Dark Swat Kats Son

Chapter 3: A New Beginning For One Lucky Pup

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Jake chuckled when little Chase began to giggle wildly when tossed up into the air then being caught by the tom. The slim tom had to admit; the pup was rather fun to be around and pretty adorable besides. He secretly was a sucker for those begging puppy eyes; he just couldn't resist them whenever Chase would cry or whimper for attention.

"Hahaha….up you go" he said in cheery voice which sounded odd in his gruff voice. Eh …. whoa … gotcha little buddy," he said after almost dropping Chase from another toss toward the ceiling.

Having enough of that, he grinned at the pup as he carried him down the hall to the living room. Sinking down on the couch, he fetched the remote and turned the TV on, holding the pup in his other arm.

Chase was a little let down that Jake ceased their fun, so he whimpered , begging for more play time but Jake gave him a 'later' glance before returning his attention to the TV. He was placed on a couch cushion of his own. Huffing, unhappily, the pup began to sneak toward the tom's side then nudged the tom's elbow.

He played his now trademark pleading puppy eyes, drooping ears and wiggling bottom to get the tom to pay attention to him and play some more.

Jake tried to ignore the pup's antics but finally groaned and gave up. "Alright...alright" he grumbled only slightly annoyed, picking the pup up once more and tossing him ceiling ward again. A smile creased his normally severe features at the sound of the puppy's giggles. After a few more minutes of this, he firmly said, "okay, enough...now stay quiet." He set the pup beside him and returned his attention to the TV.

Chase was satisfied for now, so began to explore the living space with his eyes. He made a soft cooing sound when he spotted something he wanted to touch. It was a rather plain looking lamp on the nearby end table. He began his whimpering plea again, attracting Jake's attention.

"Hmm…." Jake asked, distractedly, glancing down at the pup with a frown. The pup turned it's eyes on the lamp...begging. "Uh...not sure you should have that but, eh...if it'll make you happy..." so saying, he grabbed the lamp and laid it on the couch next to the pup. "There...no quiet."

Of course, Jake had done the worst thing a parent could do...give a youngster something they know to be bad for them. Glass and youngsters don't mix...very dangerous. Idiot!

Chase gave a delighted bark and grabbed the lamp around its neck but it was really too heavy for him and slipped free to hit the floor with a bang. It shattered as it hit the coffee table on its way down and glass shards went everywhere making Jake startle and jump.

"Ah Crud! Now look what you've done," Jake groaned, giving the pup an irritated look, not caring it was his fault for giving it to him in the first place. He was a little surprised when Chase giggled wildly instead of crying in upset by the loud noise, clapping his paws together for more destruction.


Chance was done buying necessary things for Chase and was now heading home. He was a little angry because the store owner kept bugging him, asking if he needed assistance plus the annoying loud cries of other young kits. The worst moment was when one of those kits threw up on his shoes. Thank god the nightmare trip was over and he'd gotten everything he thought they needed for the pup.

"God I hate kits….they cry, crap, cry some more and then crap again….ugh good thing I'm single or I would have been screwed right now," he muttered irritably to himself. Then why was he even doing this in the first place?

He had no answer to that as he arrived back at the salvage yard. He parked the truck in front of the garage doors, grabbed the bag and shut the door hard. He expected to find Jake already working in the garage but was unhappily surprised to see no one there.

Growling angrily, he stomped up the stairs to the apartment, halting halfway when he heard the pup's giggles. 'Huh? Why was Chase in the living room?' Then he heard Jake's voice. He perked up his ears and listened.

"Chase... no! Bad puppy...I said no...give me the remote..." Jake sounded irritated and breathless. The sound of glass breaking then his partner's voice shouting, "crap..." on top of Chase's continued giggling.

Chance stood there on the stairs in stunned surprise. 'What the hell is going on?' Moving the rest of the way upstairs he stopped at the landing and gaped.

Chase has apparently broken the TV screen with the remote and was presently laying on the floor laughing wildly while Jake tried to clean up the mess.

"What the hell happened here?" Chance roared, angry his TV was not worthless. Dropping the bag to the floor he charged forward into the room.

Jake jerked his head up from his task on the floor to snarl back, "...and where the hell were you all this time?" he demanded, getting angry himself.

"None of your business... now what happened to the TV!"

"Forget the TV and tell me why you left Chase alone with me!" Jake bellowed, jumping to his feet to confront his partner.

"Rrrrgh I knew you'd be too stupid to be able to take care of a pup!"

"Look whose talking, fatty!"

