.

Dean started to pump his hips, drawing back until only the head of his cock was still in the warm body beneath him, before snapping forwards, burying himself to the hilt in that silky warmth. Harry's nose was forced into Sam's pubic hair by Dean's thrusts, and the feeling of the man's throat constricting around his cock along with the vibrations of his moans set Sam off.

He groaned into Dean's mouth and pumped his cock furiously into Harry's mouth, shaking as he rode out his orgasm. The black haired wizard struggled, trying to swallow the creamy hot liquid spurting into his mouth. Several streams ran down his chin, the man unable to swallow it all.

Finally, Sam let go of Harry's hair, and slumped back on the bed, panting hard. Harry lowered his head to Sam's thigh, whimpering in pleasure as his prostate was struck again and again by Dean. The older hunter slammed his hips against Harry's and snaked a hand down underneath the quivering man, taking hold of Harry's straining erection and pumping it vigorously.

Harry's balls tightened and his eyes shuttered closed as his mind went blank. Ribbons of cum spattered across Sam's leg. The younger brother watched in fascination as Harry tipped over the edge and orgasmed. Dean couldn't take the sensation of Harry clenching around him and slammed his hips against the wizard's one last time as he came.

They both collapsed on top of Sam, and Dean's spent cock slid out of Harry, causing cum to ooze out of the man's abused rosebud.

Sam kissed Harry languidly, licking up the spilled cum on his chin and then pushing it into the black haired man's mouth with his tongue. Harry moaned and squirmed in his arms, making them all very aware that they were all sweaty and sticky with cum.

Dean tried to push himself up to walk to the bathroom, but slumped after a second of effort. "I'll have a shower in the morning." Sam broke the kiss with Harry and nodded, arranging the wizard so that he was lying in between himself and his brother.

Harry tried to slip out of their arms, but Sam stopped him, "Where are you going, Harry?"

The green eyed man blushed, "Back to my room."

The brothers stared at him, "Why?" They answered in unison, panicking. Didn't he want to stay with them?

Harry blushed harder, "To sleep?" The statement actually sounded like a question.

Sam and Dean wrapped their arms around him, lacing their hands together, "Nope, you're sleeping with us now." Dean said happily.

Harry looked at him, "You want me to stay with you?" he sounded a little bit incredulous.

They both nodded, a little bit confused. Harry quickly explained, "My last boyfriend didn't like sleeping in the same bed as me, he said I was too clingy while I was sleeping." Harry ignored the flare of pain at the thought of Draco.

Sam quickly suppressed his anger, while Dean didn't even bother, "What a dick! Sam and I love you Harry, we're always gonna want you with us. In bed, out of bed, and everywhere else."

Sam nuzzled Harry's neck, mumbling a quiet agreement. Harry's eyes teared up a little bit, "I love you guys too." He snuggled in a little bit closer to them, "And it's just as well, 'cause I don't think I'll be able to walk properly at the moment anyway."

He fell asleep to the sound of Dean's chuckles and Sam's snores, never happier that he'd asked to the Winchester brothers to move in all those months ago.


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