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Chapter 13- The True King

Rain fell and doused the fire. Obi-wan came down to the bottom level, limping and holding his arm. Tahl gave her son a hug once he reached her. He pulled away and Satine came running to him. He picked her up off the ground and kissed her. Obi-wan set her down and pulled away.

Yoda stood at the foot of the stair case and motioned Obi-wan up them. Obi-wan limped over and bowed painfully to Yoda. Yoda bowed back.

"Time it is," Yoda said respectfully.

Obi-wan ascended the stairs to the balcony. Part of the clouds part to reveal some stars.

"Remember…" Qui-Gon's said through the clouds.

Obi-wan's pained expression then gained confidence and strength. He reached the end of the balcony. He pulled out his lightsaber and activated it above his head. The rest of the Jedi followed his move. Obi-wan Kenobi (the name he had taken when he ran away) was King.

3 years later…

The people had returned only a couple of weeks after Obi-wan became King. The land came back to life over the course of the three years.

All of Dooku's followers were banished to the outlands. Sadly only a year later Tahl had died of a disease.

Obi-wan had cut his hair (Ep3 hair) and had shaven some of his beard but kept it. A month after he became king he had asked Satine to marry him. She said yes. She then got pregnant and just had their daughter only a week ago.

Now was the day of not only the celebration of peace but also the celebration of Satine and Obi-wan's daughter, Padme.

Everyone was there. Obi-wan stood beside Satine both were in white. Rex and Cody in navy grey army suits. Threepio came walking out holding baby Padme. Yoda followed Threepio out and stood on the rail. Threepio handed him Padme. Yoda lifted Padme up for all to see.

The Circle was complete.

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