Underground Love

Chapter 1 –Going to Texas

Why me I say to myself, What did I do . Dad starts the car, the rain comes its like a bad day almost like my first prom there was Todd my true love at least I thought he was my true love it turns out that he was just using me to get back with Jamie . Well its been a while since I went back to Texas and I had soo much fun there I love it there it's a secret place where I can get away from all the noise and confusion I have to deal with . I finally get there and Aunt Maggie gives me a big hug and says It's a long time since I have seen you as I look through the window I notices someone coming towards the house so I ask Aunt Maggie who is that? You really don`t remember anything about this place do you ? Why that's Jake your best friend here if you needed someone to talk to he`d be right there .The door bangs open Aunt Maggie I am tired of this I quit! After he said this my Aunt Maggie seemed so sad so I said well I will do the work he looked at me and laughed and walked out. I was angry at Jake I thought he was nice why would he do that to my favourite aunt. The next day came no one talked around the table it was silent aunt Maggie was upset Jake came over for breakfast, Jake was cute but I couldn't like him aunt Maggie wouldn't let me date him but she said he was nicer than this what happened to him what happened to the Jake I knew where did he go. All throughout breakfast Jake kept teasing me how I wouldn`t last a day in the sun and how I was a snobby city girl until I shouted NO JAKE! I am not a snob and I rushed out the door, Jake ran behind me and I stopped and he was running so fast then when I stopped he came toppling on me ,we finally stopped rolling I said Jake why are you like this now? , Like what I am the same now I don't even know you ,Yes you do its me Bryanna Maxwell an odd pause occurred and somehow he started hugging me. Why are you hugging me ? Well when you left when you were six I thought you`d never come back. Awww you missed me I bet you like me , that's when I passed my place, he got up and walked away saying: Have fun at work ! Aunt Maggie came rushing to me : You Bryanna what were you doing with that boy I don`t want you seeing him okay Bryanna now lets go register you for a school. We were at this school called Wilson Woodrow High School but wait thats the school Jake goes to.