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So far, the week following the party had been utterly normal. It had been a lot like it had before Bella arrived in Forks, almost as if she didn't exist. Bella kept her hood up, her face hidden, and her chair scooted away from me at all times. It had gotten to the point where I no longer cared if she spoke to me or not. I was sick of caring, I was sick of trying to get her to talk to me, and I was sick of trying to figure out what put the pain in her pretty blue eyes. I had thought that after our little conversation at the party things would be different and we would be friends, but I was wrong. She avoided me as if her life depended on it and I had quit trying to stop her.

It was Wednesday and Bella and I were working as partners in Biology. Webothstayed silent because, I was no longer making a fool out of myself and talking to a brick wall. She did the work sheet and passed it to me just like she had every other day, and I copied her answers down and turned them in. The bell rang and I jumped from my seat at the exact same time as she did, bumping into her and accidentally knocking the books from her hands. She gasped and I knelt to the ground, stacking them back up and handing them to her. I didn't say I was sorry or anything, I just handed her her books and walked away.

Lunch came soon after that and I was sitting with most of "Fork's High's Baseball Team". Mike had his arm wrapped around Jessica's waist and she kept blowing kisses at me when he wasn't looking. I smirked at her, pretending to catch her kisses and press them to my lips. The table became silent as something caught their attention, and I shifted in my seat to see what they were all looking at. Bella and Alice were walking together to the lunch line. Alice's arm was thrown protectively around Bella's hooded head and she was talking to her, causing Bella to laugh at whatever she was saying. I couldn't help myself from smiling at Bella's laughter. I wish she'd fucking talk to me.

"She's really weird, I don't like her." I stiffen as Angela's annoying voice breaks my train of thought. I look over at Angela and roll my eyes when she smiles at me. Fucking fake. Eric's hand is behind her neck and I want nothing more than to snap it off and break it. His girlfriend was a fucking bitch and he knew it too.

Mike slams his fist down on the table, breaking my attention away from Eric and Angela, and I look over to see what the fuck his problem is, "You're not going to believe this! I went up to her at Ed's party and she totally freaked out, started crying and shit. Alice and Rose got all protective and started yelling at me. Bella doesn't have me fooled though, I know exactly who she is. She is a spoiled rotten bitch who pretends to be fucked up, when really all she wants is attention." My nostrils flare and I am suddenly on the rim of exploding. I don't care how weird she is, no one fucking talks about Bella that way!

I reach across the table and pick up Mike's tray, slamming it back down in front of him. His soda tips over, spilling all over his lunch and I let it, take that you filthy cocksucker! I glare at him, daring him to say something to me and his eyes stay focused on his feet. I wouldn't be surprised if he fucking pissed his pants too. I had told Mike when I first came back to school that we were cool, but I could tell that he was still scared shitless of what I was about to do to him. "Don't talk shit about someone, unless you fucking know them." I hiss and grab my tray, walking away from the lunch table.

I dump my un-touched food into the trash can and walk outside, practically running to the woods so I can smoke a cigarette. My body is fucking craving the shit out of nicotine. I inhale the smoke into my lungs, sighing in contentment at the slight burn it adds to my throat. I take a few more drags, before demolishing it and returning back to the school.

The remainder of my day, goes along just a shitty as the beginning of it did. I was late to gym class and the fucking coach made me run an extra mile around the track for it. I puked my guts out afterwards, and was sent home a class early. It's not like I got to sit around and watch T.V though, which was exactly what I wanted to do. My English teacher Mrs. Fry, had emailed my dad about a spelling quiz I had coming up. I wasn't going to study for that shit, I was just going to wing it so it pissed me off that she had emailed him.

When I had finally finished studying, I went to make myself a coke float and watch a movie. I spilled the god damn coke all over myself as soon as I sat down and had to yell for Emmett for like ten minutes to come down and help me. If I moved even the slightest bit, the coke was going to leak onto Esme's couch. And like I said earlier, Esme would kill someone if her couch got messed up.

So here's how my day was going so far, Bella was ignoring me, Mike had pissed me off, I had to run an extra mile, I puked, I had to do pointless studying for an hour, my coke float was ruined, and my new white t-shirt that I had spent thirty bucks on at Abercrombie had a giant brown stain on the front of it. I guess this was just one of those shitty days, where nothing went right for me.

I took a shower to rinse the sticky coke mess off of my body, and when I got out of the shower Esme was home unloading groceries. I started to help her and dropped a case of beer on my foot. A couple of the beers busted open, and my foot hurt like a mother f-ing bitch. "God fucking damnit! Shitfuckedy fuck fuck fuck!" I was wreathing in frustration and Esme was eying me up and down like I was on crack or something.

"What!" I yelled glaring at the stupid look she was giving me. She holds her hands up, and widens her eyes, "What's the matter with you? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something?"

"I think so! That or an f-ing black cat crossed my path, because my day has been going horrible. I feel like shit, and I'm so fucking frustrated right now, I just want to hit something!" Esme laughs, taking a carton of eggs out of a plastic bag, and placing them in the fridge. I'm glad that you think this is funny. Bitch. "Well, I think what you need is a good workout. Emmett's up stairs changing into his workout gear, ask him if it's alright if you go to the gym with him." I sigh, and hurry up the steps to change. It was true, every time I was frustrated a good run on the treadmill or lifting some weights helped.

Emmett happily accommodated, letting me go with him to the gym. I hope this fucking makes me feel better. I part ways with Emmett and agree to meet him back at the front in an hour and a half. I fill up my water bottle at the water fountain and make my way over to the weightlifting section. I am lifting weights and there is a class going on in the room across from me. I can see it because the walls are made of glass, and I smirk happy to have the view of ladies shaking their asses at me. I start to check a few of them out and notice one of the girls has an fantastic ass.

