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Concordia discors

Chapter One

"I am going to kill him. That's all there is to it," Yuffie muttered murderously as she paced restlessly on her balcony, arms crossed tightly across her chest and fingernails digging into her forearms. Of course, the him she was talking about was none other than her once Heartless-butt-kicking partner, Squall "It's Leon" Leonhart. And the reason for her current murderous tendencies could all be traced back to a certain incident involving the computers that morning. Not that she had anything to do with it… much.

It wasn't her fault that the computers crashed when she just happened to slam her fist down on the keyboard after she lost her game of Minesweeper. And it wasn't her fault that when she was trying to solve that problem, she somehow managed to cause everything to short circuit and cut out the electricity to the whole town. It was all just a series of coincidences…centering around her.

And, of course, when Leon discovered that she was the one who supposedly caused all the ruckus, he had completely—and irrationally, Yuffie decided—exploded. "Why can't you just grow up and stop being such a hindrance around here?" he had bellowed at her, icy blue eyes aglow with anger.

Naturally, Yuffie couldn't just stand around and take that, so she had shouted back just as passionately, "Well, at least I haven't become such a hard-assed son of a bitch like you!"

Things had only gone downhill from there, and it took both Cloud and Aerith to stop the argument from escalating to physical violence. Leon had stormed off into the bowels of the castle to try and restore the electricity while Yuffie had stomped back up the stairs to her room, thinking of ways to maim Leon the entire time.

But now, hours later, she could feel her anger slowly beginning to ebb away. She was always quick to anger, but her anger was fast and fleeting, unlike Leon whose cold anger would simmer for days at a time.

She stopped pacing and looked up at the moon and stars. Even after living in Traverse Town for so many years and being kept in an endless night, she never grew tired of looking at the night sky. It always gave her a sense of peace, that everything was going to be all right in the end.

Dropping her elbows onto the railing, she leaned forward and rested her chin in her hand, sighing. If it wasn't for the stupid girlish crush on Leon that she had never grown out of, things would be so much easier. As it was, she was always more easily goaded into an argument with him than any other person. She supposed it was because she was always on a knife's edge with him even when she tried to tell herself that it was only a crush-a silly, stupid crush that she should have grown out of ages ago.

But sometimes… sometimes she just wanted things to be different between them. Maybe if so many things hadn't happened to them over the years, maybe if there hadn't been so many disasters to haunt their days, then maybe it would be more than just a crush. Maybe he could actually even possibly love her back.

"I wish," Yuffie murmured aloud while still looking out at the stars, "I wish the Heartless had never come. I wish things had gone on like they should have here. And I wish… I wish Leon would love me." The last part came out in a whisper so soft that it was merely a breath in the cool breeze.


There was something strange about the day today. Sure, when she first woke up, it seemed like it was going to be a day like any other, but that's when Yuffie realized how completely wrong she was. First of all, she was almost positively sure that she normally had more room on her bed than she did now. She was also absolutely sure that her new mattress did not come with a really warm brick wall in the middle of it. No, that would be her current bedmate. Which left her wondering why in all the seven hells did she have a bedmate to begin with? And all this she figured out before even opening her eyes… which she did now.

"Uh… Squa-er, Leon, what… are you doing in my bed?" she asked confusedly as she stared at the mussed chestnut hair currently lying haphazardly across her pillow.

Leon simply sighed in his sleep and snuggled closer to her.

That's when Yuffie realized where exactly his arm was—wrapped tightly around her waist and currently pulling her closer to him. Before she knew it, Leon had her body snuggled against his, and her head tucked under his chin; she felt like a life-size teddy bear.

"This isn't funny anymore!" Yuffie whispered shrilly, afraid to awaken her neighbor in the next room over. Since moving into the old castle at Radiant Garden, once known as Hollow Bastion, Yuffie roomed next door to Aerith who claimed that this wing of the castle was the "Girl Wing." Behind Aerith's back, Yuffie secretly called this wing the "Pink Wing" since that's the color Aerith painted it not two days after they moved in.

Back to the situation at hand, Yuffie found herself unable to move and just realized how very muscular Leon's arm really was. She silently mused that heaving that Gunblade around made more of a difference than she had ever thought-not that she thought of him that much. Well, okay, maybe she did think of him that much.

"Grr… Concentrate, Yuffie!" she admonished quietly, "How did we get into this situation, and, more importantly, how am I going to get out of it?" Or do I really want to get out of it? her mind countered when it considered how comfortably she was settled here in Leon's arms, and how very warm his body was, and how very nice he smelled... Get a hold of yourself, Yuffie! she silently screamed, frustrated by her loss of control.

Leon decided at this moment, in his unconscious state, to bury his nose in her short, ebony locks and take a deep breath. In doing so, he also slightly tightened his hold on her for a moment before letting out a sigh and loosening his hold. His other arm, however, slowly wrapped its way around her shoulders. That nearly caused all of Yuffie's thought processes to come screeching to a halt. Nearly.

