6. The future.

I leave the limousine and let it drive off. I just stand here in the darkness that's only lit by a few lights from the mansion and the moon which is just starting to grow again. I can already hear the beautiful melody that Joey is playing. It must be him, no one else can produce such sounds on the Piano. I just stand here in front of my own door and listen to him through the open window of the piano room as we call it since there is nothing else in there but five pianos. Two big ones and three small one. After listening to the happy but gentle and slightly lulling tune I open the door and silently walk upstairs. The house is silent apart from the music while I walk past Mokuba's room. He moved out a few years back when he went to college, but his room is still his. He doesn't visit as often as he used to since he got engaged but he still uses that room whenever he's there and even ensured to have a bigger bed since he's got his boyfriend. Not that I'm particularly pleased that my kid brother is going to be Siegfried's brother in law but I can deal with it, as long as Leon is nice to him and Mokuba is as happy as he was the last time I saw him.

I walk to the door a little further and quietly open it. Inside is a young boy who must have fallen asleep reading a book again. I walk inside and put the book aside after leaving a mark on the page that's open and move my hand gently over the black hair of my son. I smile, I never forget how Joey suddenly walked into my office and said, "Seto, I'm board out of my mind, either you find me something to do that's more fun and more work then this stupid job here or I move out."

I can't help but smile at the memory. Guess the fact that he's happily playing a lullaby is prove that I did manage to keep him occupied. I simply cut down his ours and adopted our first child.

Said memory reminds me. I walk over to the next room to see said child lying on his bad with a gaming console still in his hand. I turn off the TV and the game since Jaden has lost it already anyway. He probably fell asleep in the middle of it and I smile at the boy who I adopted first because he is so much like Joey.

A couple of month later Joey was back in my office one morning while Jaden was in school. Apparently Jaden was constantly board and wanted to have siblings. He was also constantly talking about his best friends who had little chance of finding a home because they refused to be separated from each other since they where biological siblings. It didn't take long for me to be over ruled by my Husband and my son and soon we hat three kids running around. Fortunately, Seth is very calm and dependable. He's actually a great help with keeping the other two in line.

I walk another door further and there is our smallest child. I can hardly see her because her bed is so full with cuddly toys that it's hard to make out the little white haired girl in their midst. Especially since her hair is covering her face completely. While I watch her I do get a glimpse of her face though because she suddenly sits up, puts her hair back behind her ears and then she lets herself drop to the side. It's a good thing her bed is so big, not that it stops her from falling out occasionally, but I bet she would have fallen out of a normal sized bed every single night. It would also be hard to squeeze all the cuddly toys into a normal sized bed. After she let herself drop back onto the bed, her face is covered with hair all over again and I smile at my little wild thing. At first I had believed Joey and Jaden to be wild. But Josephine tops them both.

I walk back out of the room, in her case, without turning off the light since that's about the only way to wake her up in the morning and I don't want her to wake up now. I follow the melody of my husbands piano play and can't help but smile. I love to listen to it so much. And I can't believe that he actually is my husband now. It all started out so badly for us. He used to hate my guts, not that I can blame him, I didn't exactly treat him all that good to ensure that no one would find out about my feelings for him, but all that changed thanks to his music.

I heard him play a song and it all changed. Thanks to that song I found out about the abuse he had to endure for a while due to his fathers gambling problem and I helped him out of it. After a very rocky start during which he hardly talked at first we slowly got closer and by the time he could have moved out again, he returned my feelings. He wasn't sure about his own feelings at the time, but I was sure he loved me. Right after he said that he wanted to kiss me all the time and that I made his heart beat faster and his head spin I knew that he really loved me, just that he didn't know those feelings. And he wasn't the kind of guy to just blurt them out anyway. I knew I would have to wait but he actually told me that he loves me rather soon after that. He just said it one day while we both played our Pianos together and I helped him learn notes. He just suddenly said, "I'm sick of notes. I love ya, so what ya think about a bit of makin' out instead."

