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Chapter 7

Sam's eyes flickered open. He glanced around and realized with a jolt where he was. I'm back in the grave! But no, that wasn't right, his dad and Dean had rescued him…hadn't they? Hadn't they taken him to the hospital? But here he was. Once again trapped in a grave.

"DEAN! DAD!" Sam screamed.

"They aren't coming for you." Sam whipped around to see a skeleton standing upright, one hand outstretched menacingly.

"No! No, it isn't true…" Sam stammered as much to convince himself as the bony figure.

Before he could react, the skeleton launched himself at Sam. He wrapped two long, bony fingers around Sam's neck. Sam tried desperately to call out, but couldn't get enough air to breathe, let alone to scream.

Blackness crept into his vision and his eyes rolled back in his head.


Dean lay fast asleep on one half of the couch, John asleep on the other. Dean was dreaming of a hot, skinny, blonde girl wearing nothing, but a red bra and a red pair of underwear. She was stretched out across the hood of the impala holding two ice cold bears. She smiled revealing perfectly aligned, pearly white teeth. She opened her mouth to say something, but…

"AAAHHH!" Dean leapt up from the sofa as the same time as his dad. Both had already grabbed a knife they had had concealed in their clothing and were brandishing it around, looking for the attacker. It was Dean who first realized that the attacker was nothing supernatural.

"Sammy!" Dean called, running next to his brother. He gave him a small shake as the younger boy thrashed around in the bed obviously deep in the grips of a nightmare. John was at Sam's other side in an instant.

"Sam! Wake up! It's just a nightmare!" John attempted to push his shoulders down and make him lie flat, but Sam was strong and continued thrashing. Dean slid into the bed next to Sam wrapping his arm protectively around the youngest Winchester.

"Hey, shh, it's okay, just breath," Dean cooed softly. John could tell this was a moment between his two sons so he slipped out to get some coffee for himself and Dean.

At first Sam attempted to wriggle out of his brother's hold, but soon he relaxed into it as he came back to the world of reality.

"Sammy? You okay now?" Dean felt Sam nod his head against Dean's arm. "You want to talk about it?" Sam shook his head.

After a moment of silence Sam spoke up. "Dean?" He said quietly.

"Yeah, Sammy?"

"Kinda hungry." Sam didn't have to explain further, Dean understood. I'm not surprised. Poor kid hasn't eaten anything since we stopped at that fast food joint…

"I think I saw a vending machine down the hall, peanut M&M's sound good?" Sam nodded. "Okay, I'll be right back, Sammy, I'm just going to dash down the hall, be right back," Dean, rather reluctantly, slid out of the bed and opened the door. Quietly humming to himself, Dean made his way down the hall and up to the vending machine. He attempted to slide his dollar in, but the machine spit it back out. Damn thing. He shoved it back in three times before the machine accepted it. He quickly typed in A5 and a small bag of the candy fell down. He slowly repeated the process, the machine accepted this dollar in only two tries, and snatched up the second candy. As he got closer to the door to Sam's room, he heard a panicked nurse's voice and Dean froze.

"I'm sorry, I don't know who that is, you have to be more specific…" the female voice said.

"Dean," Sam cried out.

"I'm sorry, I don't know-"

"Deeeaaaannnnn!" Sam wailed out. That was all it took to get Dean going again.

"Sammy?" He called as he dashed into the room. Sam was sitting up, tears pouring down his face. A tall skinny nurse Dean didn't recognize stood at the end of the bed holding a pudding cup and a spoon, looking quite alarmed.

"What's going on?" Dean demanded as he rushed to Sam's side, pulling him into a tight embrace. Sam fisted the front of Dean's shirt and sobbed into Dean's shoulder.

"I don't really know," the nurse stammered, "I just got on shift. I came in here to offer Sam some pudding, but he turned it down…" Dean looked down at the top of Sam's hair. No way that's what caused this…

"That's it?"

"Yes, well no, I said that he was getting so skinny he was starting to look like a skeleton, but I don't see why- " And then it clicked in Dean's head. Of course, skeletons, that must have been what the nightmare was about and then the nurse…ooohhhh. Dean shot the nurse a glare and then began rubbing circles on Sam's back. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-" She stopped as Dean shot her another look clearly saying 'Get out'. So she did. She left the two brothers, still unsure of what the heck had just happened. One minute the boy was turning down pudding saying something about M&M's and then he's crying like there's no tomorrow.


John slurped down his coffee. With a glance at his watch he realized he should be getting back to Sam and Dean.

"I'm sorry, but I have to get back to my sons." The woman nodded goodbye. John wasn't usually a social person, but the woman, whose daughters were also in the hospital, had been so understanding and open. He hadn't told her the truth about himself, obviously, but had still enjoyed the conversation about the woman, each sharing what had happened to their children. She was kind and obviously suffering the same stress and worry John had been going through. He grabbed Dean's cup of coffee and headed upstairs. He opened the door and laughed at what he saw.

Sam was sitting up in bed, legs crossed and Dean was sitting at the end of the bed in the same position. They were both holding cards and a small pile sat in the middle. There was also a half eaten pack of M&M's sitting in between them.

"Twos?" Dean asked.

"Go fish, what about threes?" John laughed again. Go fish, one of Sam's favorites…. Dean reluctantly handed over two threes. Sam smiled happily as he took them.

That's when John knew for sure. Sure there had been a few bumps in the road, bumps in the form of nightmares and mini panic attacks, but now John knew that everything would be just fine.

As John stared at his two boys, one of which he had come so close to losing, it occurred to him just how much can happen in an instant.


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