And The Days That Never Came

Annie finds being in Sam's flat alone rather interesting. In the time she was alone she managed to teach herself how to use the TV and the strange channels of "sky", and found several pictures of Sam and his Mum through the years. However these pictures seemed to be the only ones he possessed, besides the one of him and a dark-haired woman she presumed was Maya.

Eventually Annie came to the conclusion that Sam wasn't actually coming back during his lunch break, and decided it was time she had a shower. She stripped down and stuffed her things into the washing machine- which wasn't that hard to figure out- and set off to turn on the complicated shower, that was wonderfully warm. During her long time relaxing in the shower, she found herself thinking of Sam, and how it felt wrong to be without him despite the fact she shouldn't feel that way because he wasn't her Sam. When these thoughts entered her mind, she quickly shut the shower off and stepped into the coldness of the bathroom, banishing all thoughts of him from her mind.

Annie wrapped a towel around her wet body and went to check on her clothes. They were clean, but she was yet to wait for them to dry. Clutching desperately to her towel, she hung her clothes by the window and allowed the wind to breeze against them, hoping it wouldn't be too long until they dried. For the meantime Annie decided Sam wouldn't mind all too much if she borrowed a shirt. At least, that's what she reassured herself as she found herself rummaging through his drawers. Sam was a slight thing, however, and his shirt just about fit. Desperate times called for desperate measures, she decided, as she studied herself in the mirror and fingered the new, long brown locks she had.

And that was when Sam walked in through the door.

Annie squeaked and dived into his bed, pulled the covers over her body so much her head was covered. Beneath the covers, she swore she heard Sam chuckle. Slowly, she peeked back out of the covers and over at Sam.

"You're... Wearing my shirt." He managed, and she felt her face heat and flush as he stared at the covers as if he could see through them.

Annie swallowed, throat dry. "I needed to shower. And my clothes don't come 'till tomorrow. And my ones aren't dry! So-"

"Annie, it's fine!" Sam assured her, smirking. Annie bit her lip and toyed with her strange new hair. "Your hair suits you." He stated suddenly, yet softly. She looked up, startled.

"Really?" She asked before she could stop herself, and internally cursed herself for sounding so eager to know he approved.

Sam smiled, growing ever closer until he reached out to tug on a loose curl. "Really really."

After spending his lunch with Annie, which he hadn't really been able to focus on properly due to the fact Annie was in his shirt, Sam returned back to work. Before he could continue with the most recent case though- a bank robbery gone wrong, which had resulted in the death of a seventeen year old girl- his superintendent pulled him into his office.

"Sam." Superintendent Charles started, who was an old, worn man who was strict about keeping things by the book yet had one of the warmest hearts Sam had ever seen. "I don't know if you remember, as we discussed this all before your accident, but we have a new DS starting with us this week. I felt we should talk about her incase you forgot."

Sam frowned and tried to remember this discussion, but his memories seemed to win out on that one, slightly hazy. From what he could recall, they'd had no such discussion. However he answered as politely as he could: "Sorry sir, I don't remember."

Superintendent Charles nodded slowly, and pulled out a file from the new filing cabinet that lined one of the walls of his office. "I guessed correctly, I see." He mumbled to himself as he opened the file, then handing it to Sam. "She's transferring here from GMP, but rest assured she's full of potential. I'm sure she'll fit right in here, she's very forward-thinking and is one of the most modern female cops I've ever heard of. Well, apart from DI Alex Drake, I should imagine."

As soon as the file had been placed in his hands, Sam's jaw had gone slack and all of the Superintendent's words had turned to mush. Because there, in his hands, was one of the most unbelievable things he was sure he'd ever seen.

The new DS was Annie Cartwright.


When Sam returned home that night, he was delirious. More so than he'd ever been. And he couldn't help but laugh at the fact that his home currently held Annie. Annie. DS Annie Cartwright formerly of GMP but now of the MET. She was going to be part of his team!

"Sam? What's put you in such a good mood?" Annie asked curiously as he sprinted into the front room, where she sat on the sofa now wearing her own clothes.

Sam couldn't begin to think up a coherent answer, simply grabbed her by the hands and pulled her up onto her feet, to which she squealed in surprise. He kissed her, quickly, because he wasn't quite sure what else to do. When he pulled away, there was a twinkle of happiness in her eyes, yet that same curiosity etched every line of her face. At that look, he laughed out loud, like a young child who had just won the competition.

"Sam?" Annie questioned again, and tried not to blush as his hands settled comfortably on the curve of her hips.

His grin only grew wider. "DS Annie Cartwright, welcome to the team."