So, uh, yeah. It is basically a fact that Lily Aldrin is totally badass at laser tag. Er, once Robin explains to her that it really isn't like shooting things one bit. Shooting things doesn't come with a bonus of really awesome pinging noises and flashing lights, or the satisfaction of creaming twelve-year-olds and their parents.

Lily goes all out, paints black streaks under her eyes and puts on her sensible asskicking designer combat boots (Robin asks if she has unsensible ones and Lily mutters something about stilettos), pulls on black leggings and a camo shirt and holy hell they are so on.

Robin is no slouch herself and between the two of them they manage to beat the crap out of- um, strategically defeat a whole host of bloodthirsty tweens in Converse sneakers and jeggings.

"Want to go for a smoothie and some ribs?" Lily asks, surveying the carnage, and Robin nods. This was probably one of her best ideas ever.