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Just Once Under the Mistletoe

"C'mon Carm. Then you can have it."

His sly, charming smile, which fit his name to a T, worked its way across his face and directed itself at me. I glanced around and saw some of the other officers watching us. I cursed myself for ever deciding to just exchange our gifts at the annual Interpol holiday party.

He waggled his eyebrows, which pointed up at the innocuous plant hanging above our heads. It was not like I did not want to. After all, ever since the island, we had become good friends and started to date. Or to clarify, we had been on one date. I had wanted to take it slow by not rushing into any intimate relationship right away. And, true to his chivalrous nature, he had been willing to wait for me.

Even though rumors flew around the office suggested that we had already done so much more, this would mark another first for us; if there was an 'us' at all yet. Well, not really, if I counted the first Clockwerk incident, which led to hatching a well-conceived plan for getting what I wanted right now.

I acted the part of the individual without any options, sagging my shoulders and puckering up my lips. As if he had been practicing and looking forward to this event, he veiled his eyes, and pressed his own lips out to me. And the closer we got, the more I was tempted to meet his inviting pair with my own head-on.

But as soon as he closed his eyes, I awkwardly reached around his back, snatching up the wrapped box and replacing it with my own present. I was no thief, so he must have been really into the moment to miss my blundering switch. But I somehow pulled it off without a hitch as well as he had pulled his little stunt at the volcano.

When he realized that no kiss was coming, he opened his eyes to find me unwrapping a blue box, whose tag read To: Carm, From: Sly. He had this knowing gleam in his eyes, as if he recognized the prank I had pulled, making me question sincerity of his memory. But that was forgotten as I caught the slight sadness in his eyes, let down at not getting what he had hoped for. He quickly recovered and set about unwrapping his gift.

I could not let it end like that though, especially not around this time of year. He deserved it after all…not to mention that I really wanted it kiss him as well anyway. Which is why I leaned in, pecking his cheek and leaving a red imprint to decorate his smokey fur. Now if only I had some green lipstick, he could look very festive.

He smiled, adding a pink tinge to the mark. Moving closer, he leaned his forehead softly on mine, both of us inhaling the scent of the other and not bothering to even look at our now forgotten presents.

"Merry Christmas Carm."

"Merry Christmas Ringtail."

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