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The dark slowly started to disappear and Mala opened her eyes. Everything was still a bit blurred for her but not for long. A moment later she could see all the shapes around her. Even if the place did not seem to be familiar it was nice and insolated. When she raised her head to look around, she noticed her son sleeping on the chair next to her bed.

As much as his presence confused her, it brought Mala a subconscious sense of relief.

She felt weak.

Still, she did not know the reason why they were there. What had happened? She did not remember anything.

Mala slowly touched her son's hair.

"He has been sitting by your side ever since you arrived here."

She heard a woman's voice and noticed a slim character sitting in the other side of the room. The woman had her back to her, so Mala could not see her face, only the long blond curls.

"Where am I?"

"My son saved you from the fire…"


Suddenly Mala's memory started to recall some random and blurry images.

"My name is Alena and I'm hosting you in my house."

Now the woman turned around and Mala recognized her. She had seen her sometimes in the market. Still, she did not understand anything.

What had happened? Why was one of the richest persons of Basra hosting her in her own house?

The confusing chaos of her situation did not let her concentrate. She could remember everything, but the chaos only let her see random bits that were in sequential order. She was trying to roll everything into one picture but she could not.

Her eyes again turned to her son and thought about what had happened; it did not really matter now. The most important thing was that they both were safe; that Doubar was safe.

Everything else rest could wait.

Mala was about to ask her something when her son woke up and hugged her tightly.

"Mom! Mom! I was so worried about you!" Doubar shouted, still holding her.

When she finally managed to separate a bit from him, she noticed that they were alone in the room. Alena had disappeared somewhere.

When Mala pulled Doubar back she asked him, "Tell me about what happened…"

Sakim was sitting alone by his desk in his office. It was not a large room. The walls covered with the various maps made it look a bit gloomy but still, it was luxurious like the whole house.

The young captain hid his face in his hands and rested his elbows on the desk. At the sound of someone's steps he raised his head.

It was his mother followed by the white lion. The massive beast fell on the floor at the gesture of his mistress.

"You were in port, weren't you?" She asked coming closer and putting her hand on her son's shoulder.

"Yes, I was. I lost two ships in the fire. Many of my men lost their houses…" he sighed, "People are talking. They know it wasn't an accident…"

"No, it was not…"

Sakim looked into his mother's blue eyes. As usual she knew more than expected, and as usual nobody was able to read her mind.

In her glance he saw only the well known twinkle.

The twinkle of mysteriousness which turned into a smile a moment later.

"She woke up."

Finally, some better news reached captain's ears.

"That's wonderful. Is she fine?"

Alena nodded at him, "She is with her son…"

His temporary, small, euphoria vanished, "They have no house anymore, too…"

"No, my son, they do have a house…"

Sakim raised his eyebrows at this unexpected answer. Alena stroked his face and turned around to leave. Drago got up, too, and followed her.

Once she was walking out she said, "They can stay here as long as it will be needed."

And she vanished out the door.

The captain just smiled to himself and whispered, "Thank you…"

The reasons which had led his mother to this were negligible. He thought it would be better not to think about her intentions. He was just happy they could help his new young friend and his mother.