AN: Yaaaay...ugh...just read...

Disclaimer: Do I HAVE to do it? I don't feel like it...

Elphaba: Then I'll do it for you

Me: *smiles tiredly* Thank you, Elphiiie...

Elphie: Maggie doesn't own Wicked OR the Harry Potter series. However, some nut who probably wasn't in their right mind when doing so, passed some crazy law that allows the insane yet LOVEABLE screwballs like her to jack around with us. FIYERO, GET DOWN FROM THERE!

Fiyero: (from off to the side somewhere) WOOOO! MINI-MOUNTAIN OF MACHO MANLY PRINCLINEEEESS!

Emmett Cullen: *climbs up next to him*


Elphaba & Rosalie: GET DOWN FROM THERE!

Elphie: Fiyero, you're gonna break your neck, dammit!

Even more things not to do at Hogwarts/Shiz

100. I will not bring the Giant Squid with me to the Yule Ball

101. Having not done this, I will not laugh when it eats everybody

102. Especially the first years

103. The Accio charm is not the same thing as the Force. They are not to be confused, nor referred to by each other's names

104. This being the case, I will not convince the (extremely gullible and fun to mess with) first years that the Accio is the alternate form of the Force

105. Turning Hufflepuffs into bumble bees is inappropriate, even while in Transfigurations class

106. Nor are they to be poked with spoons

107. First years are not breakfast for Fluffy

108. Nor are they any other of Fluffy's meals, no matter how much I think they deserve it

109. Setting Oliver Wood's broom on fire is generally frowned upon, especially right before a Quidditch match

110. So is setting anything else ablaze

111. I will not scream "DARTH VADER!" whenever I hear "Voldemort" or "Dark Lord" mentioned

112. Nor will I do this every time I see Snape or hear his name mentioned

113. I will not tell first years that either of these people IS Vader

114. Pokemon do not exist and do not reside in the Forbidden Forest, therefore I will not tell Hagrid otherwise

115. Or the first years

116. I am to refrain from making pervy jokes about "riding a broomstick"

117. Nor will I allow Fiyero to do so

118. I will not make the first years bungee jump from the tops of the castle spires

119. Nor will I allow Fiyero to do so

120. Ditto the Weasly twins

121. I myself am to refrain from this as well

122. Referring to the afore mentioned twins as "Feorge (also spelled Forge) and Gred" is not permitted

123. Not even at their own request

124. ESPECIALLY not at their own request

AN: ...Send in ideas...yaaay...