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Part 7

Walking through the gently curving corridor, Deanna noticed just how small the group had gotten. And it's only going to get smaller, she thought. After several long, uncomfortable minutes, they arrived at a door. It was normal door, rectangular, with a round door handle and a sign declaring there was a nut-cracking room on the side. Oh good. Squirrels.

"Ah, this is a room I know all about. You see, I'm also in the nut business", Mr Salt said, as he pulled out a business card and handed it to Mr Wonka. Mr Wonka threw it behind his shoulder without even glancing at it, and led the group into the nut room. They stood on a balcony that ran around half of the circular room. Below them was a workbench that also ran around the room in a circle with squirrels sitting on stools and sorting nuts that came down from pipes. Most nuts were put onto a conveyer belt that presumably took them off to some other part of the factory. Occasionally a nut was thrown away into the middle of the large room, where they rolled into a circular hole. The entire room was done in varying shades of blue.

"These squirrels are specially trained to sort the good nuts from the bad nuts. The good ones are sent all around the factory to be put into chocolate bars. The bad ones are sent down that hole into the garbage chute. Oh look, I think that one found a bad nut!" Mr Wonka pointed to a squirrel on the far side of the room, who had indeed found a bad nut. After several shakes and taps, the squirrel was apparently satisfied and flung it behind him. It rolled toward the centre of the room, then disappeared down the hole.

"Daddy! I want a squirrel!"

Mr Salt looked down at his daughter and sighed. "But darling, you already have a lot of pets."

"No I don't! I only have six cats, three dogs, two geckos, fourteen fish, four gerbils, five hamsters, two ponies, seven budgies and a lousy mouse! I want a squirrel!"

"Alright. When we're finished here, we'll go and get you a squirrel", Mr Salt replied, looking resigned to the fact that there would be one more animal in the Salt household.

"No, I want a trained squirrel! I want one of those squirrels!" Veruca pointed to the busy squirrels down below.

"Fine, fine." He turned to Mr Wonka. "How much for one of your squirrels?"

"Oh, they're not for sale."

"Now be reasonable. I'm sure we could work out a deal."

"But they're not. For. Sale."

Veruca, impatient with the arguing, took matters into her own hands. She climbed under the railing and down the ladder to the main floor. Walking around, she looked at each squirrel in turn until she found one that met with her approval.

"I'll have you", she said, reaching out to grab him.

"Um, I wouldn't do that if I were you", Mr Wonka called out, having realised what she was doing. "They really don't like that."

Veruca paid no attention to the warning and continued to reach for the squirrel. Then all of the squirrels suddenly jumped up from their work, and swiftly converged on Veruca. Veruca was knocked over by the force of all the squirrels, and ended up lying on the floor with them holding her down by her legs and arms.

"What are doing?" asked Mike.

"I think they're going to see if she's a bad nut", answered Mr Wonka. "Oh, it looks like she is."

Sure enough, the squirrel had tapped Veruca's forehead, and then reported back to its fellow squirrels with several loud squeaks. Then they all lifted Veruca up and carried her over to the garbage chute. Realising what was going to happen, Veruca started to protest, wriggling around to try and get free. The rest of the group watched in stunned silence as the squirrels pushed the yelling girl down the chute. As she went down, her cries got quieter and quieter, until they couldn't be heard anymore.

An Oompa Loompa came from nowhere and tugged on Mr Wonka's trouser leg. Leaning down, he listened to what he had to say, then straightened up with a smile.

"I've just been informed that the incinerator..."

"The incinerator!" interrupted Mr Salt loudly.

"Yes, the incinerator. I've just been told that's it's broken and there should be two weeks worth of garbage to break your daughter's fall. You might even be able to just reach in and pull her out. Once I find the right key."

To illustrate his point, he held up a metal circle which had at least thirty keys on it. As he started to test them all in the lock on the gate, more Oompa Loompas appeared and started to sing another song, this one about Veruca and how she was a spoiled brat. Finally finding the right key, Mr Wonka unlocked the gate and let Mr Salt climb down the ladder. He walked to the middle of the room and leaned over to look down the chute. Behind him, one of the squirrels ran towards him and jumped up, pushing him head first into the chute in time with the end of the song. Then, as if nothing had happened the Oompa Loompas went away and the squirrels went back to sorting nuts.