And The Days That Never Came

"What I'm trying to get to you, is that time isn't on my side.
The truth's the worst I can do, I guess that I have lied.
Keeping me awake, its been like this now for days.
My heart is out at sea, my head all over the place."
- Always Attract, You Me At Six.

The light... it was so inviting, so warm and open. And he could smell his mothers house, he could hear his mothers voice, pleading for him to come back. He looked back for a fleeting moment, a million thoughts zooming through his mind, of all the things he would never be able to say- to the team, to Gene, to Annie... The times that he'd never have with them. He'd actually been wondering what Christmas would be like here. He'd been wondering what Annie would do, whether she'd be alone like him, whether he should invite her over. Oh, but no, he'd never get to do that. He'd never be able to explain to her properly...

Because his heart was telling him to stay in 1971, where Annie was. And his head was telling him to go back to 2006, where things made sense.

For one fleeting moment, he stepped back towards the train, the sound of Gene's shouts clearly heard, and he thought he heard Annie scream.

But then he was gone, quick as a flash.

Because Sam always followed his head. Whether he liked it or not.


Sam. She wanted to scream, she wanted to so, so much. She wanted to scream his name to the starts, but she couldn't. Her throat was so tight that she couldn't even get merely a squeak out. She didn't know why she couldn't, she couldn't put her finger on what emotion she was feeling. She was all jumbled up. Fear, maybe? That must be part of it. That was probably why her heart was hammering in her chest, almost feeling like it was going to burst out. But she had to keep it together.

It wasn't fear for her own life, of course. It was fear for Sam's. He'd been true to his word, all of a sudden backup had stormed over, overpowering those firing bullets at them like there was no tomorrow. But where was he? It was like he'd disappeared into thin air; and it wasn't possible for people to do that! There was no chance that they'd shot at him, was there? No, no that wasn't it. Backup had got there before anyone had got hurt. So where was he? He couldn't just leave! He'd promised!

"I promise you I won't leave you."

His words echoed around in her mind, swirling around with all her memories of him. She pushed through the sea of people, screaming his name in her mind, yet unable to say anything. Had nobody else noticed he wasn't here? Didn't they feel like something was wrong? How could they not? Something was so, so wrong. She just knew.

Gene appeared in front of her, grabbing her wrists, "Annie, love, stop." He told her quietly as she tried to stagger off.

"N-N-No!" She whispered, "Sam. Sam."

"Annie, 'e's gone, buggered off. 'E won't come back, you know it."

Tears were streaming down her face. "Hey, I was always going to leave you." His words, swirling around and around, she felt so dizzy, but she still tried to walk on, Gene pulled her back, gripping her wrists almost painfully.

"You great big bastard." She hissed, "Let go o' me!"

Gene shook his head, "Annie-"

She brought her leg up and kneed him in the balls. Almost immeadiately, he released her wrists, and she spun away from him, staggering in the first direction she turned to. She had no idea where she was going, partly because of the tears that were blurring her vision, but Annie knew that Sam wasn't here, she could feel it, and it burned. So much. He couldn't just go. They had so much to talk about! He wouldn't just leave. He wasn't like that. Sam had respect for her, unlike the others around here. He treated her like she was actually human and not just another bit of skirt, and that was so different from everyone else around here. She needed him.

Gene grabbed her from behind, stopping her from straying any further, "Sam!" She cried, but he didn't relent, and pulled her close- hugging her. She was so shocked and confused and hurt and all over the place, and she couldn't handle it. Annie pulled away, and launched herself at him, hitting him with her fists repeatedly on the chest. And Gene just stood there and took it, letting her unleash all her anger and fury and sadness. Gene was sure that he was going to gain a few bruises, but he knew he had to look after Annie. For Sam. Yeah, Sam cared about Annie, Gene knew that- surely Annie knew that? So he had to look after her, for Sam.

And when she was finished punching him, he hugged her again, feeling awkward, but hoping it was helping. But Annie simply stood immobile in his arms, wishing for a different pair of arms to comfort her.

A/N: I know it's a bit of an emotional start. Let me know what you think and if I should carry on? :) *Also, Inspiration for the name of this fic came from the Doctor Who series 5 finale*