Chapter 1

"Do you mind if I sit next you." A short girl with raven colored hair said sitting next to a tall orange haired guy with a scowl on his face.

"You already have taken your seat. Then why do you even bother to ask?"

"Well it seems that someone woke up from the wrong side of the bed today." said the girl. The boy kept quiet and kept staring at the window pane of the plane.

"Whom am I talking to by the way?" asked the girl.

"I am Kurosaki Ichigo." The boy said looking at the girl for the first time.

"Won't you like to know my name?" the girl asked.

"Why would I? Tell me if you want." The boy said as if he was really annoyed by her arrival.

"Something is really wrong with this guy. He is so scary." thought the girl.

Her name was Kuchiki Rukia. She had just completed her studies abroad and was going back to her home country after 6 years due to certain reasons. She was a very lively, fun loving yet short tempered, almost 20 years old girl. She loved music and was the lead singer and guitarist of her band at college.

She was the adopted sister of Kuchiki Byakuya, one of the Japan's richest men, who was quite strict regarding the rules. He seemed to be very rigid but in reality, he cared a lot about Rukia and wanted her to excel in every field of her life.

Kurosaki Ichigo, 20 years old, being the only son of Kurosaki Isshin (one of the Japan's best businessmen) was always surrounded by a crowd of girls which he hated too much. He did not like to talk too much and was one of the toughest boys at his college and was even more short-tempered than Rukia.

"Okay! I will only tell you my name when you ask." Rukia felt really insulted at Ichigo's behavior.

He did not bother to reply. There was an awkward silence.

Ring*Ring* Suddenly Rukia's cell phone began to ring.

"Hey! Renji, I am so sorry I forgot to inform you that I have boarded the plane. It is about to take off….Yeah I know you and nee-sama must be really mad at me but…" Rukia said in one go as she picked up the phone but the person on the other side perhaps dropped the call.

"If you want to talk at phone, at least keep your volume low. There are people in the plane." Ichigo frowned.

Rukia just looked at him for a moment and then looked away and seemed to be really frustrated.

"Fasten your seat belts please as the plane is about to take off." The announcement was made and they fastened their seat belts getting ready for the flight.

"Can't I meet any decent and nice boy in my life? Earlier, I had to bear Renji and nee-sama and now…this punk." Rukia thought as she inserted head phones into her ears.

"Even the laundry boy I had to deal with was unbearable"

Abarai Renji was her fiancé. It was going to be totally arranged marriage as that guy really pissed Rukia off. But he was the business partner of her brother and she had no choice.

"Another stupid journey with another stupid girl I guess…" Ichigo thought.

Author's note "I kept the chapter short so that I can get your feed back about this concept first. If you guys like it, I will continue."