Her waist is tiny, so tiny I find myself wondering why she is even here. The girl has her hair up in a pony tail, and there are long waves of brown showering down her back. I wait impatiently for her to turn around so I can see what she looks like, and she moves her face slightly enough that I can see her. Pale creamy skin with a hint of pink on her cheeks and crystal blue eyes effecting my dick in ways you can't even imagine.

It is Bella and she is shaking her junk, right in front of me. Little eddy immediately stands up and I try to think of things to calm him down but all I can do is stare at Bella's tight little ass. I need to get the fuck out of here before she sees me and my dick oggling her. I turn quickly and hurry down the steps doing the best I can to hide my problem. I strip down in the shower and rub one out, careful to rinse my body of any sweat I produced in the last twenty minutes.

Em is waiting for me in the Cafe' with a peppermint mocha in hand. "Your favorite, Little bro." I eagerly take it from him and take a nice sip of the peppermint deliciousness. "Damn right it is. So.." Man how the hell am I going to suggest this without looking like a complete pansy?

"I saw some fine ass girls in this class while I was up there and I was thinking.."


Velvet stopped talking to me, he stopped looking at me, he stopped noticing me. I kept thinking it was me. That I had done something wrong, but I hadn't, at least not anything I could think of. I was acting just as I had last week, but he was no longer paying me any attention and I missed it terribly. I had fallen into a deep depression those three school days. After the party I had been feeling waves of happiness and excitement, but going back to school and being ignored changed all of that.

I missed velvet words, shiny green eyes, and twitching lips, but it was all gone and out of my reach and there was nothing I could do about it.


I look towards Velvet, begging him with my eyes to look at me, he doesn't. The bell rings and I stand up quickly. I can feel tears brim my eyes and I need to get out of this room. I push my chair in and velvet's body knocks into me, knocking me to the side and causing my books to fly out of my hands. I gasp and he kneels down to pile them into his arms. He hands them to me, avoiding contact with my skin, but I crave it. I crave anything that comes from him. I don't get anything, I don't even get a glimpse of shiny green eyes.

I feel isolated, and numb. But it's not the comfortable numb that the weed brought me, it's empty and cold. I leave the class room with tears rolling down my cheeks as I clutch the books to my chest. He touched these books and I find myself holding them tighter to me. I wipe the tears from my eyes and put the books in my locker.


Lunch. I'm in lunch with Alice and I feel better. I no longer feel naked, I have her on my arm. She is doe eyed over Jasper, apparently he asked her to the fall dance. The fall dance seemed to be the high light of the month, that and fall break which was also next week. I don't know what I'd do for a week without school. I'd have nothing to do but sit around and think, and thinking wasn't good for me, I'd think about her, I always do.

I nibble on my cheese pizza and grimace at the taste, my stomach is already sick from Velvet and I's confrontation this morning. I set the pizza down and hear a ruckus coming from across the cafeteria. I look and so does Alice. Edward is yelling in Mike's face, the guy he beat up, and the guy who touched me at the party. I feel a hint of satisfaction run through me and Edward leaves the cafeteria and my satisfaction leaves with him. I find myself wanting to follow him and see where he's going, but don't. I'm a coward.

"What has he gotten into this time! Geezer he can be such a.. such a-.. Beep word." A beep word? I laugh at her and lunch is suddenly over.


The rest of the day goes by leisurely slow and I am down in the dumps the entire afternoon. It's my fault he's avoiding me. I don't talk to him, and it can come across as rude. I realize that now, and he probably thinks I don't want to talk to him, but I do, I just can't bring myself to do it. I am scared and it's so frustrating, but I can't help it. I try so hard to push those memories away and the fear down towards the bottom with the rest of my feelings, but it always comes back to me.


Alice and I are at my house studying for the end of the semester exams. I can't concentrate though, my mind is wandering to Velvet. I didn't want him to be mad at me anymore, I wanted him to talk to me. "Bella, are you okay? You don't seem your usual self." I break out of my revelry and look at the pixy on my bed, "Yeah, I'm just really stressed out about these exams." I lie, and her eyes light up suddenly. I curse myself for planting whatever idea I just planted in her head.

"You know what you need Bella? You need some stress relievers and one of the best ways to relieve stress is cardio. Bella there's this really good friend of mine, Darelle. He is a regular customer at the bakery and a zoomba teacher at the Forks Community Gym that my brothers go to. You should try it out! I think it really could help. I would go with you, but I have a late shift at the bakery."

I nod my head and begin to consider it. "Are there any guys in the class?" Alice's face pops out from behind her books and she purses her lips in thought, "Mainly girls, a couple of guys, but you can stay completely away from them during the class Bella. I think you should give it a shot, you might really like it." Her eyes are pleading, she really wants me to be happy. She likes to see me smile and does whatever she can to make me smile, so the least I could do was return the favor.

"Okay Alice. You're right, it'd probably help." I'm rewarded with a smile and a hug.


Alice was right the class helped. It was a lot different than I thought it would be. I was expecting it to be more of a hip hop class but it was more under the lines of Latin and belly dancing. It was really interesting and fun to keep up with, and It definitely did more than keep my mind off of things. It made me feel hott. Which is funny because I probably looked like a monkey up there, lost and crafting her own moves. But all the ladies that swarmed happily around me, and the latin hip music, made me feel safe. Like I belonged.

I'd definitely be coming again.

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