Chapter 21

The day after the changes had occurred Nephele woke grudgingly from her slumber. She hadn't gone to bed until four in the morning and looking at her clock she was sad to see that it was currently eight o'clock. With a grown she got out of bed and made her way to her bathroom were she swiftly took a long and amazing shower. After that she felt a little more human and got dressed for the day ahead. Today she wouldn't be attending classes, but looking and hopefully interviewing Potion Masters so that they could teach Potions. Not only that but she would have to contact Saint Mungos to have two healers sent to Hogwarts for the Abuse check up. She wouldn't have Madam Pomfrey do all of them. It would have been suicide. Still she would need to eat and perhaps some coffee. Snapping her fingers a house elf arrived and she gave him a gentle smile.

"Could you please bring me a cup of strong coffee, with one teaspoon of sugar and some milk please. To go with that I would like a chocolate croissant and, some almonds and a bowl of fruit please." She requested and the little house elf gave a nod before popping away.

A minute later her food appeared and she instantly reached for her coffee. After a good caffein wake up call she started to go through the male that had arrived when she had been asleep. She was pleased to see that three of those letters were from Potion Masters. Swiftly she went through them and arrived on one letter that seemed very promising. Still she decided not to limit her options as Potion Masters now a days were rare, especially in England. She wrote replies to each letter and sent them off. They were each to schedule an interview. After that she wrote some letters and sent them with her loyal phoenix to Saint Mungos. Thankfully a reply came just a few minutes later and it was good news. They could supply her with three Healers, not just two, and they could arrive that very day an hour after lunch. It was perfect and so after finishing her croissant and fruit she made her way to the Great Hall. Thankfully all the students were there and once she entered, and was noticed, they gave her a standing ovation that caused to to smile softly.

"Thank you but I have a final announcement to make. It is nothing bad but very good. For the next four days each and every student will be going through a check up with a Healer. Three Healers from Saint Mungos are coming to aid Madam Pomfrey in doing those check ups. We shall be going by years and by alphabetical letters. The Healers will be arriving in an Hour and students will be called from class. Now for those who have potion's you are to report to the library were you will conduct a report on a potion of your group level. This will be your work until a new Professor is found. Make sure you take notice that this new Professor can be found tomorrow and so you should not fool around." She stated causing a lot of murmurs from the students. Most were wondering why they would have to go with check ups yet some, Nephele noticed seemed quite worried. Perhaps it had something to do with the projects but Nephele was really hopping it did because if it didn't then that meant they were worried about the physical.

After speaking with Ron and the other Weasley's for a few minutes she left the Great Hall, asking Ron to take her notes for her, and made her way to the infirmary were Hermione was. When she arrived Hermione was up. When she noticed her arrival she seemed a little hesitant but with a smile she relaxed.

"How are you doing today Hermione?" She asked while taking a seat in a chair.

"I'm doing better, my voice isn't so rough anymore and Madam Pomfrey says that my burns are healing fine and that I won't have a scar with the exception of one on my hip, but that one's weird because it's in the shape of a sort of star." She answered causing Nephele to chuckle softly.

"Looks like we both have symbolic scars. I'm glad though."

"I am to - um Nephele I would like to say sorry. You are right. It wasn't my right to yell at you like that and all I can say is that I was worried about my first real friend. Before coming to Hogwarts, I didn't have friends. Everybody called me a know it all book worm and I found it hard to make friends. I guess I didn't know how to react in a situation like that and did the first thing I was comfortable with. Scolding you for something you had the right to do." Hermione whispered causing Nephele's eyes to brighten. "I also understand that sometimes Dumbledore isn't always right. The incident in Potion's showed me that and i hope that he realizes it as well. He doesn't control everything in life especially his students."

"I'm glad you realize that Hermione, and I accept your apology. Now I have a bit of news if you want to hear it." She said causing Hermione's eyes to brighten.

"What sort of news?" She asked curiously.

"Well I am currently on the search for a new Potion master as I had no choice but to fire the one we had. Mr. Snape has left school property this morning and shall not be returning as a Professor. Also Slytherin has a new Head of House, Professor Sinistra. Slytherin also has no points and Draco Malfoy, the one responsible for this, has been stripped of his title as Prefect and Seeker for Slytherin." With each new piece of news, Hermione's eyes seemed to widen drastically. "Malfoy also has a detention for each day of the first semester. If his attitude does not change then things will be much worse next semester."

"But why did you fire Snape, not that I'm not happy?" Hermione asked causing a scowl to appear on Nephele's face.

"The man attacked me. Who could say that he wouldn't have done the same thing if it had been another student. I had had enough with him, he attacked me, bullied no harassed students and did nothing but scowled at everything. He was not meant to be a Professor and so I would not have him teach at my school." Nephele answered causing her friend to smile.

"Do you have any idea how you will replace him?" She asked worried.

"I have interviews set up with a few Potion Masters who responded to my letters. I will soon see who will be teaching, well hopefully. Until then students have a project to occupy themselves with." She answered causing Hermione's eyes to widen.

"What's the Project?" She asked worried.

"Nothing to worry about Hermione, you have to chose a potion that is of your school level and write a report on it." She answered causing Hermione to release a breath of pent up air.

"Thank Merlin, I thought it would have been worse." She sighed causing Nephele to scowled.

"You know I'm not that evil." She stated causing Hermione to laugh softly.

"I know."

For a few more minutes they spoke but then Nephele noticed the time and jumped to her feat.

"I'm sorry Hermione, the Healers from Saint Mungos will be arriving for the check ups. Like I told you every student must go through one, even you. Now I have to go meet them in the Entrance Hall." She stated before leaving the Hospital Wing.

Hurriedly she made her way to the Entrance Hall and waited by the doors. Thankfully the Healers arrived two minutes after she did and she greeted them with smiles. The Healers consisted of two males and one female that would make things equal in the Hospital Wing. The woman was young, with long curly blond hair and olive green eyes. She wore robes with a white over coat over it. Then there was an elder male, that had greying brown hair and amber eyes. He also wore robes but with a white over coat over it. After that there was a young man with green hair and blue eyes. Nephele could tell that he was a new Healer but she also knew that Saint Mungos would not send him if he was not capable of doing what they would be doing.

"Thank you for coming, my name is Lady Nephele Potter, Lady of Hogwarts." She greeted causing the three Healers to smile.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Lady Potter, my name is Sasona Whitestorm, I'm the lead Healer of this team." The woman stated causing Nephele to smile.

"Pleasure to meet you Healer Whitestorm."

"My name is Henry Jacobs, It's an honor to meet you my lady." The oldest male Healer presented.

"My name is Darrek Abbott, nice to meet you Lady Potter." The green haired Healer greeted.

"I'm glad that you could all make it and I'm happy to meet you all. I'm sure you three would like to meet Madam Pomfrey and plan the way you will be working before we start calling the students." She stated and they gave nods of agreement.

Swiftly she started to lead them to the Hospital Wing when they arrived she introduced them to Madam Pomfrey who had just finished up setting the beds for the students. There were four screens as four students would be called at a time. After a moment of planning they started to name students.