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The hospital personnel had obviously been alerted as they were waiting to abduct the injured patient. The white robed men and women had rushed Tony onto a gurney as soon as Agent Gibbs and DiNozzo Senior arrived.

Shouts of, "He's not breathing!" flew everywhere as the the gurney was rushed into the building. Agent Gibbs was right beside Junior, ordering the fading man not to die and actually threatening him with desk work.

Senior tried to keep up with the moving crowd, but failed- he was too old for this.

Apparently Agent Gibbs isn't. That snide voice whispered tauntingly in the back of his mind.

He met Agent Gibbs in the hallway as he was walking back towards the waiting room. His face was, as usual, unreadable. That was seriously unhelpful for DiNozzo Senior. He needed to know what was going on with his son. A look, a gesture...SOMETHING would be helpful to know, but Agent Gibbs said nothing as he sat down on a waiting room chair. The plastic material creaked under the older man's weight. Senior just stood there, staring at the NCIS agent in disbelief.

"Well?" He demanded. Now that they were out of the danger zone Senior had had the time to re-grow his pathetic spine and decided it was time to take charge. He liked control. Right now he was most definitely not in control of the situation, but that was about to change.

Gibbs just looked at him like Senior was a waste of his breath.

"He'll live." Was all he had to say.

What the hell! Senior thought. How could be so cold about this? About his son? He might DIE! Junior could...

It suddenly hit him full force. The realization that Junior could possibly die crushed him momentarily. How could this happen to Junior?

Because of you! The voice growled at him. He remembered Junior pushing him out of the path of a spinning bullet. It was almost as if the shock of what happened had dulled his memory. It was his fault. Everything was his fault- He'd tried to play hero, something his son had warned him not to do! Which meant that if his son died...No. He sank down heavily onto a hard, unforgiving chair and ran his fingers through his hair.

His son had been shot in the CHEST. What were his chances of living through something like that? It couldn't be very high, he knew that much. If Junior didn't make it...He just couldn't live with himself. After all of the terrible things he had done to his son, this was the worst. He could die this time.

He had watched as his son fearlessly rushed into the gun fight with a bleeding chest wound. Junior hadn't so much as taken a second to catch his breath.

As the scene replayed itself in Senior's mind he remembered the blood. So much of it, just pooling around his son's limp form in the back of a limo.

A skinny man with dark brown, short hair and glasses walked through the door wearing scrubs. He was looking at his clipboard.

"Family of Anthony DiNozzo?" The doctor asked, maneuvering his head around to see the entire waiting room. Senior hadn't noticed the number of other patients waiting to be treated or waiting to see their loved ones.

Immediately, both Anthony DiNozzo Senior and Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs jumped to their feet. Gibbs was just a bit faster.


They both said it simultaneously. The doctor looked at them both and just raised his eyebrow quizzically.

He would have let both men in- After all, why couldn't they both be his family? But by the way the two were throwing mental grenades at one another four eyes was reluctant to allow either of them to sign the papers without first knowing which one was, in fact, the man's family. Family didn't normally glower at family in a waiting room while they sat and hoped for news about their loved one.

Upset family meant: Upset patient.

Senior looked at Gibbs in surprise who returned his stare with a steady gaze that meant business. There was something... Something sinister living in Agent Gibbs' eyes. The animal in them was screaming, "BACK OFF."

Senior would have none of it. He would see his son first. Agent Gibbs had NO right!

The nervous doctor clutched his clipboard tightly while he anxiously observed the two men. Senior was aware of the stares they were receiving, but remained determined.

"He is MY son Agent Gibbs." DiNozzo Senior spat at him.

Gibbs immediately walked up the now startled con man and stared down at him., unflinchingly. Senior's every fiber of his being was shouting at him to back down, but his pride was at stake.

"This is about YOUR SON you bastard." Gibbs growled menacingly enough to make a few onlookers flinch and a couple more decide it was safer to find something else to take a gander at. "NOT about your damn pride!"

He did he know? Well he was Agent Gibbs, the man seemed to know a lot more than he let on a lot of the time.

"You know nothing about my agent- You may be his father by definition, but I'm his father in every other aspect. If you let Tony die because your PRIDE prevented him from receiving medical attention I will personally destroy everything you hold dear." He had that same look of death on his face as before. The same look Tony had on his face during the shoot out. It scared the shit out of Senior.

He was struck speechless. Agent Gibbs...He couldn't do that could he? How dare this man insinuate- No, accuse him allowing his son to die? His own son? Accuse him of not knowing Junior...

How much DO you know about him? That annoying voice giggled.

He thought for a moment. Complete blanks were drawn.

The way his son confidently handled situations. The way Junior held a gun... He flashed back to the similar look of fury in his son's eyes. A look he hadn't known his son was capable of. A look he'd inherited from Agent Gibbs. When Senior- his own father, had tried desperately to pull his broken, bleeding son out of the dark abyss he was sinking into in his unconscious state he hadn't gotten a response. Agent Gibbs only had to say his name. Only Agent Gibbs had been by his son's side when he was using every ounce of strength he had left just to bring air into his lungs. The way he smiled...Senior had never seen that smile grace his face- not even when his mother was still alive. Junior let that smile loose every time he saw his boss.

Let's face it- You haven't known Anthony- No. Tony since... You never knew your son.

Gibbs watched the look of defeat and despair cross Senior's face and a strange satisfaction bubbled up inside of him. The bastard deserved it. Someone had to tell him what he needed to hear and obviously Tony never would- he was still trying to convince himself that his father cared for him like any father should. Maybe he did, but not from what Gibbs could see.

Before their argument could escalate further the doctor coughed loudly. Senior, glad to have a reason to escape Agent Gibbs' stare, quickly turned to face the man. The nurse adjusted his glasses patiently as he waited for the older of the two men to do the same.

Gibbs stared determinedly at Senior's right ear. Refusing to move from his position.

Finally, he met the man's gaze who instantly blanched at the ferocity in his eyes. The brunette hurriedly flung his clipboard up in front of his face so the angered man wouldn't see the frightened look in his eyes and pretended that he needed a closer look at the clipboard. "Which of you is his next of kin?" He inquired, obviously trying to show that he wasn't intimidated.

He was failing miserably, but Agent Gibbs gave him brownie points for trying.

Senior smiled in triumph- of course he'd get to see his son first!

"I am."

Again, both men answered and this time the doctor sighed in agitation. He flipped through a couple papers and stopped briefly to point to the name.

"Leroy Jethro Gibbs."

"That's me, doctor." Agent Gibbs barked, obviously expecting it. He chose to ignore the man beside him who almost looked like he was...deflating? Senior was... disappointed with himself.

Well it's about damn time, Agent Gibbs reasoned. Gibbs could swear he heard the voice of the uneasy doctor murmur, "It would be..."

Agent Gibbs was now his son's next of kin? When had that happened? Why hadn't anybody told him? He deserved to know! Anger welled up inside the man and he stomped back to his whining plastic chair to wait for the Agent Leroy Jethro- Second B for Bastard Gibbs.

Yeah...I lied. There's another chapter. WHOOPEY!