Well I am in love with all vampire stories. I am story for starting a new story when I have so many in the making but I just love this story. I plan to have this as a short story. Also I didn't know that Dracula's looks changed in the sequel since I didn't even know there were sequels until last night (Nov 24)

Oh and know that I am not using my own name for an OC. My name is Ashley and I am using Ashlen simply because I just love that name; not because it sounds close to mine.

Sorry if this story sucks at first; this is my first Dracula 2000 story. Oh and I got some of this from another story I read but I did not steal the idea. Just to tell you

Twenty years; it took twenty years for Dracula's ash remained body to regain his form and escape from his prison. To his luck Mary and Simon made mistakes in the triggered traps (1) and he was able to escape easily; well sort of.

Dracula was weak from twenty years of no blood. His body was all pasty pale with tones of wrinkles while his ribs showed easily, his hair stringy white and his eyes had no color to them. It took a while to gain enough power to slip though the cracks in the wall. Luckily for him when the wall was remand from last time; allowing him enough space to use his powers to escape.

At this moment, Dracula was finishing up this fourth meal, blood spilled everywhere on the ground. The man long ago had given up the struggle and was on the verged of dying. The vampire ripped his fangs out of the neck as he quickly snapped his neck to stop any change of the man turning into a vampire.

Dracula had just escaped his prison so he couldn't risk turning people into vampires; that would give him away for sure since he was the only one that could turn humans into vampires. (2)

Dracula sighed in contentment as he felt some of his power come back. He looked down at his hand to see it no longer looked wrinkled. He could only guess that the rest of him looked back to normal since he couldn't look in a mirror to check.

"It seems that my curse really is everlasting. I need to find shelter; I can't return back to the cemetery or the roof top green house (3) That's where they will look first." He whispered to himself before he looked back down at the body. To hide his tracks he would have to make this look like any other murder; luckily the area of London that he was in was known for a lot of murder.

Dracula easily lifted up the body and slung it over his shoulder and carried it a empty ally. Like the other bodies, Dracula dumped the body in a trash bin before walking away. The only way to tell that the human man had been attacked by a vampire was to look at the bite marks and to see that the body was drained of blood; which was impossible after what Dracula did to it to hide his tracks.

Now the vampire just had to find a safe place to spend the day light hours. Dracula allowed himself to turn into a wolf. Even after for courses of blood Dracula was still plenty weak; weak enough that he wouldn't be able to put up a proper fight with a hunter. He had to be alert and on guard for until he got his full strength back; he didn't want to be locked up right after he got his freedom.

~Else Where~

Twenty year old Ashlen Cook had been alone in her house for hours now. Her two roommates, Donny and May had over time work so they wouldn't be home till early morning. Ashlen sighed deeply as she wondered why she let those two people even live with her in the first place.

May was a nineteen year old slut that had a second job at the all girl's strip club and was a lesbian, or was she bisexual? Probably so since she has been having sex with Donny lately. As for Donny he was a twenty two year old sexist jerk that took average of Ashlen's home; she let the man live in her house and he acts like he owns the house.

The only reason Ashlen was letting the two stay at her house was that she had needed help with bill money and that she used to be friends with them when they were children. If Ashlen and the right money to pay bills herself she would kick May and Donny out of her house; she was sick of the sexism and both of them would bring people into her house. Either it was for sex or drugs, Ashlen hated it both and wanted them gone.

It was one in the morning and Ashlen had just finished watching the Bram Stoker's Dracula movie. She was laying across the couch and was just starting to doze off before a weird noise woke her up; it sounded like a sigh and it wasn't her. Rubbing her eyes, Ashlen raised her head to look at the door way, thinking it might have been one of her roommates.

Instead Ashlen found a man standing there. He had curly dark hair and green eyes. He was wearing a black button up shirt, which was open and showed his chest. He was wearing black pants and no shoes (4). Strangle, this man looked kind of sick, but he smiled slightly when he noticed the girl noticed him.

"Who… who are you?" Ashlen stuttered, feeling a fear rise in her stomach. She had no idea who this man was or what he was. He could be a robber, a murderer, a rapist or maybe all of above.

Ashlen blinked and when she opened her eyes a second later she screamed since the man was practically on top of her. The man brought his hand to the girl's face and stroked one of her cheeks. He tilted his head when he noticed the girl was shaking in fear but smiled none the less.

"Such a sweet fragrance you produce." The man whispered in the woman's ear. Ashlen shivered again but couldn't tear her eyes away from the man.

