Chapter 1: A Surprise at the Door

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Dark T-Bone flew the Turbokat down its secret runway, scraping the jet's right wing tip against the tunnel wall earning him a growl of anger from Dark Razor.

"Way to go, idiot! Now it will have to be repaired."

"Stop your whining!" T-Bone snarled in ill temper as he halted the jet on its platform and cut the engines. He fumed to himself as the jet rose to the hangar main floor. His scowl grew larger at the sight of Dark Kat waiting for them.

Shooting the canopy back, he reached beside him for a heavy sack then leaped to the ground, tossing the bag to Dark Kat. "Here's the city's monthly payment."

Dark Kat caught it and smirked. "Flying too close to the walls again, eh?"

The big tabby gave the omega a cold stare then stalked off toward the locker room with Razor trailing behind, his mood foul.

Changing their clothes to their everyday personas of Change Furlong and Jake Clawson, they left the hangar for their miserly garage that they ran since being kicked off the force and joining up with Dark Kat when they became the Dark SWAT Kats, a plague rather than a benefit to the city's Katizens.

They'd seen what life might have been like when those SWAT Kats from another dimension appeared to shake up their world. The pair obviously were partners in the truest sense of the word and were heroes not criminals.

It made the darker pair envious and disgusted. When they clashed, the explosion that was supposed to take down the Enforcer Building, exploded beneath their jet instead thanks to the good Razor's shot of cement that held it fast to the jet's launcher. However, instead of killing them, the explosion simply displaced the evil pair from the city center to over the ocean where it dropped like a stone into the water because the engines had stalled.

They weren't too far out, thankfully, or they would have drowned. As it was, they were exhausted when they swam back to shore and climbed out near the docks. Stripping their distinctive g-suits off, they stole some clothes and made their way back to the hangar.

It was a few days later when Dark Kat, who had been hiding until the heat was off from the enforcers, returned to ream them out for ruining all his plans and losing their jet. What was worse, their inside contact at city hall had been arrested.

After punishing them thoroughly, the three went back to what they were doing before, robbing the city blind while Dark Kat thought up a new way to get his revenge and take over the city. It took Razor and Dark Kat at least three months to build a new Turbokat which didn't make the omegas temper any better.

Today was just another boring day. With their chore of robbing a bank done and no cars to do in the garage, they went to the waiting room. Chance dropped down on the ratty couch, putting his feet up on it then grabbed the remote and turned on the TV.

"Move, fat ass!" Jake snarled, shoving Chance's feet off the couch, taking a seat at the other end from the tabby.

Chance grumbled but said nothing as he wasn't in the mood for a fight tonight. He turned his attention to the news and listened to Ann Gora report their escapade from an hour ago.

"This is Ann Gora from Kats Eye News reporting on the top story of the day. Just a little while ago, the SWAT Kats robbed the Megakat National Bank of half million dollars in less than ten minutes and escaped before the enforcers could even respond. The SWAT Kats are the worst omegas of our times and there seems to be nothing the enforcers can do to stop their reign of terror...but Commander Feral still vows to do his best to capture the terrible pair...we at Kats Eye News can only hope that one day he can make good on that threat..." The news moved on to something else and Chance switched the channels.

"Yeah, good luck with that. Feral will never stop us. It's so good to be famous," he laughed.

Jake had joined him in laughing at the helplessness of the enforcers. "We're unstoppable!"

"You got that right!" Chance crowed, high fiving his friend.


The day ended with them fighting over the remote and only a couple of cars to break up the serious boredom. They didn't have that many customers in the first place because no one trusted their work. Outside, the day had turned nasty with rain beginning to fall in a stay curtain. After ordering take out and devouring it quickly while watching TV and not wanting to work on the jet, the two headed for bed. Dark Kat had disappeared as was his habit.

Up in their apartment, each had their own room and Chance turned into his, slamming the door shut. Stripping down then putting on a pair of fleece pjs, he dropped onto his stomach and was asleep within minutes, despite the sound of thunder shaking the apartment.

Some hours later, he was rudely awakened by a loud crying sound from very nearby. Groggily, he sat up and listened. The cry came again. "What the...?" He growled, rubbing his face. Frowning he got out of bed and left his room, running into Jake just leaving his own room.

"You heard that too?"

"Yeah...seems to be coming from outside..." Chance said, heading downstairs.

Reaching the garage waiting room. Standing in front of the door, they listened. The sound of the cry was muffled and definitely just outside.

Chance quickly unlocked the door and yanked it open. Jake was looking over his shoulder into the dark night lit only by the light over their garage door. Nothing was there.

Then the crying sounded again but it was at Chance's feet. He looked down and saw a basket sitting on their porch. Waving its arms around and crying was a puppy only a few months old. It's blanket was a plain white towel.