Both were so busy arguing they didn't notice the pup grabbing a piece of broken glass and cutting his paw. His loud cry of pain made the toms cease their arguing to see what was wrong.

"Chase!" both cried, forgetting their fight and rushing to the pups side, Chance reaching him first and picking him up. A piece of glass was sticking out of the slightly bleeding paw. He quickly carried the pup down the hall to the bathroom.

Setting the pup on the edge of the sink, he check the paw more closely then told Jake, "...hold him while I get the glass out and fix his paw."

For once Jake didn't argue as he gently held the pup against his body while the Chase's butt rested on the sink. He whimpered and cried as Chance gently grasped the injured paw and pulled it toward him. Chase tried to tug back but Jake held onto his wrist to keep it still. The puppy kept up his crying and wriggling despite the two toms efforts to calm him.

Chance sighed, ignored the cries and did what he had to. "Shhh...easy...I'll take care of it..." he spoke soothingly as he grasped the glass shard and tugged it free. "There all gone...now let's clean it out."

He searched around then located the first aid kit they kept on hand. Setting it on the top of the toilet, he opened it and took out antiseptic and a bandage to wrap it.

Chase still cried and tried to get away while Chance applied the ointment then wrapped the paw. Jake released the paw which the pup waved around in distress. Both toms sighed and petted and consoled the pup best they could.

"I'm sorry little guy. We should have noticed you might get hurt," Chance said, a bit shamefaced that they'd begun arguing without any regard the pup might get into the glass Jake hadn't gotten up yet.

Chase sniffed brushing off the tears from his eyes and whimpering as he raised his arms up for the tabby to comfort him.

Sighing in regret, Chance smiled a little as he hugged the pup whose arms wrapped themselves around his neck tightly. "Aww...poor pup...it wasn't that bad...see all better now." Then he looked over the pup's head and glared at his partner. "Tell anyone I have a soft side and I'll rip your tail off!" he warned softly to his partner.

"That threat goes both ways, bub!" Jake hissed back, not liking to have his soft side revealed either. If Dark Kat learned of it they'd never live it down nor would he not hesitate to ride them about it every chance he got.

Suddenly their alarm went off.

'Speaking of the devil…..I wonder what he wants,' Jake thought, heading downstairs to the garage then the hangar fast, his partner on his heels still carrying Chase.

Jake noticed before they were halfway down the stairs and growled, "hey! Don't bring that pup down there...we don't want Dark Kat do know we have him."

Chance shook his head, stubbornly. "No way...you don't leave a youngster alone anywhere. They get into trouble too easily...see what happened when we weren't looking? No...he stays with us...I don't want anymore injuries to Chase."

Jake began to stutter in anger but Chance cut him off sharply. "Dark Kan can just kiss my butt. Let him try anything..." he left the threat hanging there then pushed past his partner to continue down the stairs.

Jake followed him but gave one more warning. "I really don't need another problem today…but if you insist then it's your head not mine," he said as they walked through the garage to the rear where he took the mat out of the way and lifted the metal door.

Chance rolled his eyes. "As if I don't already," he snorted, following his partner down the ladder to hangar. He held onto Chase with one paw as he navigated his way downward. The hangar was actually more Dark Kat's work area than their's. Except for keeping the jet there and missiles, they had little to do down here at all.

The huge purple tom was at his workstation working on something while his creeplings fluttered around him as usual. He heard them entering the hanger but, didn't look up from his work.

"I have a job for you today" he said bluntly.

Jake stopped a few feet away, "yeah? And what would that be?"

"You two are going to Pumadyne and steal the X-638 Laser. With it, your jet will be able to defend itself more easily and save me the constant repairs after each battle," Dark Kat told them as he picked up a screwdriver and continued working. Halting seconds later when he heard a whimpering cry behind him.

Turning his head completely around he stared at what Chance had in his arms. "What is that doing here?" He demanded, stunned to see a pup here of all places.

"It was abandoned by its mother and left on our porch last night," Chance grunted, not liking the way Dark Kat was staring at it and was even more wary when the huge tom got to his feet and came closer.

When the huge Kat got close to him, Chase froze and stared at the creepy looking face staring at him but as he stared he found the face to be rather funny and wanted a closer look so reached out to see if he could touch the neat looking shiny objects hanging on Dark Kats cloak.

Surprised, Dark Kat cocked an eyebrow at the pup. "It's not scare of me?" he muttered in shocked amazement. Most younglings that had ever seen me had run in fear but his little tyke only wanted to see more of him. It was just too odd to believe and he didn't know how to react.

