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I saw the figure slip through my window and into my room holding a satchel. He took a step away from the window, and took hold of the bag at his side. He looked down at it with a grin. The man breathed in and said, "Ah. Alone at last."

Slowly, I crept from across the room and stopped behind him. I raised the iron pan that I held in my hands, and watched him put his hand into the bag. He looked down at it and I suddenly brought down the pan onto his head. It was all in defense. The intruder feel to the floor unconscious.

I stared down at the being that laid sprawled out across the floor of my room.

I watched him in silence, allowing my heart the opportunity to slow down. I could hear its' beating in my ears.

Pascal, my pet chameleon, turned to me and made a small sound asking who he was. I glanced over at him from where I was standing and shrugged my shoulders. Softly I whispered, "Your guess is as good as mine." I had absolutely no idea where he had come from. All that I knew was that he came from the world outside my window.

I shifted the iron pan that I held in my hands and slowly got down on my knees. I bent over him, and focused my gaze on his face. Oh, how flawless it looked. And his hair… it was so soft looking. It was as brown as the trees that made up the forest surrounding my tower. I wished that I could touch the trees. At that moment, I thought that maybe the closest that I could ever get to one, would be if I could touch his hair. I mean, he came from the outside! I would have been crazy to have not examined him closely.

'This is so stupid', I thought, before I put out a hand and delicately brushed the hair from his eyes. They were both closed softly, as if he were sleeping and having a peaceful dream. A small smile came to my face. I have no idea why, though.

I put my head down a little and stared right at his eye lids. I wondered what his eyes looked like. Everything around me was quiet.

Pascal walked across the floor, and stopped by my side. He looked up at me and then put his eyes on the man in front of me. He narrowed his eyes at him. The chameleon didn't want anyone hurting his master. Especially if the person came from the outside world, which we had been told was an evil place.

I didn't move my eyes away from his face. It was so mesmerizing. I couldn't ever look away for the life of me.

I put up my hand and reached out toward his face. Just before my fingers graced his skin, the man's eyes opened wide. I gasped aloud and pulled out the pan from behind me. I threw it down and hit his head using the force of ten men. He fell unconscious again.

'Huh', I thought as I picked him up by the arms and drug him over to my closet, 'and mother said that I couldn't handle myself.'

After many tries I eventually got him into my closet and locked it with a chair.

I threw my hands up in the air; my heart leaping with delight. I just couldn't wait for mother Gothel to arrive. I had something that I really wanted to show her… and maybe, just maybe she would allow me to leave the tower and see the lights.

To see the lights in person is my biggest wish. Maybe having him would be the key to being able to see it.

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