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Summary: It's the last day of Harry Potter's fourth year at Hogwarts. A plan is in the making and the three remaining Champions have decided to do what the tournament was originally for. Now Harry Potter is in for new discoveries, new identity and new friends. Read and find out how Harry's first free summer is like.

Important facts about story:

Harry is a girl by birth but her appearance was hidden from everybody. No complaining about this because it's my story and not yours.

Harry is able to do wandless magic, she has hidden a few things from everybody. This will be explained in the story.

Harry is out of character because she didn't spend her summer with the usual people.

This story contains Femslash. If you don't like it don't read it. Also it wont be permanent so don't worry.

I suck at doing french accents in writing, so I will be replacing the h only. It will be replaced with a ' when Fleur speaks. As for Viktors accent the w will be replaced with a v. Until I can improve those two things that will be all.

P.s sorry for my grammar, it's gotten better though.

Before I forget, I do not own Harry Potter or any of the Characters. I am just borrowing them from J. K. Rowling and not making any profit.

Now let's start the story.

Chapter 1




the soft sound the water made as it fell onto the pavement was always something Harry Potter had loved. Mix that with the smell of rain as it fell from the sky above you had a very happy and relaxed Harry Potter. Well normally. Right now he was in a car with his relatives, Vernon, Petunia and Dudley Dursley. They were going back to Privet Drive were they lived. Of course to everybody looking at the car nobody would think that Harry Potter was a famous wizard who had just seen the murder of a friend by a Dark Lord called Voldemort. No they would only see a family driving home from the train.

As they were approaching a corner, a sufficient distance from the train station Harry sat straighter and addressed his uncle.

"You can let me off here." he stated.

"And why would I do that boy?" His uncle grunted.

"Because then you wouldn't have to deal with me for the entire summer." Harry answered making the man grin and suddenly he stopped at the corner and got out.

Harry fallowed suit and went to the trunk of the car were he got his own trunk along with his owl. Swiftly he opened the cage and told her to meet him at the Leaky Cauldron tomorrow morning and to let nobody see her. Swiftly the beautiful snowy owl flew away.

With a nod to his uncle Harry started to walk away. He heard the car start once more and then the wells run over a puddle of water as the car drove away. He was at last free. Finding a small porch area he put his trunk under it and started to rummage through it. Finding what he was looking for he pulled his Invisibility Cloak out and stuffed it into his pocket. After that pulled his water proff cloak and put it on. Finally he shut his trunk and looked around. When he saw that nobody was around he waived his hand over it and shrank it. With a small smile he put the trunk into his pocket.

He had only started to learn wandless magic after the third task after Cedric's Death and his return. Suddenly a flashback from the last day of school came back to him.


Harry was walking through the halls of Hogwarts, his face void of all emotions. He didn't want to speak with anybody, he didn't even want to be around people at that point. He was still getting over the death of a fellow student. A death he witnessed on top of the return of the Dark Lord Voldemort, a Dark Lord who had killed his own parents and even tried to kill him. Suddenly, as he was about to turn a corner, he was pulled into a secret passage way. When his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the place, he was shocked to see Fleur Delacour and Viktor Krum. He was confused for a few seconds but that confusion turned to shock as Fleur hugged him. Hesitantly he patted her back and finally she released him but Harry was shocked when he saw tears in her eyes.

"Oh 'Arry, I am so so very sorry for what you \ave gone t'oug'!" She sniffed making him frown. "You are such a brave, brave boy, you have done so much yet you have never been repaid." She continued, her french accent becoming harder to decipher but Viktor soon stepped in.

"Ve understand vhat you did Harry. Ve find that your Minister of Magic is quite foolish not to inspect your clam that your Dark Lord has returned to life. Ve have, vith out belief of your words, decided to train this summer. Myself and Fleur vish to invite you to train vith us. Ve can teach you and you can teach us." Viktor stated and causing Harry's eyes to widen in shock. "I also vish to apologies. I had could not stop the imperious curse that had been placed on me."

