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Aster: 1300

Jaden: 4000

Clock Counter: 1

"Don't forget Jaden with this turn a clock counter is added on to my 'Clock Tower Prison'" Aster sad to his opponent.

"Thanks for telling me. Now Draw!" Jaden looked at his hand and then, "I summon Wroughtweiler (800/1200) in attack mode!" A machine like dog appeared in the arena.

"Now attack Doom Lord (600/800)!" Wroughtweiler attacked Doom Lord.

"Thanks Jaden, for destroying my monster. Now I activate the trap card, Destiny Signal!" A giant hologram a D symbol (kinda like Batman, but his is well…a bat) shot up into the sky.

"Just like your Hero Signal, this card allows me to special summon a Destiny Hero level 4 or lower. I think I will choose Destiny Hero- Captain Tenacious (800/800) and summon his in attack mode." A muscular dude with spiky, long, orange hair appeared holing two large black shields on his arms.

"Fine I guess I will end my turn then," Jaden sighed.

Aster: 1100

Jaden: 4000

"Alright dude, now it's my draw!" Aster drew his card, looking at his hand he knew what he was going to do.

"Alright first, with Captain Tenacious special ability I will summon my Doom Lord that you destroyed last turn. Next, I will summon Destiny Hero- Diamond Dude (1400/1600)," A dude with diamonds everywhere appeared in front of Aster along with Doom Lord.

"Now with Diamond Dude's special ability I am able to look at the top card of my deck and if it's a spell card then I must send it to the graveyard but, next turn I am able to use the card next turn but, if it isn't a spell card then I must return it to the bottom of my deck," Aster looked at the next card and it was a spell card. The spell card was, Misfortune.

"Looks like it was a spell card," Aster put the card in the graveyard slot, "Now Diamond Dude attack his Wroughtweiler!"

"Whoops, since you destroyed Wroughtweiler I am able to add one Polymerization and Elemental Hero to my hand," Jaden took Elemental Hero Bubbleman and Polymerization from his graveyard and added them to his hand.

"Whatever that doesn't mean anything. Now I will have Captain Tenacious attack you directly! With that I will set one card face down," Aster said.

Aster: 1100

Jaden: 1400 (I have no idea if this is right but, this is what the website said so if its wrong please do tell me and I will try to fix it ASAP)

With the Crowd

"Wow, with just one turn Aster was able to make this a close match," Syrus stated.

"Your right partner. I wonder if Jaden will be alright," Jesse said to the short blue haired boy.

"Come on you guys have to have faith in Jaden don't give up in him yet. He will pull through! Believe it!" Naruto said to the blue haired duo giving them thumbs up.

"Yeah, Naruto is right. Jaden will pull through. It's not over yet both of them have a full deck of cards," Hinata said smiling.

"Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru you three are really lucky to have Hinata as you mate," Jim said to the three ninjas in a low, whispered voice. The three boys nodded.

"*Yawn* Man, this is such a drag. We still need to find a way back home still," Shikamaru said while stretching. Sasuke just rolled his eyes and started to focus on the duel but, was thinking about Shikamaru said.

Back to the Duel

Clock Counter: 2

"I summon Elemental Hero Bubbleman (800/1200) in attack mode. Again I will activate Bubbleman's ability allowing me to draw two more cards," Jaden drew two more cards and had a little smile.

"I use the Spell Card, Bubble Blaster, when this card is attached to Bubbleman, he gains a boost of 800 attack points," a giant bubble gun appeared for Bubbleman to grab.

Bubbleman: (1600/1200)

"Now Bubbleman attack Aster's Captain Tenacious!" Bubbleman started to shoot bubbles out of his gun.

"I use my face-down D-Shield! This card allows me to equip it to one of my monsters and it is unable to be destroyed by battle," Aster attached the shield to Captain Tenacious.

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Ninja: *yelling while being dragged away by Sasuke* I hope you enjoy the rest of the duel! *waves good-bye!*

"Well, it has been two turns and you Shining Flare Wingman comes back," a giant flying human robot thing appears back on Jaden's side of the field.

"Now, I am able to activate the Spell card Misfortune from the graveyard," Aster retrieved his spell card from his graveyard and placed it in the Spell and Trap Card Zone.

"Now since I use it you take damage equal half of you Shining Flare Wingman!"

Jaden's monster pointed his hand towards him and shot a flash of light at him. Jaden made a painful cry and fell to his knees holding his left arm. He was breathing heavily and started to stand up and manage a small smile.

"That…a nice…shot Aster."

Aster just smirked and flipped his white hair out of the way and started to tell Jaden something else, "Well, Jaden you are lucky I guess. Since I used Misfortune I am unable to conduct a battle phase. Now I will use my Doom Lord's effect and take your Wingman out of the field again for two more turns. The field is all yours now Jaden."

Aster: 1100

Jaden: 150

Clock tower Prison: 3

Jaden's smile became a little bigger and he drew he next card he placed in his hand and got ready to make his move.

"Bubbleman attack Aster's Doom Lord!" Bubbles came out of the gun Bubbleman had on his arms and went straight towards the dark destiny hero.

"Now, I will place Clayman (800/ 2000) in defense mode and call it a turn!"

Aster just smiled and drew his next card. He could tell Jaden didn't want to give up the duel and wasn't going to.

"Jaden, it doesn't matter what you do your destiny is sealed and you are meant to lose this duel!" Aster stated seriously, " Now I will use my Captain Tenacious to special summon and old friend, Doom Lord."

The dark hero came back and went into a defense position and waited for his master's command.

"Not only that but I will also use Diamond Dude's special ability and the card on top was a spell card. Now I will also use Doom Lord's effect and send Bubbleman out of play for two turns," Aster showed Jaden the spell card and put it to the graveyard and then Doom Lord attacked Bubbleman and made Jaden put him into his back pocket and have to wait for two turns and bring him back into play.

"To end my turn I will equip Captain Tenacious with Ring of Magnetism it will decrease his attack and defense by 500 but it is worth it because now you are forced to attack him but now I will also equip him with D-Shield which mean he is unable to be destroyed by battle," Aster smirked and had Jaden take his turn.

Aster: 900

Jaden: 150

Clock Tower Prison: 4

With The crowd

"Come on Jaden Stay calm you got this!" Syrus cheered for his best friend he turned and looked at everyone with a smile, "Jaden has this doesn't he? Please tell me I am right?"

Jesse smiled and put an arm over the short Ra student, " Of course he does, don't you forget that!"

Syrus smiled and looked back at the duel. Hinata and Naruto gave each other a look, when Aster mentioned Destiny.

'So here to? Another person is strung over destiny?' Hinata thought to herself.

"Sasuke looks like we got our self another destiny believer," Naruto said with a goofy smile. Sasuke nodded and looked over to his lazy friend. Shikamaru looked over at Sasuke and gave a small lazy smile and pointed his head towards Hinata. Sasuke smiled and tapped Naruto and pointed over to the dark haired teen girl, he smiled. All three smiled and went and… GLOMPED her! (1)

"Hinata forget what Neji told you!" Naruto said. Sasuke and Shikamaru smiled and just nodded.

"Hahaha, you all needed to glomp me just to say that? Man, it has been insane here. I guess I will have to tell you about it later huh?" Hinata asked with a smile and turned back towards the duel.

"Ow! Shirley why did you bit me!" Hassleberry yelled out when he saw the crocodile on his leg…well biting him. Everyone looked and started to laugh at the scene with him and the animal. Jim went over and grab his pet before anymore harm was done.

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