As I'm a freak of re editions, here's another.

Re edited: December 28th, 2011.

I am just not in the mood. Don't ask.

P.S: I am not adopted, I'm just upset and depressed...I'm going to be fine, don't worry, it is anything important...a little thing that made me feel bad, and...I don't really know why I am telling you all this boring stuff lol.

I need you all to know that this oneshot was a mess before Shimmering Glowing Star help. She is my beta, and corrected all the grammatical horrors I made before. Thank you so much, I have no words to express my gratitude.

Just Paige

That's me: Paige.

Just Paige. There is no "Paige Matthews", because...because I am not a Matthews.

My parents are not my real parents.

I'm adopted.

Somebody, my real mother, my real father... gave me up.

I'm not Paige Matthews.

I'm just Paige.

I have no idea what my last name is. I can't believe that the Matthews had hidden this secret from me for so long, I mean, do they really believed that I wouldn't found out the truth someday? They were wrong.

They are wrong.

They say that a Matthews never give up.

They say that to a Matthews, it doesn't matter from where she came from, but where she is going.

They say that a Matthews is strong.

They say that a Matthews will never be alone, because a Matthews has her family around.

But they are forgetting or, trying to forget, that I am not a Matthews.

I am not Paige Matthews. So, I give up.

I am just Paige. So, I need to know from where I came from, and I don't care to where I am going.

I am Paige. I am alone. I have no family. My real family abandoned me.

I am Paige.


And, that's it. Simple, short...the best thing I could write. Thank you for your time, don't doubt in form part of the people who wants to throw me rotten eggs or their money back after this fiasco.