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A/N: This story is set after the last minute of "Furt". I wanted to get another scene where Jack tells Kurt what he thinks of him leaving.


Kurt Hummel stepped out of William McKinley High School for what he knew would be the last time. It had to be this way. His friends had to understand that, even if they didn't like it.

"So this is how it ends?" he heard a deep voice question.

Kurt turned to see Jack Harmon standing in the entrance of McKinley, almost akin to Satan standing at the gates of Hell. Kurt took a long breath, anticipating that the one member of the Glee club who never kept his mouth shut was going to chew him out for leaving.

"Say what you have to say, Harmon," Kurt said, tightening his jaw.

"Don't worry," Jack said, "I have every intention of telling you what's on my mind."

"Are you going to call me a coward? A quitter?"

"No," Jack replied. "I'm going to tell you that I think you're making the right choice."

Kurt's expression changed, it was something between a look of shock and a look of relief."

"I understand why you'd leave here," Jack continued, stepping out from the doorway. "This school isn't the place for you. You need a place where you can be who you are without worrying about someone trying to put you six feet under."

Jack chuckled morbidly.

"I just wanted to say that I'm going miss you."

'He's gonna what now?' the little voice in the back of Kurt's mind asked.

"You look surprised," the tenor stated. "But, I mean it. As shocking as this might sound, Hummer, outside of Rachel, I don't have many friends. And, outside of you, I have no male friends."

"Friends?" Kurt repeated, unsure what the taller boy meant.

"Yeah," Jack said. "You're the only one in Glee that takes my jabs as jabs, and counters them with the same zeal as I deliver them."

"So, let me guess, you want me to come back because you'll miss the insults," Kurt's tone was his usual drawl tone he took up when dealing with Jack.

"Hell no," Jack countered in a similar tone. "With you gone, I might get a little more attention."

"Like you really need more attention."

"At least I don't have to dress up like Lady GaGa to get it."

"You couldn't pull off that outfit on your best day."

"Who said you did?"

The two boys locked eyes. Jack stepped in a little closer and he extended his hands.

"I'll miss these daily constitutionals," he said, "Kurt."

"Same here," Kurt took his hand and they shook hands for the first time ever, "Jack."

Jack released his grip on Kurt's hand.

"I should get back, they're gonna wonder what I've been doing," the arrogant tenor stated.

"Yeah, I think the mix and yours and Rachel's voice working like the Borg to annoy everyone would be something they'd deem odd."

Jack winked at Kurt and stepped back into the school, almost as silently as he had arrived. Kurt watched the younger man vanish from sight, leaving him to wonder if Jack's Wizard of Oz dream wasn't as far off base as he had imagined.

Dorothy really was leaving, the Tinman's heart was broken, the Cowardly Lion was out of the picture, and the Scarecrow was the one he would miss most of all.


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