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In the meadow…why am I always in the meadow? I am lying on the soft green earth, looking at the stars above. Not a cloud in the sky, the full moon shining over my head illuminating the area with its brilliant light.

The wind begins to blow and I am suddenly very cold. I look around and find that I do not have a blanket to wrap around me. My thin white linen dress does nothing to shield me from the cold.

Out in the distance I see four figures walking toward me. They are wearing long black hooded cloaks that cover their faces. Their feet do not touch the ground; it is as if they are gliding toward me.

Instantly fear grips me and I struggle to get up and move away from them.

"STOP!" a smooth velvety voice screams. "We won't hurt you."

"Who are you?" I ask.

"We won't hurt you," the velvet voice whispers as he and the other three remove their hoods.

"Oh. My. God," I whisper as I fall to the ground below. The pain in my chest was excruciatingly painful. It feels as though my heart is being ripped right out of my chest and I cry out in pain. "NOOOOO!"

Tears fall from my eyes as I look at the people I once called family. There standing before me is Edward, Carlisle, Emmett, and Jasper.

Edward immediately is at my side cradling me in his arms and pushing a loose strand of hair behind my ear. "Bella, are you alright?" he asks.

I sob uncontrollably and kick my legs trying to get away from the pain.

"Do something, Edward," Emmett pleads. "She's going to hurt herself."

I feel his cold arms gently hold my legs still. I can't stop crying.

"Her pain is intense," Jasper says. "It's too much for me." I feel a blast of calm hit me. My sobbing subsides a little but the tears are still there.

"Are…you…really…here?" I cry in between breaths. My hand reaches up and touches his face.

"I'm here love, I'm always here," he soothes.

My arms instinctively throw themselves around his neck and I hold on tight.

"I can only stay a while." He unravels my hands easily from around his neck and looks me in the eyes. "I can't stay."

"Please don't leave me," I cry as the tears begin to fall once more.

I feel him brush a piece of hair from my face and the coolness of his hand feels so good, I lean into it and immediately I feel a sense of calm around me.

It seems like mere seconds that we sit on the ground, his family watching us. Edward begins to get up, leaving me on the ground.

"Stay," I whisper. "Don't leave…please?" as I grab his cool arm.

He sighs and sits back down next to me. "Lay down, my love." As I lay down a warm blanket is placed over my shoulders. I didn't feel the cold any more. Edward lies down beside me and draws me into his body. The blanket protects me from his cold embrace. My heart slows as he holds me and I feel relaxed and calm.

As I lay in Edward's arms my body begins to respond to his touch. The longing I feel for him is uncontrollable. I turn over and bury my face in his chest, inhaling his sweet musky scent. I want him. I need him…NOW! As I continued to breathe in his scent a moan escapes my lips.

"Bella?" a voice whispers in the distance and I feel cool fingertips caress my cheek and my hair…

"Hmmm…?" I moaned as I slowly opened my eyes to find Jasper looking at me with…what is he doing? Confusion swept through my body as I realize that I was dreaming again only to wake up in Jasper's arms.


"It's okay," he soothed as I immediately felt relaxed in his arms. "You were having a nightmare and I came to check on you. You asked me to stay…" He whispered something else, but I couldn't hear what it was.

"It's okay. It feels nice," I said quietly as I snuggled back into his chest. My face was burning hot and I knew that I was blushing.

He held me tightly and I realized that we did fit. His body molded exactly into mine. I felt an intense desire hit my body and I struggled to make sense of it all. Did I want Jasper? He had only been in my life a few weeks and I knew that we were close…what was I feeling?

I pulled back slightly and looked into his eyes. They were a honey color but as I continued to look at him, the color began to change and his eyes swam with desire.

"Jasper," I said with trepidation in my tone. "What's happening?"

The emotions moved all around us. I could feel my heart speed up and my breathing began to accelerate. I had never felt a pull toward anyone like I was feeling toward Jasper. The pull was almost more than I could handle. It was as if my body and mind were saying…Edward who?