Chance could only gape at the basket in dismay and shock. The puppy wailed even louder, it was cold and probably hungry but neither tom's moved to touch it, not certain what to do.

It wasn't just the surprise of seeing it on their porch but the fact it was a dog was more stunning as the species were rare in Megakat City. The next question in their minds was why would its mother abandon it here or did someone else do this. At that moment the pup wailed again.

It's cries were piercing causing both Chance and Jake to cover their ears in self defense.

"Crud! Pick it up already before my eardrums burst," Jake shouted.

Growling and uncertain, Chance reached down and picked the puppy up out of the basket, hugging it close to his chest. It cries stopped but it still whimpered.

"Well at least that stopped the noise. But now what do we do with it?" Chance asked staring down into the puppy's unusual blue eyes.

"Jeez, what a pair of lungs it has," Jake muttered. He stared at the puppy, studying it. It was white faced with that color going down over its belly. The rest of it was black, its gender unknown as it was hidden by the towel.

It shivered in Chance's arms. "It's cold and wet...going to have to get it warm..." he muttered turned to go back inside.

Jake moved back to let him in then reached out and grabbed the basket, shut and locked the door then followed his partner back up the stairs. Chance had gone down the hall for a towel and was drying the puppy off.

Jake came close to watch him when the pup suddenly sneezed right in his face. "Eww...got me in the eye..." he said in disgust, wiping his face off while his friend laughed at him.

"Hahahaha! I think he likes you!" Chance continued to laugh as he finished his task. His partner growled at him. Then he felt something warm on his arm. "Ahhh...what the hell..." he cried out in surprise then realizing the pup had peed on his arm.

"Hahahah….at least we know it's a boy," Jake laughed, getting back at Chance for laughing at him first..

Chance growled. "Yeah yeah…now help me before it starts crying again." He turned on the water in the sink and gently washed the pup off, dropping the towel he had been using on the floor.

Jake hadn't moved, just watched his partner take care of the pup. Turning his head, Chance snapped, "well don't just stand there, idiot...get me another towel and something to wrap it up it when I'm done."

"What am I…you're maid or something," Jake snorted, rolling his eyes, but went to the cupboard and grabbed two clean towels and returned to Chance. His partner was waiting impatiently with a dripping pup in his hands and it was wriggling.

"It's about time!" Chance growled, grabbing a towel, drying the pup, then grabbing the second one to wrap it up warmly with. Now warm and being held, the puppy's eyes grew heavy and closed. As they turned away from the bathroom they halted in the hallway.

"So...what do we do with him now?" Chance asked.

"Heck, I don't know...maybe the orphanage," Jake suggested.

"Good idea but what do we do about it tonight?" Chance asked, staring down at the puppy sleeping in his arm.

Jake shrugged, "I don't know? Hmm…" as he thought about it, the puppy woke and began to whimper. Thinking quickly, Chance popped one of his thumbs into its mouth. It sucked hard on it and quieted, closing its eyes again.

"Quick thinking there, fatso," Jake mocked his friend.

"Shut it you and keep your voice down, we don't want him crying all night long or would you like to have him sleeping with you," Chance warned.

The cinnamon tom raised his paws in a warding off gesture. "No way...you keep him until morning then we'll get rid of him."

Chance grunted, unhappy about the arrangement but made no comment. "So, did that basket have anything in it? A note or something?"

"Oh, hadn't looked," Jake said. Since he'd left it in the living room, he turned away and went to look at it. Searching the wet basket, he found nothing there. He returned to find Chance had already gone to his room.

"Nothing in the basket. Say, maybe we should give the whining thing a name at least," he said thoughtfully.

Chance groaned but thought a moment and said, "...hmm...Tim, maybe?"

Jake snorted, derisively. "Pathetic!"

"Ass…..then you come up with one."


"You're a bigger idiot at thinking of names."

"Shut up….at least it was more normal than Tim."

Chance sighed, why are they even bothering or arguing about this...it's like a chase hunting for the bad guys...wait... "I've got it... Chase!"

Jake cocked an eyebrow, "Huh...not bad...Chase it is then," he said staring at the sleepy pup still sucking on Chance's thumb.

Chase stopped sucking and yawned, showing them how tired he was. Chance mirrored him. "Yeah I here ya…..so who's going to take the pup for the night?"

Jake snorted and turned away. "That was already decided, bub!" He vanished into his room, firmly shutting the door.

"Why that little son of a ..." Chance cursed, gritting his teeth. With no choice, he carried the pup to his room and shut the door. Ah get over...it's only for one night. However, he had a bad feeling he and Jake weren't going to be so lucky.

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