Summary: In the middle of Hinata and Neji's match a bright light comes a takes Hinata to a different world.

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(Sorry I don't really remember what happened in their match so imma wing it)


Chapter One

''You can not defeat me. It is your destiny to lose to me Hinata-sama," a young man with white eye and long brown hair told her.

"N-no your wrong Neji-nee-san I can defeat you," a girl with short midnight blue hair said while trying to get up from the floor.

Once, the girl got up it feels really eerie, like when the bad guy from a horror film is supposed to be right behind you. The people upstairs became really quiet, waiting to see what the two will do now. Neji ran towards Hinata with his hand out. Hinata couldn't stop it was too fast for her.

'I have to try everyone is watching me. Please Kami let me stop this,' Hinata thought.

Hinata stuck-out her arm and tried to block the attack. Neji missed her and fell forward. Once he fell everyone in the place started to laugh. Neji got back up and brushed himself off. He looked up to the crowd and glared at them, it put the Uchiha Glare to shame.

'How could I have missed her? What is she hiding it was like a force pushed me past her.' Neji thought. After his thought he heard a sound it said," She will join the light society."

Neji again started to run towards her and tried to kick her, but a bright light came and blinded everyone for a second. Once everyone was able to see again Hinata was gone.

"WHAT? WHAERE IS SHE!" Naruto shouted.

Everyone was trying to calm him down but they couldn't he was furious.

With Hinata (her p.o.v.)

"Nyeh, where am I?" I asked no one in particular.

" Ahhhh! You scared me! Hold on I'll get my friends .Hey, guys! She woke up!" A boy yelled with light blue spiky hair, he was wearing a red jacket, wore glasses and had a disk thing on his left arm.

All of the sudden three more boys came bursting into the room. Two had on a yellow jacket with a disk thing on their left arm but, looked completely different. The first one had a real muscular body, dark skin, curly hair like four ponytails in his hair, and on top he had a cap on with a dinosaur. The second guy with he yellow jacket he wore his jacket like the boy with the glasses does, his has light skin and his hair looks like Sasuke-kun.

The last boy had on the same jacket like the first kid except only the button on top was the only one well buttoned with a black undershirt, he has light brown hair in the back and a darker brown in the front in the back it is a little spiked and his bangs are kinda like mine.

I became really scared and nervous they look like they could be trouble but I don't know in what way. How did I get myself in this mess. Kami please help me.

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