"Bella, I want to try something," he said timidly as I felt my body calm once again.

I didn't move and my eyes were glued to his as I watched him slowly lower his head closer to mine. I instantly stiffened as I realized that he was going to kiss me. Before I could process another thought, his cool lips molded gently over my own. I immediately felt a spark between us that ignited a reaction that I didn't realize I had suppressed deep down inside.

He kissed me gently and slowly. I kept my arms close to my chest, although the feeling to run my hands through his hair threatened to overtake me. I felt a longing that I had never felt before…a burning in my chest that only Jasper could put out. I knew that his emotions were also affecting mine. It only heightened the experience I was having. The desire I felt for him coursed through my body while he continued his gentle motion on my lips. It was a slow beautiful torture.

He broke the kiss allowing me to get some much needed air. "Bella, please tell me to stop, because I don't know if I can on my own."

I didn't answer with words. I acted completely on instinct as my hands grabbed the back of his head, pulling his lips back on mine. I wanted him. I needed to feel his body against mine, and I pressed it closer longing to feel him.

I couldn't get close enough and I knew he felt the same way because I felt him press his hard erection against my hip. He grabbed my leg and wrapped it around his body forcing our bodies closer together.

His cool tongue grazed my bottom lip, begging for entrance into my mouth. I felt a blush creep across my cheek as I parted my lips allowing his tongue to explore my mouth. I was lost in the passion I was feeling and I touched my warm tongue to his. As soon as we made contact I felt a rumble in his chest that vibrated into my mouth, causing my desire to spiral out of control.

His hands began to move across my back and I felt instantly warm. Even against his cool body, I could feel the heat coming off my body through my thin cotton shirt. His fingers gently rubbed circles along my spine as I struggled to regain control over the emotions I was feeling. His tongue played with mine and I could taste the sweetness that was Jasper. My mouth was slightly numb but I felt as though I couldn't get enough. His hands moved and I felt his fingers lightly graze the side of my breast.

I squeaked at the electricity that sparked through my veins and I began to feel faint.

"Breathe, sweetheart," he said. I heard the slight southern drawl when he called me sweetheart and my heart melted at the sound of it.

I gasped for air and felt my cheeks flush as I looked into his eyes. The passion I was feeling was overwhelming and I wasn't sure if it was me, him, or the two of us combined that was fueling the fire. I lowered my eyes from his suddenly embarrassed.

"Look at me, Bella," he whispered. "Don't be embarrassed."

I lifted my eyes to his again and watched as his eyes swam with the emotions he was feeling. Suddenly I was hit with emotions so strong I knew they had to only come from him. I felt the need, desire, and love hit me and I was instantly afraid, but at the same time I knew I loved and wanted him too.

"Are you afraid of me?" he asked obviously reading my first emotion.

"No," I replied placing my warm hand on his hard chest. "Not of you, I'm afraid of not knowing how to please you. I'm not a virgin, but...," my voice trailed into silence as I felt my cheeks flush again.

Gah! Did I really say that out loud?

My first time had been with Jacob but we had both been so inexperienced. Jasper had lived hundreds of years and had been with countless women…I didn't know what to do, or how to please him. I hoped that my boldness at the situation wouldn't catch him off guard. I didn't want to stop. My body was screaming for release, and I wanted nothing more than to have Jasper be the one to release it.

"Bella, I care about you so much," he finally spoke, although I wouldn't have described the feelings I felt toward him the way he just had. I knew that I more than cared for him… "If you're unsure for any reason, we can stop. I don't want you to be afraid; I won't hurt you."

I am sure that the shock I was feeling was written all over my face as I quickly answered him, "I don't want tostop. What do you feel from me, Jasper? Do you feel that I am unsure of continuing?" I needed him to know that I wanted this that I had to have this. I didn't want to be stopped.

"No," he answered quietly.

"Then kiss me, Jasper. Touch me…I want to feel you. Tell me what to do to please you." I begged.

