Never Grow Up

A/N: Yes, another collaboration fic with Broadwaybabe WA. This time It's a future fic centered around Will & April. Set two years into the future. Will and April are married and about to have a baby. Their life with their new child!


Will's POV

April and I have been married for almost a year and a half. She's nine months pregnant with our first child. The beginning of the pregnancy was scary, because of what happened with Terri, but this time, it's for real. All day yesterday she was having contractions, but they were pretty far apart, almost twenty minutes. She didn't get much sleep last night because she was in quite a bit of pain. I tried to talk her into going to the doctor early, but she said no.

"WILL…" she whimpers. I immediately sit up and turn the light on. She's crying. "My water broke…"

"Okay, honey, shhh. Let me grab my keys and my shoes, your bag, your shoes, and my phone. And we'll go to the hospital…" I calmly say to her.

I gently put the black flip flops on her feet and help her out of the bed. We slowly make it to the car and every five minutes she screams in pain because of a contraction. "This baby's coming Will…"

"I know honey. I'm gonna get you there as fast as I can. Just breathe okay…" I reassure her, she's scared out of her mind.

We get there ten minutes later and we are greeted in the ER by a nurse with a wheel chair. April sits down in it and grabs my hand as they wheel her up to Labor and Delivery.

Two hours later my parents have shown up and April has just delivered our baby girl. Lauren Idina Schuester, 7:45AM, 7 pounds, 2 ounces. She's so tiny, like April. My mom is holding her now, she's grinning from ear to ear. April is sound asleep, she's exhausted.

Two days later, on Friday afternoon. We're packing up to leave the hospital. April has just finished putting Lauren in her baby carrier and I'm packing her bags. "I'm ready Will." she says as she sits down on the bed next to the baby.

It was literally perfect timing because the nurse walks in with the wheel chair. April smiles, stands up, picks up the baby and sits down in the wheel chair. My mom grabs the cart with all the flowers and gifts we got from the staff. Sue even gave us a tiny Cheerio uniform, ugh, my daughter is NOT going to be a Cheerio. Sure, I'll dress her up in it for Halloween to pacify Sue, but that's it.

We make it to the car and my parents help us get everything situated. "We'll follow you home Will. So I can help April get everything set up," my mom smiles.

"Okay," I smile. April is going to need every bit of help from my parents that she can get when I go back to work.

When we get back to the house, I look in the back seat, April and Lauren are sleeping. I smile and quietly get out of the car, open the back door, gently get the baby carrier and my mom pulls up behind us. She gets out of the car, "How's April?"

"Sleeping…" I reply.

My mom smiles, "Bring Lauren inside, I'll get April."

I nod and my dad follows me inside with the baby, leaving my mom and April outside. Five minutes later, they come in the front door. I smile at April when she looks down at our baby girl, still sleeping in her carrier.

Two hours later, a knock is heard on our door. My mom goes to answer it and it's Sue. She comes in, "Congrats Will, now I have a brand new Cheerio for my award winning squad."

April crosses her arms, but doesn't say anything. I know she's hoping Lauren doesn't become one of them. They hated April in high school, so I completely understand where she's coming from.

"I don't think so Sue. My daughter won't be a Cheerio…" I reply.

"I've already got her a tiny uniform, I expect her to be wearing it at the next game, she's honorary captain of the Cheerios…" Sue smiles.

"SUE, She'll be three days old! I'm not bringing my baby girl out in the cold when she's still so young," April screams.

Lauren starts to whimper from her carrier and I glare at Sue, "Look what you've done…"

My mom picks up the baby and rocks her in her arms. April rushes over to her and mom carefully hands her Lauren, "Shhh baby, it's okay…"

Sue smiles at the tiny pink bundle in April's arms, "Well little Lauren, if you change your mind, tell mommy and daddy you should be a Cheerio. It's lots of fun!"

I am still glaring at her, "It was nice of you to come by Sue. Have a nice afternoon…"

Sue smiles and leaves. My dad looks at me, "That woman is crazy. How is she a coach?"

"I have no idea dad. She threatens Figgins with blackmail all the time, that's probably why." I explain.

April is sitting on the couch with my mom, getting ready to feed Lauren. I sit in the chair across from them and smile at April.


AUGUST 20, 2018


My alarm goes off at 5:30AM, first day of school. Laruen's first day of Kindergarten, April's first day as the new drama teacher. This is gonna be a rough morning. April is still sleeping when I get up, "Honey, it's the first day of school…"

"Ugh. Really? I don't want my baby to go to kindergarten…" she whines.

I hug her, "I know honey. She'll be fine, she had a blast in preschool."