"Who are you? Answer me." Ashlen demanded, this time stronger and less afraid. Yet the man only put a finger to her lips and shushed her.

"You will know in due time, my dear." The strange man said, slight amusement leaking from his voice as he made eye contact with the woman. Ashlen couldn't look away, she felt hypnotized by him as she watched the man bring his face closer to her own.

"Ashlen! Get your lazy ass head up!" All of a sudden the man turned into a mist and disappeared. The woman opened her eyes to see that Donny was standing over her and looking pissed but Ashlen didn't care; it was all just a dream.

"I thought you had over time at work." Ashlen mumbled as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Donny gave her a snarled look.

"It is six in the morning, Ashlen; I got home an hour ago. Why don't you be useful and make me a early breakfast." Donny ordered, sitting himself down on the chair that was separated from the couch by a lamp. Ashlen ignored him as she blinked in confusing.

She had been a sleep for five hours but that dream only seemed to take minutes, not that it truly mattered. What was really bugging Ashlen was how real the dream had been; she had felt the man's breath on her skin, she felt him tough her face.

"Hey! Stop day dreaming! Oh never mind, you will just burn the food anyways." As Donny was leaving the room Ashlen glared at him. She should have thrown him out of her home years ago.

"Oh, shut up, Donny!" Ashlen snapped loud enough so the boy could hear. She didn't bother waiting for a reply as she walked to the front door of her house to go outside for some fresh air.

The early morning air felt good in Ashlen's lungs. It helped clear her of that dream she had had only moment s ago. Yet, yet again she was thinking of that man in black. Maybe she was just having a vampire nightmare from that movie she had watched.

Just as Ashlen was about to go back into her house, she was stopped by a bark that didn't sound to be a dogs. She turned around and saw a shaggy furred wolf staring at her. Ashlen narrowed her eyes to the wolf's and saw that they were green, like the man in her dream.

"I need to top watching vampire movies." She mumbled to herself and looked away for only a moment but when she looked back the wolf was gone.

Ashlen shuttered once more before she turned around and walked back into her house. She had work in an hour and needed to get ready to go. Ashlen took her shower, brushed her hair and teeth before getting into her diner uniform and leaving for work.

~Time Skip~

Ashlen groaned as she got out of her car and walked to the front door of her house. She had had a hard at work and she was glad it was finally over. Today there was a fattish ugly man that kept hitting on her and touching her ass. Ashlen wanted to slap the man on the face but she would have gotten fired.

"May, Donny, I'm back!" She waited for a reply but got none. Her roommates must have been out again.

Sighing in contentment, Ashlen tossed her car keys in the small bowl by the front door and walked to her room. She opened her door and walked in, flicking on the light and frowned at what she saw. Her room looked different from what she left it and she knew nether May or Donny would go in. They were bad roommates but they did still respect bedroom privacy.

The bedroom curtains were covering the window so not one sliver of sunlight was coming in. The sheets of her bed had looked slept on and Ashlen had slept on the couch. The other thing was there was a slight smell that Ashen couldn't describe; it was something new.

"Who the hell was in my room?" Ashlen asked out loud as if she expected a reply. To her surprise there was a reply; a growl from her opened closet.

To Ashlen's shocking surprise, the wolf she had seen earlier that day was standing there, watching her. Ashlen blinked and when she opened her eyes the wolf was still there, unlike the first time. She stared at it in suspicion; there was no way a wolf could cover the windows that tightly but how did it even get inside the house let alone her room?

"Maybe I should call animal control." Ashlen mumbled, rubbing the top of her head as she turned around to get the phone. Yet she was stopped as the wolf barked at her and tackle her to the floor when she turned to look at it.

Ashlen looked up in shock to the wolf. It's front paws were standing on her chest and it's face was staring right down at hers. Again Ashlen remembered her dream and her imagination got wild. She pictured this wolf as the man, the vampire, that appeared in her dreams. She imagined that the wolf vampire was going to bite her and turn her into a slave. Yet before anything could really happen, Ashlen fainted, her vision of the wolf getting fuzzier and fuzzier.

(1) You know, those spikes that came from above the coffin and in the doorway.

(2) I said this because if all vampires can turn others into vampires there would be more vampires than humans in a matter of years.

(3) Um sorry, It looked like a green house to me and I don't know what it is really called. I also don't know if he lived there since it didn't really show where he actually lived during the way.

(4) I would have thought they were either burnt off or taken off. I don't know why his clothes are still on so don't ask.