"That was not your fault Viktor, a Death Eater, one of Voldemort's best, had put it on you. It's hard to fight the curse." Harry stated.

"Yet rumours are you could." Viktor stated making Harry blush.

"We cannot blame ourselves for t'ings we 'ad no control over." Fleur announced making both boys smile at her. "We must concentrate on the goal. Do you accept our help 'Arry?" Fleur asked.

"I accept and thank you for considering this." Harry whispered.

"It is no trouble!" Fleur exclaimed making Harry smile.

"All ve are missing is a location to train." Viktor announced.

"We can go to t'e bank. The Delacours have no properties in England t'at could 'elp." Fleur whispered.

"Nor do the Krums."

"I don't know." Harry said while making both Viktor and Fleur look at him in shock.

"You do not knov of your family?" Viktor asked confused.

"No. Nobody really mentioned anything about them. All I have is my trust vault." Harry told them.

"Mes c'est impossible! 'ow can you not know of your family 'Arry. The Potters are very well known and extremely old, powerful, influenciel and rich." Fleur exclaimed making Harry blink.

"Really, I didn't know. Truthfully." Harry said making Fleur shake her head.

"You s'ould have been told, parce que you are a heir of the family." Fleur whispered.

"Ve can address that once ve go to Gringotts." Viktor said.

"I do know that the Potters have all sorts of castled. Mes Parents said that the elder Potter always held parties and we were always invited." Fleur said making Harry brighten.

"When should we meet to do this?" Harry asked.

"The day after you return home." Viktor announced.

"There is only one thing wrong with our plan. I'm under age, how can I learn and teach you guys things when I can't do magic with out being expelled? On top of that how can I teach you guys things. You're seventh years?" Harry exclaimed.

"T'ere are wards around all the ancestral 'omes. It blocks the signal your magic makes with you use it. Plus I'm certain you can teac' us t'ings 'Arry, you are a very talented boy." Fleur answered.

"If you say so Fleur." Harry whispered, still a little hesitant but he trusted this two, he didn't know why but he did.

With a nod Harry and Viktor shook hands while Fleur hugged them both. A new allegiance had been formed.

...End of Flashback...

Shaking his head from the thoughts of the past, Harry started to make his way towards a much more secluded area. Arriving he raised his wand hand and with a bang it appeared. Before Stan could say anything Harry got on, paid him and told him were he wanted to go, before taking a sit on one of the chairs. He made sure to hold on and with a bang they were gone and Harry was very happy he had held on. Within five minutes they arrived in front of the Leaky Cauldron and he got off. Making sure his hood was still on he walked into the pub he went to the bar and waited for Tom to notice him.

"Hello how may I help you?" He asked.

"I need a room and complete privacy, nobody can know I'm here." Harry said while raising his hood slightly.

Tom gave him a cheerful smile and with a nod told motioned him to fallow. Harry did as told and soon he was in a large room with a double bed, a washroom.

"Thank you Tom." Harry said as he handed some money over.

"No need to thank me Harry. Oh and I trust you. I know you, you're a good boy and you wouldn't lie about something as big as You-know-who coming back from the dead. I've gotten better wards around the place and I'm always on my guard." Tom stated making Harry smile.

"Thank you Tom. I'm happy you believe me." Harry whispered.

Soon Tom left leaving Harry alone. He looked around and sat on his bed. With a sigh he took his trunk out and un-shrank it before going through it. Finally he took out a muggle sketch pad and a set of muggle sketch pencils before propping himself up against his pillow. He had always had a love for art. He loved sketching and most of the time he only doodled. Right now though he had an idea. He had always wanted a tattoo. It was the one rebel thing he actually wanted since he was a child. He had seen a guy with a tattoo on one haft of his head when he was young. His aunt had hated it and he had loved it. With a tattoo picture in mind he started to draw. When he finished it looked perfect. It was a black Hungarien Horntail. Looking at the time he found that it was only two in the afternoon. He had been drawing for the passed three hours. Shaking his head he stood and stretched before grabbing his cloak and leaving. Maybe Tom knew where he could get a Tattoo.

