Have I been gone long? LOL.

I'm sososososososoSO sorry guys. I have been intensely busy & kinda sorta just pushed fanfiction to the back of my head, only when I checked my email last night, and found flooding email from fanfiction, I was like, WHOA I have a story to finish!

I've been so caught up in school guys, I'm really sorry. I'm gonna try to step up my game and start writing again; though, I'm not really sure.. D;

I've read through my stories & my sticky notes of ideas, most specifically this story, & holy, my writing has changed a lot over these months. o; I'm actually lost on this story at the moment, I wanna keep going but I lost the data on the rest of the story.. brainstorming time? D;

Other than this story, I do have A LOT of stories in mind that I got up mah sleeve. ;D I will really try my best to get this going again, but if I suddenly disappear again, I'm really sorry!

-missy. 33