Just a poem about Rusty James and The Motorcycle Boy, based on the S.E Hinton book and Francis Ford Coppola movies Rumble Fish.



Broken Mirror

I just want something to fight for

Something worth the blood and the pain

I want it like it was before

A reason to live, a reason to stay

You have that half-smile on your face

Looking at something I can't see

You regret everything I chase

A reason to die, a reason to leave

You're there one second, gone after

Don't leave me alone, I feel choked

Talking with a distant laughter

A prince in exile with nothing to dream

You can't lead with no where to go

You can't live when life is too slow

Black and white TV, sound down low

You're too quick for life, but too slow for death

They wouldn't fight, in the river

They wouldn't fight, with room to live

Tasting life left you hung over

Why believe in a world that you can't touch?

Stop it, please, and just talk to me

I'm here but you're not there at all

Stop it, please, come on, look at me!

And see the broken mirror facing you.