"You don't have to do anything but let me love you," he answered as his lips hungrily captured mine again. I felt nothing but love for this man that was pouring out his heart and soul to me as we kissed. I couldn't get enough of him.

His cool fingers grazed my bare skin between my shirt and shorts and he began to push the shirt up exposing more of my hot flesh. I reluctantly took my lips from his, grabbed the bottom of my shirt, pulled it over my head and quickly tossed it to the floor. My lips found his again and I grabbed his shirt fumbling with the buttons. I needed to feel his cool skin on mine and I couldn't get his shirt off fast enough.

Sensing my frustration, Jasper grabbed his shirt, literally ripping it from his body sending small plastic buttons cascading to the floor. I couldn't help but giggle as I realized he was as anxious as I was.

I broke the kiss for some much needed air and laughed again. "Anxious are we?"

"You have no idea," he answered desire dripping from each word he spoke. He gently pulled my overheated body to his and I gasped as his hard cool chest touched mine. My hands began exploring him. I needed to feel the muscles of his chest, the hardness of his abs.

I continued to explore his body as my fingertips traced over the hundreds of crescent shaped scars that covered most of his upper body. I felt his body stiffen from my touch and he quickly pulled away from me. I could see the shame written all over his face.

I looked at him lovingly, trying to reassure him. I needed him to know that it didn't matter to me where the scars came from, although I hoped that he would feel comfortable enough to someday tell me the story behind him. Right now, however, I was more concerned with continuing the journey we had started.

"You are beautiful. Don't pull away from me," I said as I gingerly reached out to touch him again. Once again I began to outline each scar as I gently tried to reassure him with my feelings and words. "When you are comfortable, you can tell me how you got these. Please…Jasper," I begged.

I pushed against him, trying to tell him that I wanted him to roll over to his back. I felt him move and I looked at him and I hoped that he could feel how much I loved him as I lowered my head and began kissing every scar I could see. His hands grabbed the sheets and his fingers dug into the mattress, tearing the sheets in the process. I smiled as I realized that my touch was causing him to react the way he was. I continued to kiss each scar sending as much love as I could while doing it.

I felt his hands move to my sides and his cool thumb grazed my nipple instantly hardening it.

"Mmmm," I moaned sending the vibrations through my lips to his chest.

Before I realized what was happening, I was lying on my back and Jasper was hovering over me. One hand played not so gently with my breast while his mouth sucked on the other nipple. The feeling was amazing and I instantly felt the wetness pool in my panties as he explored and played with my breasts. I loved the feeling of his cool tongue on my hardened nipples. Each lick sent a shock through me and I had to fight to maintain composure.

"Unnggh," I moaned as my body began to thrash back and forth. I had never felt such pleasure. I wasn't breathing normally…I was gasping in pleasure. "That feels so good."

His lips captured mine again, much more forcibly than he had before. His tongue forced its way into my mouth, hungrily dancing with mine. I was lost. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled his body to mine. The coolness of his body instantly cooled the fire raging on the surface of my skin.

He moved to his side and his hands began exploring again. I felt his hand move down my body leaving flames in their wake, before stopping at the waistband of my shorts. I kissed him hungrily hoping that my feelings for him were coming through. I wanted him to continue. I didn't want to stop.

He lifted his head and looked at me with passion in his eyes and silently asked for permission. I blushed and nodded my head giving him all the permission he needed. I had never been this far with Edward before and I had to admit that part of me was afraid but I quickly pushed the fear aside as he peeled my shorts and panties off at the same time.

I watched him look at me, his gaze traveling from my toes to my eyes. My breathing hitched slightly when I heard him say, "Exquisite."

He looked at me lovingly and I voiced the first thought that invaded my brain, "You have too many clothes on."

I sat up grabbing the waistband of his jeans. As I fumbled with the button, he quickly discarded his jeans by ripping them off his body leaving my hands in the air right in front of his tented black boxers. I looked at where my hands were and I couldn't take my eyes off the sight in front of me. He was beautiful, hard and very erect. I was anxious to see what lay underneath the offending last article of clothing he wore.