Arriving downstairs he found Tom at the bar and went over.

"What can I do for you kid?" He asked when he noticed him.

"Tom, is there any place in Diagon that do tattoo's?" He asked making the man blink.

"Actually no, but there is a place in Nocturn Alley. It's not far from the entrance but do you really wanted one kid?" Tom asked.

"Yes since I was a little kid." Harry answered with a grin. After the name of the shop Harry thanked Tom before leaving.

Hurriedly he walked through Diagon Alley until he arrived at the entrance to Knocturn Alley. Walking in he made his way through until he found the shop he was looking for.

It was bizarre looking store for a magical alley. There was bright green neon lights done in the shops name, Kiky's Tattoo's, plus the building looked a little dirty. Shaking his head he walked inside and had to take a step back. The inside was really not like the outside. It was spotless, perfectly clean although a little dark. The walls were a pretty nice purple while the floor was dark stone. There were chairs done in black leather and silver studs against the window wall and one wall had pictures of all sorts of Tattoo ideas. Going to the counter Harry noticed a small silver bell. Softly he tapped it and in second a woman appeared.

The woman was like her store, in Harry's opinion. She was bizarre. She had all sorts of Tattoo's covering her body and her hair was black with purple strands. She was wearing a black corset with a dark purple frilly skirt and high heel boots.

"Hi the names Kiky Holicuper, what can I do for you?" She asked cheerfully.

"I need a tattoo done on my back." Harry answered while handing the parchment over.

Kiky looked at it and whistled softly.

"Dude this is really good art. You'd make a good artist." She commented making him blush.

"Thanks," Harry whispered making her smirk.

"You say back right, okay fallow me." Kiky giggled before leading him into the back room. Walking in Harry found that the room was just as beautiful as the other room just a lot simpler. "Okay all you need to do is take your shirt of along with your pants. Not your boxers but I need to do this efficiently." Kiky stated making Harry blush.

Shaking his head he pulled his cloak off fallowed by his shirt. He was a little hesitant about the pants but did as told before laying on the padded table.

"Okay kiddo, this will hurt and since it's a big one it's going to be much longer then a smaller one. Hope your ready and try not to move to much." Kiky stated.

Shouldn't be as bad as the Cruciatus curse. Harry thought before closing his eyes.

A few hours latter Harry was in a lot of pain from the tattoo but everything was going really well. He gently pulled the t-shirt back over his stinging back, hissing a few times as he did so, before putting his cloak on. After that he paid her and accepted the bottle of cleaning solution.

"Clean it for a week with this, morning and night and it should be fine, anything else you want?" She asked.

Harry was about to refuse when he noticed something about Kiky. Both her ears were completely pierced, not only that but her eyebrow to. She seemed to notice him looking and stuck her tongue out showing him that it too was pierced.

"So?" She asked.

"Anything you recommend?" He asked making her smirk.

"Well there is this one thing I'm planning on doing and I think you would look really hot with it." She answered before taking him to a sit.

Ten minutes later Harry left the store with a pair of 'snake fangs' and both his ears completely pierced. His 'snake fangs' were actually two small and thin white gold hoops around his lower lip.

Leaving that store he started to make his way back to the Leaky Cauldron when suddenly a book store caught his attention. Thinking that it wouldn't hurt, he walked in and started to look around. After a few minutes he was able to find a few things of interest, a book on Wandless Magic, one on the Animagus Transformation, a hand written journal explaining the Dark Arts by one Orion Black. Going he payed for the books before leaving the alley. He had to hurry because the sun was setting and he knew that the night wasn't safe were he was.

Arriving at the Leaky Cauldron he ordered diner, some soup, and took two hours eating it thanks to his new accessories. Going he gave his boll to Tom who instantly noticed his 'snake fangs' and shook his head.

"Well you have to rebel at some point in your life." He whispered making Harry grin then he went up to his room.

He cleaned his tattoo and piercings before climbing in bed and falling asleep. He was exhausted