"I am a ninja. I can get out of this. Nothing is stopping me," she quietly coached herself, steeling her nerves for a quick break for it. She tensed up, preparing to dash out of Leon's arms faster than he would know what hit him, granted if he even awakened. Bracing herself, she gave a quick shove off the bed and—

Went nowhere. His arms was like a steel bands around her. Onto Plan B, she decided except that she never created a Plan B. She was more of a make-it-up-as-you-go-along girl. Until now, that had always served her well.

Going over her options, Yuffie realized she actually only had two considering the grip Leon had on her. One: she could wait for Leon to wake up and just lay here for the time being while trying to figure out how she had gotten into this situation. Or, two: she could wake Leon up on her own and deal with the consequences.

Out of those two options, she decided that the former was probably the better idea. A cranky Leon was never a good thing. And he was always cranky if someone woke him up too early.

So, in bed with Leon is where Yuffie found herself and where she decided to keep herself for the time being. After the immediate shock of being in Leon's arms was past, she got the sudden fear that perhaps she should check to see if all her clothes were still on.

They were. In fact, there were more clothes on her body than she remembered putting on the night before. Normally, Yuffie would sleep in just her underwear and a thin camisole to combat the humid summers of Radiant Garden; however, this morning she found herself in a pair of red silk pajamas that she knew she didn't own. Silk was never her thing. She hated the way it always felt so slippery; she always felt like she was going to slide right out of it. Yet here she was wearing it.

Thinking about what she was wearing made her think about what Leon was possibly wearing (or not wearing). First off, she knew he wasn't wearing a shirt since her body was being held pleasantly tight against his bare, absolutely mouthwateringly sexy chest. Yeah, that was an image from many of her dreams over the years. Having established that he was shirtless, she very timidly lifted up the edge of the covers and peeked at his lower body.

Her eyes glazing over and freezing at the sight of his chiseled abs, Yuffie shook her head slightly to regain focus before moving her gaze down lower. She gave a sigh of relief when she found he was clad in dark, silky blue pajama pants. At least now she knew she most likely didn't do something last night that she'd regret later… like when she was old and wrinkled. Yuffie was still young, so it would be perfectly natural if maybe she did want to do the horizontal tango at least once with Leon before she died. But, dammit, she would like to remember it when it happened!

But it didn't happen. And most likely wouldn't happen in her lifetime. Hence why she was not quite so reluctant to leave this little cocoon of blankets and Leon as she would have one believe. In fact, one could say that she would be quite happy lying like this if she didn't have the fear of what Leon would do and say when he woke up and realized where he was and with whom.

Of course, it would be at this moment—this particular moment that Yuffie had decided to enjoy while it lasted—that Leon would wake up.

Being a ninja taught Yuffie to pay attention to the things around her. And one of the things she had learned to pay very close attention to was breathing patterns. If one was going to go around stealing things, then one had to know when the victim was actually asleep and not simply faking it. So, over the last twelve or so years, Yuffie had become very attuned to Leon's breathing patterns. Not that she ever stole anything from him… or did anything to his Gunblade… much.

It was this attention to breathing patterns that gave Yuffie a slight advantage over the situation; she knew he was waking up, and she knew she had about thirty seconds before his eyes would begin to open. She silently began counting down in her head as she had nothing better to do while trapped against him.

Thirty seconds were up and so were his eyelids. Beautiful crystal blue eyes stared down at her… only there was something wrong with them. They didn't have the coldness that she had come to associate with his eyes. They still had a spark of life in them. And most importantly, they weren't confused at all. They looked right at her and crinkled at the corners as he smiled at her.

"Good morning, Sweetheart," Leon said sleepily as he lightly kissed her temple before moving his lips down the side of her face to her jaw line.

As pleasant as the feel of Leon's lips upon her skin was, Yuffie could still feel an eye-twitch coming upon her. Yep, there it was, the twitching eye. "Uh… did you just call me sweetheart?" she asked incredulously while pulling her head back as far away from him as possible in order to be able to get a better look at his face and make sure that this was in fact Leon she was sharing a bed with and not some imposter.

By now, Leon, who was quickly waking up fully, began to frown just slightly, apparently confused by her reaction. "Yuffie, are you okay?" he asked worriedly. His hand started to rub soothing circles on her back.

"You're asking me if I'm okay when you're that one who's gone batty?" The morning was getting stranger by the minute. First she wakes up in bed with Leon with no recollection of the night before, wearing clothes she knows she would never wear. But she holds onto the hope that Leon could shed some light on the situation only to have that belief completely shattered when he calls her sweetheart. Nuh-uh. No way. Yuffie doesn't play like this. "If this is some sick joke, Leon, you better start running because I am going to kick your ass up and down the stairs!"

Leon backed off a little and lifted an eyebrow in question. "Who the hell is Leon?"


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