AN: I've been reading too many "things not to do at so-and-so" fics lately..."50 Things I am not Allowed to do in Oz..." "101 Things Not to do at Hogwarts..." OMG, who else cried when Dobby got killed in Deathly Hallows part one?



Annabeth: Say it, Maggie.

Me: Aww, do I HAVE to?

Percy: Yes.

Grover: Do it, or I'll eat your collectible New Moon trading cards

Me: *gasp of horror* YOU WOULDN'T!

Grover: Believe it.


Others: Yes.

Things not to do at Camp Half-Blood

1. I will not call Zeus' Fist "the Poop Pile," especially while Chiron and Mr. D are around

2. I will not trick Grover into eating meat, as this is cruel and humorless

3. I will not tell Nico that Bianca is still alive, and she's just hiding as this is not funny in any way, shape, and/or form of any kind

3b. Neither is telling Percy that Zoe Nightshade's constellation mysteriously disappeared from the sky

4. I will not steal Apollo's sun chariot and use it to torch various cities

5. The key to the universe is not "Ni"

5b. Not even if Travis and Connor told you that Annabeth Chase herself said it is. Chances are, they're lying.

6. I will not give Blackjack chocolate, as it gives him a very bad case of diarrhea

6b. Ditto Bessie.

7. Silena Beauregard winning Capture the Flag is NOT acceptable, nor will it be tolerated

7b. Ditto Clarisse la Rue

8. Dadelaus' laptop is NOT a play-thing, nor is it to be treated as such

8b. Do not TOUCH the laptop without first asking Annabeth's permission

9. Whether or not Percy and Annabeth are dating is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, so QUIT ASKING!

9b. And NO, they will NOT kiss each other just because you ask, so again, QUIT ASKING!

10. Calling the wood nymphs "Echo" is NOT funny, and they will not tolerate it any longer. Do so at your own risk, but do not say that you were not warned.

11. I will not paint Tyson purple while he is asleep, dress him in purple clothes, then make a purple "horn" and "wings" out of some cardboard and put them on him, then wait for him to wake up so that I can parade him around camp passing him off as a "one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater"

AN: If you guys have any ideas of stuff I could add to the list, lemme know. I'm also working on one of these that's a cross-over of Harry Potter and Wicked, it's things not to do at Hogwarts and/or Shiz, so be on the look out for that. Anyway, review, and gimme ideas if you have any.