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Rain lashed heavily against the front window of the impala. John and Dean sat in the front of the impala with Sam sitting in the back.

Sam and Dean had spent the day researching at the library while John had interviewed a few town locals.

They were doing an easy hunt in a town full of terrorized locals claiming they had been attacked by a ghost. Of course no one believed them, but when two girls were found buried alive in a graveyard people started leaving. Not many people were left in the town and those who were still there were jumpy and panicky.

It hadn't been hard to figure out what had happened. An old man named Charlie Mincster had hit his head hard and gone unconscious. His nurse found him and panicked. She didn't want to be blamed for murder as she was sure she would be. So she hastily buried the body in the backyard and left town. Unfortunately for the man he was still alive when he was buried, but he died of suffocation shortly after being buried. His neighbors noticed that he never seemed to leave the house and went over to make sure he was okay. They discovered he was missing and the police noticed the recently dug up dirt in the back. The mortician quickly realized he didn't die from the wound on his head and he had, in fact, been buried alive. He was buried in a cemetery and his death was published in the newspaper.

Simple enough… Dean thought to himself when Sam first showed him the article. The article failed to mention which cemetery he had been buried in, however. It didn't take Sam long to come to the conclusion that there were three cemeteries in the area.

John had swung by about an hour later and picked up the boys to head back to the motel.

The impala pulled up outside a small diner. John started to get out, but the voice of his older son made him stop.

"Dad, we can please just get something to go? I'm exhausted." God, I hate libraries.

"You didn't even do anything!" Sam snapped. If anyone deserved to be tired, Sam felt it was him. He had done all the research while Dean laid back and complained about being cooped up in a stuffy library.

"Did too! I had to keep your ass focused. Besides I was busy." He said with a grin. Yeah, busy flirting with a hot chick. Dean mentally finished his sentence. Sam rolled his eyes.

"Fine, besides maybe with a bit more research we can figure out which cemetery so we don't have to go to them all." John walked in to the diner as quickly as he could to avoid being soaked inside out.

Although the days had been warm and sunny, the nights were very different. The temperature dropped fairly quickly and usually a heavy thunder storm ensued.

He quickly ordered two bacon burgers and a chicken sandwich for Sam. He glanced back and could see Sam and Dean arguing in the impala through the window. He sighed and slowly shook his head. What am I going to do with them? John chuckled to himself.


"Well, that was a complete waste of time!" Dean fumed. They had spent the day at the first cemetery searching for an apparently nonexistent grave.

"Shut up, Dean, you'll wake your brother," John said, though he made no attempt to keep himself quiet.

Dean glanced back at his sleeping brother. He couldn't help but feel at peace as he looked at Sam. His Sammy. Dean smiled to himself as he turned back to face front. He rested his head up against the cold window and suppressed a shiver.

Damn, it's cold. Dean closed his eyes for a minute and felt his muscles relax.

Dean's eyes remained closed until he heard his dad mutter something and felt the car come to a slow stop.

"Dad, what?" Dean asked, slightly annoyed as he had just been falling asleep.

"Sammy, hey, Sam, wake up," John said as he gently shook Sam awake. Dean looked around and sighed.

They were at another cemetery.

"Aww, Dad…" Dean whined.

"You said it yourself, today was a waste of time. I wasn't planning on coming, but we were gonna pass it on our way home and it occurred to me that maybe it didn't have to be a total waste."

"Dad, it's pouring," and I'm tired. Dean said, though he already knew it was a waste of time. Their dad was stubborn and Dean of all people knew it.

"Wha?" Sam mumbled as he woke up.

"Come on, kiddo." John hauled Sam out of the car and onto his feet. John went around to the trunk and pulled out flashlights and shovels. "Here," he said, passing one flashlight to each of them and a shovel to Dean. "By the looks of things, this place is pretty small, so it shouldn't take long. Sam, stay with Dean. Call me if you find anything."

Stay with Dean. Hmph. Hasn't he proven he could take care of himself over the last few months? Sure Sam was new to the hunting business. Dad had only started taking him on hunts when he turned 13 a few months ago, but still.

"Come on," Dean's voice made it quite clear he was not happy about poking around a graveyard in the pouring rain either. Sam followed Dean in silence. They walked in the opposite direction as their father. They walked for what seemed like hours, but was probably barely forty-five minutes. Sam felt himself shivering more and more violently. He made his way down the row of headstones as Dean did the next row. They had been alternating rows to make things more effective. That's when Sam saw it.