Death of


Ok so in my story Beyond does not get killed by kira (like in the book) ok enjoy

Hello I am Ryuu (dragon spirit) and am going to tell a little story a story of a man I knew his name was Beyond birthday ones who have read that mello kids book know some of it but what about the after story that what I'm here for so listen up because I'm only going to say this one's this the story of Beyond birthday

Ever since he could remember he had teas eyes, the eyes of death. The eyes pushed him over the edge, the eyes that let him see the life span of everyone but own. Forever toting him, he knew the day his father would be killed by muggers and win his mother would die in a train crash, but worst of all he knew the day his best friend his only friend Aberrafe would commit suicide. Why he stood there helpless unable to move and he couldn't even avenge his death by betting L at his own game. He was locked up in a prison cell but he wooden be for long it was all going to end today after this it would all be over. He took a knife out of his pocket he had stole it from the kitchen that day he didn't care if he was destined for the underworld all he wanted was to get out of this world and with one quick stroke he stabbed both of his eyes out. Pain ran throw his body but he didn't mind it was like something that had been there your whole life holding you drown had been lifted off. With another strike he cut his neck that was it he was dead next thing he knew he was on cold ground with a dark sky flew over him "were am I what is this place" "why hello there" he heard a voice say he turned to see a giant dark figure sitting thrown maid of bones "who are you" he ask his voice was shaking "who am I?" "I am the king of the shinigami welcome to are world Beyond birthday"

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