I'm about to go get in the shower when we hear cries coming from Lauren's room. April sprints across the hallway, and I follow behind her.

April's hugging her when I get to the room, "Is everything okay?"

"I'm scared daddy…" she cries.

"Shhh, you'll be okay…" April coos, rubbing her back.

"It'll be a lot like preschool… but with new kids and a new teacher…" I calmly say.

"I don't wanna go!" Lauren whimpers into April's shoulder.

"Baby, do you wanna be really smart?" April asks.

Lauren nods, "I wanna go to daddy's school and be in that singing club."

I'm grinning from ear to ear when she says this, my own daughter wants to be in Glee. April smiles at me and then situates Lauren in her lap, "Baby, I wasn't gonna wake you up for another hour. Close your eyes and try to fall asleep…"

Lauren leans back into April's arms and is sleeping again in minutes. I quietly leave the room to go shower, and she follows me, still carrying Lauren. She lays Lauren down on our bed as she goes to make a pot of hot tea. When she comes back, I'm already dressed, sitting on the bed next to a sleeping Lauren. She hands me a cup of tea and sighs, "What if she cries Will?"

"It'll be okay. She'll have fun, she loves coming to McKinley…" I reassure her.

"Yeah, she loves McKinley because we're there. So she thinks kindergarten is gonna be that way too…" April replies.

"Hey, teachers know how to deal with that kind of stuff. Go take your shower and get ready, you're teaching drama today…" I smile.

She kisses my forehead and as soon as she closes the bathroom door, Lauren wakes up again. "Hey honey."

"I'm hungry daddy…" she smiles.

"Okay baby. Let's go find something for breakfast, because I'm hungry too," I smile.

I pick her up and carry her into the kitchen, and sit her down at the table, "What do you want kiddo?"

"Cinnamon toast crunch…" she answers in her super high pitched voice, that sounds almost exactly like April's.

I nod, "Okay, I think I'm gonna have the same thing…"

Ten minutes later, April comes out of the bathroom, her hair is perfectly curled and she's completely dressed, "Where's my breakfast?"

"Daddy didn't make you any!" Lauren giggles.

"Well that wasn't very nice, now was it?" April playfully asks. "I think daddy needs to get mommy some cereal before she eats his."

"Okay, okay. I'm working on it." I reply, getting up from the table.

Lauren is giggling across the table, April sits down next to her and smiles. I bring April her cereal and she smiles at me, "thanks…"

Twenty minutes later, "Okay, Lauren, it's time to go get ready for school."

She gets up from the table and runs into her room. April follows her and I hear giggles and Shirley Temple coming from the room. I sigh, she's gonna be the next Shirley if she's got her mom's voice. Lauren comes running out of the room fully dressed in a bright pink dress with sparkly butterflies on it, black leggings and pink converse. Her dirty blond ringlets are perfect, she's absolutely adorable. "Let's go daddy!"

"Okay kiddo. We gotta get your lunch and your backpack first. Mommy needs her bag, and I need mine." I reply, smiling. April and I walk into the bedroom, grab our stuff and lock up the apartment. April helps Lauren into her car seat and gets in on the passenger side.

April hooks up her iPod and turns on Defying Gravity from Wicked, her and Lauren know that song by heart. They sing at the top of their lungs, which is like they're screaming in my ear while I'm driving, but it's so cute, and so good.

We pull up at the elementary school, I park the car and help Lauren out of her car seat. April gives her her backpack and lunchbox, which might I add, is a little tin lunch box with a picture of Shirley Temple on it. My mom bought it for her off of Amazon for Christmas. I notice April pull out her camera and start taking pictures, "Lauren, stand next to daddy…"

Five minutes later, April finally decides she has enough pictures and we walk Lauren to the front door. One of the teacher's aids greets us at the front, oh my god, it's Tina.

"Mr. Schue! April!" she smiles.

"Hey Tina! I didn't know you were gonna do education." I reply.

"Yeah. The classes were really easy for me, so I decided to keep taking them, and eventually I graduated…" she explains.

"From where? I can't remember." I ask.

"Ohio State…" she replies, "Now who's this cutie?"

Lauren smiles, "I'm Lauren. Mr. Schue's my daddy…"

Tina smiles, "I thought so. Your hair is super curly like his, and your mom's."

"Yeah, and she can sing like her momma too," I smile.

"Wow. Future Glee clubber?" Tina asks.

"Uh, Uh!" Lauren answers, "I wanna be in that singing club!"

"Good idea. I had a lot of fun in it. Your daddy's an awesome teacher." Tina replies.

"You were in daddy's club?" Lauren asks.

"Yeah, I was. Now let's get you inside and to your new classroom. Ms. Lopez is really excited to meet you.