Trapped in the Fandom Net!

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Chapter 1: Moon

/Cafe Mew Mew

Ichigo stretchered after a day of work, letting out a content purr. "That day was fast!"

"Yes." Lettuce agreed. "We haven't had that many people here in ages. I got 50$ in tip!"

"I'm exhausted na no da." Pudding announced, flopping down on a nearby chair dramatically. "I can't take another step."

"Not another step? You?" Zakuro asked disbelievingly. "Forgive me if I have a hard time believing that..."

"Hi Kitten!" A voice broke into the conversation. Ichigo groaned.

Kish, Pai and Tart teleported in. Ever since the final battle, they had been at peace with the aliens, and they visited frequently. Immediately Pudding got up and pounced on Tart.


"Ow! Gosh, that HURTS!"

Zakuro rolled her eyes in amusement.

"Hi Kitten!"

"Go away."

Mint rolled her eyes as Ichigo began to run around, avoiding Kish's attempts at flirting, and went back to her tea.

"Girls?" Keiichiro appeared from the kitchen, holding a cupcake. "Ryou would like to see you downstairs, there's something we want to show you."


They barreled into the basement, the aliens following out of curiosity. Ryou was sitting on a chair near a desk. On it sat a normal-looking computer, but it had several radio dishes connected to it, and it looked strange, like something a sci-fi book would have in it.

"What is it Ryou?" Mint asked.

"I want you all to have a look at this." Ryou replied. "I found it in a landfill, completely in tact. I'm note sure how it got there, but it has some really interesting quirks to it. Pudding, will you plug it in?"

"Sure thing na no da." Pudding said brightly. She grabbed the cord and plugged it into the wall. Immediately the computer booted up and the screen turned blue.

Area Unknown

Under a night sky, where the moon shone pure silver over a body of water, a golden key began to glow brightly. The girl's eyes widened.

"Someone is accessing the computer a Gatekeeper threw away some time ago, to get their parents off their tail." A redhead nearby reported. A mysterious aura came off him, a golden light.

"Shoot." The girl who had the key hissed. "We can't have the wrong people finding out about this place. Neko?"

"Yes?" The girl answered simply.

"Stop them! We can't afford having that knowledge spread!"

"Understood, Moon." He answered. He turned around, drew a gun, and shot a bolt of lightning into the reflection of the Cafe.

Cafe Mew Mew

"What is this?" Mint asked with a frown, looking at the screen. Jumbled letters showed on the screen.

"I think it's some kind of coded language-" Ryou was cut off when a bolt lightning struck the cafe, sending shock waves through the electrical system. The computer went crazy, and then opened a strange warp hole. It was a swirl of color and movement, and it sucked them in.

"AAAAHHHHH!" The girls screamed as they were pulled into chaos.

Area Unknown

Ichigo landed badly. "Owww..." She got up. "Is everyone alright?"

"Yes." Lettuce said. She and Mint were helping Pudding up. Zakuro looked around.

"Where are we?"

For the first time, Ichigo took on their surroundings. It was dark, and rocky like a canyon. Shadows danced on the walls. The sky was a beautiful black and millions of stars glowed in it. Other than that, it seemed completely deserted.

"I don't know." Ryou said finally. Kish and Tart appeared from the rocks and Pai took in the surroundings. "I think it has to do with that porthole the computer opened."

"So...this is an unknown area?" Kish asked.

"Yes." Pai confirmed. "This is neither Earth nor out Planet."

There was a loud snapping noise. Ichigo's cat ears shot out. "What was that?"

Another snap followed, and then another. The group edged closer and closer together.

A large black creature jumped out of the shadows. It was three stories tall, a long blade-like tail, and wicked huge fangs. Its red eyes burned like the furnaces of hell.

Ichigo's mouth worked but no noise came out. Frozen in terror, she just stared at it.

"RUN!" A voice ordered, and a black shape tore out of the darkness and attached to the dog's face. It howled and reared backwards. Ichigo snapped out of her trance and bolted, dragging Lettuce with her as they all ran in different directions. The noise of metal striking metal rang through the air, and snarls and growls could also be heard. Ichigo dared to stick her head out from behind the rock they were hiding.

A black armored cat was everywhere at once, attacking the monster randomly. It screeched and tried to fight back, but the cat was too fast.

Eventually, routed, the mutant dog turned and fled. Breathing hard, the cat stopped and closed its eyes. It gave its wounds a few quick licks and then stared up at the sky. Ichigo slowly crept out from behind the rock. The cat didn't move.

"Thank you." Ichigo said. The cat turned around.

"You should be more careful." It said sternly, in perfect English. "This canyon is home to thousands of wandering Soulless."

"Soulless?" Lettuce asked timidly, appearing from behind the rock.