By now he finally is able to write down his master pieces without drawing any cakes. He still draws them anyway at times, just for the fun of it, and because he actually taught our daughter to read his system after she had started to just play on his Piano one day. He hadn't taught her, but she is nearly as much of a talent as he is when it comes to music. However she prefers the harp. She has a big one in the music room and a very small one that she can carry which is in her room, or rather, nearly always with her.

One of the smaller pianos is hers though and she does play it sometimes with her daddy. The other small once belong to the boys. Jaden hardly looks at it but we didn't want him to feel left out just because he only likes to listen to music and not to play it. Seth on the other side is trying very hard to learn to play the piano just that he doesn't have as much talent as his sister. But he tries his best and is a smart boy who learns most things with ease which is helpful.

Once I stand in the doorway the music changes ever so slightly into something more energetic and I know that he's in the mood to look our bedroom door from the inside. I smile at him and listen quietly until he stops to play. "Hey hun, what took ya so long to get home?"

"My apologies, but I had a bit of work pilled up since I came in late I think you know why." I say reminding him on how he didn't want to let me go after the boys left for school and our little girl was in kindergarten.

"Well I was board." He says without the tiniest bit of remorse. "Is that against the law?"

"Maybe I should reconsider giving you that job at the office again." I mention not meaning it at all. If he wants to work again, it won't be at Kaiba Corp. I get even less work done if he's around as if I simply have a hard time getting out of bed because of him.

"Only if ya don't pester me for havin' a bit of fun durin' workin' hours." He says with a grin and I know that he's thinking of all the times we did it in my office.

"That isn't going to happen." I say, "If you come in for work, you'll have to work."

"Then how about ya hire me to organize some fun for ya." He says with a wicked grin.

"Considering the melody you just played, I doubt very much that I would need to pay you for that." I point out.

"Ya noticed it and still aren't screwin' me?" He complains with a pout.

"The door is unlooked and the kids are in the house." I remind him. "Or do you want to explain to our daughter what we're doing if she walks in on us?"

"Sure," He says, "Makin' baby's."

"You do realize that two guys can't do that and that Seth already has told her that since she actually was hopping for you to get pregnant." I remind him.

"I still don't get why I'm the one gettin' pregnant in her little fantasy world." He grumbles with his cute little put.

"You're the mum. I'm working." I say earning his best attempt to mimic my death glare, not completely successful but not bad either.

Still he walks over to me and then kisses me fiercely. I love his lips on mine, always hungry for more. I gave up wondering how he can do this after everything he's been through a long time and know that a business man like me probably just can't keep up with a street punk like him in that one area at least. "If ya want me, ya better behave." He says then and walks out of the door.

I grin a little but stay quiet. Joey can be a bit troublesome when he's pissed with me. He knows how to turn me on with ease by now and uses it to torture me whenever he's mad at me. Once he refused to sleep in the same room for two month simply because I mentioned in front of his friends that he does have a bit of a feminine side on him, at least when around the kids, and that really pissed him off.

I follow him towards our room and move an arm around him once we're close, "My apologies, will you forgive me?"

"Don't know." He says but I can see his grin and know that he's playing a little. If he was mad, his eyes wouldn't sparkle the way they do.

There is a fire in his eyes that shows that he wants to play a little with me and by now I know his wild side well enough to go along asking, "How about I make it up to you by organizing some tasty treat like ice cream and well I'm sure you can imagine the rest." I guess ice is a better suggestion then the doggy leash under my bed.

Since he said to me, right in front of Yugi, that Yugi's knew kitten would probably be a wilder lover then me, I don't really try to be especially gentle with him. He clearly likes it a little rougher so why not give him what he wants. "That sound's great, but ain't enough unless it's with chocolate."

"I love you." I whisper before getting any ice cream though. And I really do mean it. Back when I first told him, I didn't know how deep love could get, but with every day I spend with him I love him more and couldn't live another day without him anymore.

I see him smile at me and he gives me a kiss before he whispers, "I love ya too, my sappy little kitten."

Okay I might love him, but I still wish I could kill him at times.

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