—o1: some kind of dynamic

—universe: anime

—notes: because iris and dento totally act like satoshi's parents.


(least common) denominator


"You're such a kid, Satoshi, honestly. I know you wanted that mamepato, but you're supposed to let your pokemon do the tackling, y'know."

"I'm not—hey!"

"Oh, hold still, please, you're covered in dirt…"

"So's she! Why don't you go attack her with a towel?"

Iris' eyes are the color of cherry-wood and Satoshi knows that she wears dirt like a dress, and Dento is a lot more observant than him so of course he knows this too. The older boy just hums and dabs at a particularly stubborn stain at his collar while Satoshi tries not to pout like the child Iris is so insistent on categorizing him as.

"Annoying," he can't resist muttering under his breath.

Iris, pulling a twig out of her hair, narrows her eyes at him playfully. "What would Shooti say if he saw you now?"

Satoshi glares back. Pikachu, sensing his trainer's hostility, looks between the two of them and blinks.

Dento pats Satoshi's head.

"You know what."

"…Yes, Satoshi?"

"I'm going—and I'm not coming back until I catch a mamepato!"

"Have fun," Iris smirks.

"Be careful!" Dento waves.

Satoshi growls, tearing off into the grass.

The remaining two sigh in unison.

"They grow up so fast."