written for Goldenlake's Malorie's Peak Prompts, #33- Ambition

George Cooper walks into a bar.

He is no stranger to ends and alleys that finish with brick walls and a sharp knife, but normally he is the one to come out less bloody. This one, though, this one he crashed into headfirst and unaware, not on the lookout for the blunt impact trauma waiting for him.

This will not be the only time he loses, but there will be a time for him to win.

George Cooper walks into a bar.

It is not the first time he has done so and it will not be the last. He is Lower City born and raised on the same streets his ancestors walked with batons swinging, prowling for lawbreakers the likes of their descendant.

It is his domain, his kingdom in a smoky room scented with the sweet tang of good liquor and the harsher scent of cheap ale.

When they come to steal his crown he lashes out with deadly strength. Those who came after him weren't prepared for the blunt force waiting them. But they'll learn, just like he did, and when they are ready he'll be waiting then too, waiting with a knife specially sharpened, one that can slice straight down though human flesh and take it clean off.

Those lads will need a reminder, and he's prepared to be the one to teach it to them.