Title: Snow? Oh No!
RHHP Freak
Summary: Much really, really hates snow. And there's nothing anyone can do about it.
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A/N: I wrote this in honour of the first day of snow this winter. It made me really happy. Also, I'm in a very good mood, because it's Christmas soon! Yay! Oh, and happy thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate it. I hope you'll have a great day!
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Snow? Oh No!

Much cursed as he sat down on the log. Once again it was snowing. Those stupid flakes kept falling from the sky, and had done so for the past few hours.

"Honestly, don't you ever run out?" he yelled at the sky. Apparently not. Someone up there must be thinking it was the perfect day to annoy him. He sighed. Everybody loved snow. Everybody but him. Snow was so cold... and wet when it was melting. Sure, when you're inside and warm, it's nice enough, but when you're living in a forest it's just as nice as the Sheriff. He shivered from the cold but also at the thought of how nice the Sheriff was and pulled his cloak tighter around him.

"Oh please, c'mon! We're way past Christmas, you can stop it now!" Still it didn't seem like anybody was listening to him up there. God, at times like these he missed the deserts of the Holy Land. At least they were warm. Of course when he had been there he had been missing a cold, raining or snowing, English day. Ah well, you don't miss it if you have it. And you don't realise how much you need things until they're not there anymore.

Suddenly he felt something hit him in the back. He spun around only to be hit straight in the face by a second snowball. He wiped the snow away from his face and saw Robin's grinning face.

"Master, you scared me," Much said.

"Sorry, couldn't resist," Robin said still grinning from ear to ear. "I heard the way you were cursing before. Still not a big fan of snow I see?"

"No, and I never will be. I cannot believe how you and the others can enjoy it. I mean it is so cold and it's wet and it's... cold."

"Snow is great," Robin started to grin devilishly. "I have some great snow related memories. I remember one snowy day when I took Marian out for a walk, and we ended up kissing under a big oak tree." He sighed at the memory.

Much rolled his eyes. "You just came from Marian's house, right?"

"How did you know? You didn't follow me, did you?" Robin had made sure he hadn't been followed. In the winter it was so easy to follow an unsuspecting outlaw, and if Gisborne had done that, it would have been the end, not only for him, but for the love of his life too. Suddenly the smile had disappeared from his face.

"You have that dreamy expression you get every time you think about her, and whenever you visited her it's ten times worse." He looked at his friend. "And that snow related memory you have, just happened, right?" Much knew he was right when the familiar goofy smile was there, once again.

"Yes, and I think I'll take her for another stroll in the forest tomorrow," Robin said. He suddenly looked at his friend, studied him. "You know sometimes it's scary how well you know me."

"We have spent ten years together," was Much's only reply.

Seeing there was no way he could make his friend snap out of his sullen mood, Robin began to walk back to the camp. He turned around and waved to his comrade who still sat on the log. Much waved back but suddenly the snowy weather got a lot worse and he snorted.

He really hated snow.

The End

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