"Beings who were thrown away, no longer needed by their authors." The cat answered. "Beings that were never put into alternate realities, beings that were forgotten, or worse, discontinued. Without a true home, they fall, lose their souls, and become monsters." She nodded in the direction the mutant dog went. "That one won't be a Soulless for very long. Then again, I might not be so forward or brave when our alternate reality comes into being."

"A-Alternate reality?" Mint asked.

"Who are you?" Ryou demanded shakily. "And what is this place?"

"Me?" There was a flash of light, and much to their shock, it morphed into a lovely ruby-haired girl with chocolate brown eyes, which seemed to glow in the darkness. "My name is Neko Ice. As for your other questions...perhaps it would be better if the Gatekeeper explains."

"Gatekeeper?" Pai repeated.

"She is known to this world as BladeofMoonlight." Neko replied. "But there is more to her than people know. Or more properly, are SUPPOSED to know." A series of howling noises sounded in the distance. Neko flicked her gray cat ears and her eyes narrowed. "The Pack is on the move. We need to get to her profile page. That place is safe from attack." With that, she strode off.

The group exchanged a look. "Well?" Mint asked. "Can we trust her?"

"If our choices are between Neko or that creepy mutant dog, I think we'd better follow her." Ichigo said, shivering violently at the memory of those blood-red eyes of that unnatural creature. Without waiting for an answer she charged after the half-cat being.

"I don't know about you, but I don't want to meet up with another one of those Soulless." Kish announced. "I'm going with Neko and Kitten."

"Me too." Mint and Zakuro said simultaneously.

"I'm going with my friends na no da." Pudding said before charging after them.

Pai and Tart exchanged a look, and then followed.

Keiichiro looked at Ryou. "We're outvoted." They ran after the rest of the group.

Profile Page

"We're here." Neko announced, stopping by a large steel door. There, etched into the door, was the word BladeofMoonlight.

Neko turned around and fixed the gang with a serious look. "Now behave yourselves, unless you want to be turned into rodents or have your name change to something ridiculous, like uglynoobcrossdresser or something to that effect."

"Okay..." Neko smiled at the response and opened the door. They walked inside. The sky was black, and the moon hung in the sky, several times bigger than usual. It's silver light reflected off the water. On an island on the middle of the lake, someone was dancing. Definitely a teen, definitely a girl.

"Moon-chan, we have guests." Neko called.

The girl stopped dancing, ran across the water, and somersaulted gracefully onto land.

She had a slender figure, and a completely black outfit. She was wearing running shoes and a jade-colored pendant. Her skin was pale and flawless. Her dark chocolate colored hair fell down her back and her pure hazel eyes glowed in the moonlight. She also had fluffy white wolf ears. A large gold key hung comfortably by a chain around her neck.

"Hi!" She greeted with a grin. "I can't believe the TMM cast is actually in my profile! I never thought this would happen."

"Y...You must be BladeofMoonlight..." Kish said, eyes wide.

"Kish-sama!" She exclaimed, running over and hugging him. After a second, she let him go. "Yes, I am BladeofMoonlight. But you can call me Moon!"

"A...Alright Moon. We..." Kish didn't know where to begin.

"We want to get some things straight." Ryou broke in gruffly. "First off, where are we?"

Moon gave him a glare. "Still as stuck-up as always, Mr. Shirogane. You are in the realm of the Fanfiction net, where you are NOT supposed to be. But since this is the first time, and you haven't been repeating it, I'll not only pardon it, but I'll show you around."

Neko raised an eyebrow. "Show them around? Moon-chan...are you sure? You know that the other earths..."

"I know Neko-chi." Moon replied playfully. "Don't worry about it. They won't speak of it, because they know if they do a fate worse than death will fall on them." She turned and gave Ryou a deathglare, showing her dominance and that she meant business.

"Y-Yes, we get it! Now what exactly is this place?" Mint stammered.

"You'll come to understand it soon enough." Moon replied. She turned to Lettuce abruptly. "Pick a genre, Lettuce!"

"A g-genre? L-Like a b-book genre?" She stammered.

"Yes! Any genre." Moon replied.


"Oh Romance!" Moon said in a giddy tone of voice. "That's my favorite! Now come this way!" She scampered out the door, then turned around and looked back at them a little annoyed. "Well? HURRY!"

Neko shook her head. "When it comes to the net, Moon-chan has the maturity of a five-year-old. Come on. You don't want to miss this opportunity, especially considering that OTHER Gatekeepers would wipe out your memory and toss you back into your world the hard way, no questions asked."

The TMM cast shared a look.

It didn't last for very long.

"Alright Moon-chan! We're coming!"

End chapter

Author's note: Yay! I really am superexcited about this fic. I have a plan for read out a romance fic to them or just read one off the top of my head. If you would like to suggest a story, go for it! Oh and if you do it WILL NOT belong to me! It belongs to the mastermind who wrote it! Please R&R and tell me what you think!