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NYC, 1934

Vino got off the train, sighing contentedly. The trip was a success. It definitely wasn't as exciting as the Flying Pussyfoot occurrence, but then again, he'd be hard put to top that.

He stepped onto the platform, adjusting his suit happily. It was definitely new to operate as a passenger. And Vino liked it. It gave a new thrill to what had been starting to become a boring, and somewhat tedious, game.

Casting a quick glance around the platform, he assured himself that his quarry was not there, and continued on to the street.

Vino stepped out of Grand Central Terminal and smiled when he saw a figure waving to him from down the street. It was nice that he actually had had a purpose for the train ride this time. Still smiling, Vino made his way down the sidewalk to slip into the taxi.

"He did say nine, right?" Firo asked nervously, adjusting his tie for what seemed like the billionth time.

Luck covered Firo's hand with his own, and brought it away from the necktie calmly. "Relax," he said. "We've got the right time, Firo." Luck continued staring out the coffee shop window, unaware of the faint blush tinting his best friend's cheeks.

After a few more minutes of waiting in silence, Firo broached the topic that had been on both their minds since Vino had called them and asked to meet up.

"What do you think he wants?"

Luck turned to Firo, a slight smile playing on his features. "Worst case scenario?"

Firo grinned. "Yeah. What is it?"

"He could've finally been caught at his game, and fled the law in that state, and now he wants our help in some bizarre way." Luck stated all this with that same, calm amused expression on his face.

Firo, however, was grinning from ear to ear. "That's your worst case scenario?"

Luck raised an eyebrow. "Do you have a worse one?"

"He could just show up covered in blood, announce that he'd just murdered the President, dump a bunch of whiskey bottles and money on us, then proceed to get us arrested and ask our help to rob the Mafia." Firo sat back, a pleased smile on his face. Luck just stared, one eyebrow still raised.

"He could show up covered in blood, piss drunk, announced he had just robbed the Mafia, murdered a fresh load of innocents, and drag us off onto another train with the police on our tail." Luck was as close to grinning as he'd ever gotten.

The two friends continued on this way for another half an hour, not even noticing when the bell over the café's door rang, announcing another customer.

Vino looked at his watch casually, then did a double take when he realized what time it was.

"Sorry, Chane, I've got to go," he said, getting up and putting his suit coat on. "I'm late for an appointment that I set up." Vino laughed to himself as he placed a kiss on Chane's cheek and exited the restaurant. 'Oh well,' he thought, strolling down the sidewalk leisurely. 'So it'll give them a little more alone time together. Who says that's a bad thing?'

Still grinning, he walked through the coffee shop door, 40 minutes later than he'd arranged.

Vino caught sight of his friends and walked over to their table, smiling in amusement when they didn't notice. He rolled his eyes when he noticed Firo was still wearing that same hat. After a few more minutes, he decided to interrupt, and stepped forward, clearing his throat.

To Vino's surprise, and almost embarrassment, Firo burst out laughing when he saw him, and Luck was smiling more than he'd ever seen him.

"Hey, Luck. Firo."

Luck tipped his hat in greeting, and moved over in the booth so Vino could sit down, as Firo was laughing too hard to do anything.

"Hi, Vino. How've you been?" Luck asked, as they waited for Firo to calm down.

"Ah, pretty good. Better now that I'm back here. And you?"

Luck nodded. "It's been alright."

"You done, Firo?" Vino asked, since his laughter had stopped.

Firo nodded, a grin still on his features.

"So why have you-" Luck broke off as Vino held up a finger to stop him.

"I'll tell you in a minute." He proceeded to get up and walk over to the counter, presumably to order something. Vino kept one eye trained on his two friends as he ordered a cup of coffee. Firo was saying something in his funny, innocent way, and Luck was listening intently, smiling (and rather fondly, Vino noted).

He thanked the waitress and walked back to the booth, deciding that Firo and Luck needed some help in figuring out the obvious. And he had just the plan.