Chapter 1 of my Jeremy/Bonnie drabble following on from 2x09 Katerina, review if you like, would love to hear what you think :')

Something borrowed

Bonnie sipped quietly on her Lemonade, hoping not to slurp too loudly and embarrass herself- especially when she was sitting alone. She tucked a brown curl behind her ear, finished her drink and smiled politely as Luka arrived with a menu- chicken Ceaser salad with a side of fries, Bonnie had the same meal every time she ate at the Grill. But she didn't say. She followed general procedure- pause, scan finger across the page, turn it over, turn back, and then pick a dish off the page. Luka smirked softly, as if her thoughts had been his all along- and with a blush, Bonnie remembered that he probably had, after all, he was just like her.

"You come here a lot, don't you", he smiled, and Bonnie relished the sight of his brown eyes wrinkling, lighting up his entire face.

She nodded, returning the smile, "It's like home".

He thumbed the rim of his empty glass vaguely, then suddenly concentrating hard on it, his eyes scrutinizing, his drink was once again half filled with Coke.

Bonnie's eyes widened and she slapped his wrist, "You can't do that- isn't that, I don't know, stealing?"

He scowled, "Theoretically, no"

She raised her eyebrows, "But technically yes", Bonnie said, then with his gaze heavy on her, she laughed, realising how old she sounded.

His grin widened, and he shook his head, "You really don't play around with magic, do you?"

"Magic isn't a game", she shrugged, her laugh having faded.

Something caught Luka and he leaned closer, grabbing her hands animatedly and unsettling her slightly, "You don't get it Bonnie, we have been given this gift, and whether we like it or not, it's always gonna be with us", he pursed his lips smugly, "so why not have fun with it every now and again".

"I don't know", Bonnie sighed, "it hasn't always done my family any good".

Luka nodded, his eyes centering down on his glass once again and just as the drink had appeared, it was gone, "I understand that", he smiled again, this time, softer.

Bonnie squeezed his hands, "Thank you", she said, hearing a familiar voice in distant tones approaching her, and turning round in her seat to get a better view of its source. Bonnie dropped Luka's hand quickly, sitting up straight and swivelling round to face him once again.

It had been a week since the evening at the Grill, when she had unintentionally exchanged Jeremy for a conversation with Luka- and since then, he had been uncomfortably evasive with her. And really, she wanted to apologise for the way she had bailed out on him but that would mean acknowledging that they had been hoping to spend the evening together, and that would mean acknowledging that they had been on a date. Bonnie. And Elena's brother.

Bonnie kept her eyes down as Jeremy and Jenna made their way into the Grill, Jenna departing towards Alaric at the bar, and Jeremy making his way towards the table opposite.-

Shit, Bonnie thought.