But Chase did and that was to touch the stranger. When he couldn't, he squirmed and growled demandingly, informing the tabby he wanted let go. He even resorted to tapping the tom on the chest, staring up pleadingly with those big eyes at the tabby.

"No Chase. He's not a toy." Chance smirked when the omega in front of them growled in annoyance, then pointed at the creeplings, " but those you can play with." He snickered. Chase glanced up at the flying things and cocked his head. They were kinda fun looking.

Dark Kat really wanted to punch Chance for his insolence but, just snorted and asked, "So what are you going to do with him…..keep him?"

Jake carefully said nothing, letting his partner dig a hole for himself alone.

"Uhh...well...I don't know...I thought he might be of use to us when he got bigger...so I guess the answer is yes," Chance finally managed to say.

His partner's jaw dropped in shocked dismay. In truth, the tabby didn't know why he felt compelled to keep the pup except in some ways the poor thing reminded him of how it had been for himself when he'd been orphaned. He didn't want Chase to live the kind of life he had with no one caring for him...growing up the best he could...friendless until he'd met Jake. It also helped that Chase really wanted him and, even better, he wasn't afraid of Dark Crud. That made him okay in his book.

His thoughts were interrupted when Dark Kat snorted dismissively and returned to his workstation. "Fine but keep that pup out of here and don't let it interfere with your duties to this partnership," he warned coldly, receiving a glare from Chance which he didn't see because his back was already turned away.

Chance agreed. "Suits me but you'll have to watch him while we're doing your business...only fair," he smirked, getting even with the omega.

Dark Kat turned his head and glared, affronted the big tabby dared to suggest he pup sit but seeing the steely look in Chance's eyes he realized this would be one area the tabby wouldn't be scared off from. That didn't bode well for the future but he couldn't be bothered about it now so gave a grunted assent. "They can watch him," he said flatly pointing at his creeplings.

Chance eyed the flying pink things and warned them coldly, "scratch or hurt him and you're dead meat." The creeplings chittered fearfully as they looked at each other in dismay. It was like they were saying, 'what the heck do we do with this thing?'

That settled, Chance looked into the puppy's face. "I have to go away for a little while. You are going to stay here until I get back.. Old purple puss there will take care of you," he murmured softly to Chase carrying the pup to the workstation and depositing him on top of the empty section of it. He patted the pup on the head then turned away with his partner.

The two left the room to dress. Chase whimpered as they disappeared from view. He didn't like being left. He looked up a the huge dark tom but the Kat was preoccupied with his computer and never glanced his way. He heard a sound and saw his papa return wearing something odd with a mask on his face. The other tom was also dressed the same way. He frowned in confusion as they didn't stop near him but kept on until they jumped aboard a big thing and disappeared inside. Moments later the big thing made a loud noise and filled the air with fumes.

Chase whimpered and howled but Dark Kat ignored him as the jet left the hangar and things got quiet again. He was miserable. He looked up at the chittering pink creatures. Some came close while others hovered above him eyeing him with the same curiosity he did them.

As the pair flew to Pumadyne, Razor voiced his displeasure that the pup was staying. "I hate you so much" he growled. All he got for his trouble was a laugh from T-Bone. The only thing that did bother the tabby was leaving the helpless pup in the omegas paws but he had no one else to take care of Chase. He would be one extremely unhappy tom if the pup came to harm while they were gone.

Meanwhile, Chase was getting bored. The creeplings wouldn't come close enough to play and the big purple Kat never even glanced at him. He studied the work bench and saw all kinds of interesting stuff including one in particular next the tom's arm.

Crawling toward the object, he grabbed it and studied it in his paws. Moment later, Dark Kat reached for his screwdriver but it was no longer there.

"Eh...where's the screwdriver?" he mumbled to himself, searching around the area in front of him. "Where did I leave it?" he grumbled, scratching his chin in thought then a tapping on his arm made him look down.

There was Chase, holding the screwdriver and using it to tap his arm. He grabbed the tool away from the pup but instead of being angry, a smile of dark amusement spread across his face.

"So...perhaps the tabby was right...you might be useful for something...perhaps as my assistant when you are old enough..." he didn't realize he was patting the pup's head as he mused on the uses the pup might be in the future.

Chase didn't care. He just liked he was being noticed and petted. He sighed and half closed his eyes. He had a family...a weird and strange one...but a family. He didn't know anything about good and evil, he was far too young. All that mattered to his immature brain was he had people to look after him and meet his needs.

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