"Like what you see?" he asked with seduction in his voice.

I nodded my head unable to put what I was feeling into words. I bit my lip as I watched him slowly lower his boxers from his body and step out of them revealing the once hidden treasure. I couldn't believe how beautiful he was. He was long and very thick. I began to wonder if he would fit inside my small frame.

He crawled over me and pressed his body against mine. I could feel his hardness resting against my thigh. He lowered his head and kissed me slowly as I felt his cool hand move down my abdomen toward my hot, wet center. His fingers grazed my folds feeling the wetness that had long pooled there.

"Mmmm," he moaned in my ear, "you're so wet."

I nearly came undone as his lips began to kiss just below my ear. He planted kisses down my body as he continued to talk lovingly to me.

"I want to taste you," he whispered as he planted a kiss on my shoulder.

I was shocked that he would even be able to do what he was telling me. "Can you do that?" I questioned. I wasn't concerned about the act itself but about what it might do to his control. I knew how intoxicating my scent could be to him and as much as I wanted him to taste me, part of me was afraid.

He quickly dissolved any fear by saying, "Oh yes, sweetheart…"

I closed my eyes anxiously awaiting the feeling of his lips on my wet core. I felt him blow on me before hungrily diving in.

His tongue dipped in and flicked the bundle of nerves and sent shock waves through me. I had never felt such pleasure. My stomach began to tighten and the imaginary rubber band within my body began to stretch. His cool tongue on my clit nearly sent me over the top just as he decided to lift his head, a smile creeping across his devilish face.

"Gah! Please Jasper!" I cried out. "I want you in me now!"

I felt him move up my body pressing the tip of his cock at my entrance. I closed my eyes and tensed slightly, he was so large.

"Open your eyes, sweetheart," he crooned.

I opened my eyes slowly and looked into his eyes. The color of his eyes were changing so quickly it looked like waves changing from topaz to honey and black to dark brown in a matter of seconds. It was amazing to watch and I couldn't look away.

"I want to see your eyes as we make love. I promise to make you feel good."

I closed my eyes, bit my lip and nodded at what he told me. I felt his cold hardness creep its way slowly into my tight wet pussy and I gasped wondering if he was going to fit it all in. The coolness numbed me a little as I felt him slip inside my wet core.

It hurt a little and he paused slightly allowing me time to adjust to the intrusion while sweetly planting kisses on my lips. Slowly and very carefully, he began to move. As the pleasure coursed through my body, I began to relax enjoying the sensations that he was giving me. I started to move with him, my rhythm matching his. "Oh…Jasper," I cried, "don't stop…it feels so good!"

His pace quickened slightly and I did my best to keep up with him. The feelings that were coming off him matched my own. I felt nothing but love for this man, and I was doing everything in my power to show him how much I did.

I could feel the rubber band tightening again with every thrust he made. The pleasure I was feeling was almost more than I could handle. I felt his hand reach down between my legs as he continued to thrust and play with my clit snapping the rubber band and sending me over the top of the hill I had been climbing.

"OH. MY. GOD!" I screamed as my orgasm over took me causing my body to shake uncontrollably.

I felt Jasper's body tense and he roared as his own fluids spilled into my body. He dropped his body and caught himself with his forearms before his weight could crush me. In one quick motion, he rolled off of me and rolled me on top of him.

"That was wonderful," he sighed as he kissed my head lovingly.

The words I wanted to say leapt from my mind and all I could say was, "Mmmm, yes it was."

I hugged him gently as I felt a calmness wash over me. I was tired and needed to sleep after all the exercise that we had.

I sighed and spoke the last words that registered in my mind, "I love you."

I felt him take a deep breath before he rolled me off of him, and tucked me into the crook of his arm.

"I love you too, sweetheart," he whispered so quietly, I thought I had missed it.

I smiled as I drifted into a deep and dreamless sleep.