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The Ghosts of Christmas Past – Chapter 1

Erin Strauss felt a little scared as she stopped the car and pulled out the key. It was a dark night, quite cloudy and she had heard in the weather forecast on the radio that they were possibly getting more snow than they already had.

Now she was a bold person. It was cold, the smell of snow lay in the air and she drove up to a lonely cabin that was hidden in the woods to meet a man. The idea anyone could find out about her secret meeting drove her almost crazy. Since Max had seen Erin with David a few weeks ago, he had made her life a living hell and she had hesitated before she had agreed to follow the invitation, but Gideon had called and he had asked her to come. For old times sake. That's why she was here, wasn't it? Jason Gideon.

She hadn't seen him for months and life at the BAU hadn't become easier without him. She missed him and she hated his replacement. David Rossi enjoyed teasing and torturing her ever since he had returned to the FBI and starting an affair with him wasn't something she was proud of. As much as she had enjoyed the sex and the excitement, it was still the most stupid thing she had ever done. She had finished it in her own nasty way, but it didn't feel as good as she had imagined it. She wasn't really free of him and that worried her more than she was willing to admit.

Maybe an evening with a really good friend could help healing her wounds. She knew there was no chance in hell, Jason would come back to the FBI, but maybe he could remind her about how easy life could be – without David being around.

She drew a deep breathe, grabbed her purse, and slipped out of the car. On the porch she was welcomed by Rudolph and its glowing red nose and soft Italian music that reached her ear, and through the window she saw burning candles on the table and an opened bottle of wine.

Erin smiled. That was Gideon and Gideon was special.

Freezing, she knocked, leaned against the door frame and waited. Then she heard steps and the door opened.

"Ho ho ho..." her voice died at once and her face lost its smile when she saw who stood in the door. Maybe she was trapped in a nightmare – or life was indeed a calculating, evil bitch. David Rossi. The man was her curse.

"What the hell..."

"I told you, she would be pissed, when I open the door," Rossi said over his shoulder. "Come in, Erin. It's cold out there." He said with demonstrative boredom.

Erin remained where she was, stood perfectly still while she stared at her sworn enemy. "What is going on here?" she asked, ready to turn on her heels and leave this place with stirring wheels. Rossi didn't bother to answer. He just grinned at her. She really hated it when he grinned at her like that. It reminded her about how weak she'd always felt in his arms. It was this sweet weakness every woman needed and enjoyed when she shared it with the right man and there was the problem. He wasn't right for her and he wasn't good for her.

"Hi Erin." Jason Gideon appeared behind David, drying his hands in a kitchen towel. At least Jason was here as well. "Believe me, you wouldn't be here, if it weren't important. And now come in. It's really cold out there."

She wasn't convinced following both men inside the cabin was a wise thing to do. Not that she was scared of them, but what would Max or the rest of the world say if they learned through the grape wine that she had been meeting two male colleagues in this lonely place?

"Erin!" Rossi sighed and she was rolled her eyes. "It's cold outside!"

"Oh well..."

"I love women who know how to make up their mind."

"Shut up."

Both men stepped aside so that she could enter the cabin. A pleasant warmth caused by the fire in the fireplace and the smell of a delicious meal welcomed her, but she had no intention to pretend she wasn't angry for their obvious betrayal.

"This isn't your cabin?" she asked Gideon, her arms crossed over chest.

"No. It's Rossi's... I just told you, I bought another one, because we feared you wouldn't show up when you knew it was his cabin and he was here as well."

"You're so wise," she said and let herself fall on the couch at the fireplace. Crossing her legs, she glared at Jason, grateful Rossi kept himself busy in the open-plan kitchen across the room.

"Don't you look at me like this," Gideon said defensively. He had forgotten how scary she could be when the Strauss look graced her beautiful features.

"And why not? I thought you wanted to see me... just me, without the scumbag!"

"Hey, the scumbag cooks for you tonight. You better be nice to him!" Rossi yelled and opened an oven to take out a baking tray.

"He's cooking all by himself? Heaven help us. I leave!" She attempted to rise, but Gideon gently pushed her back in place.

"Listen, Honey... this is serious. We have a problem and this is the only place where we could meet without being seen. You know, the last time the three of us met, we had a witness and that caused us a lot of trouble..."

It took a moment or two before she knew who Gideon was talking about.



"Whatever." She wasn't in the mood to talk about the kid. She wanted to go home, far away from Rossi and his food.

"Dinner's ready!" Rossi yelled, placing the plates on the table. Erin rolled her eyes. She tried to picture herself sitting at the same table with David and Jason, eating a self cooked dinner. How incredible domestic and perverse at the same time.

"Come on, Erin..." Gideon gave her a warm smile that she didn't return. "You'll be grateful to us once you know why we outsmarted you." He offered her his hand. She ignored him and got on her feet. She could be at home, laying in her bathtub. She could listen to a Jazz CD and have a glass of wine. She could do all the things she never did when she returned home...

"I already regret being here."


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