Warnings: This story is Yaoi. This of course means BoyXBoy. Don't like, don't read.

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The Black haired man stepped inside the dimly lit restaurant, the aroma of crisp garlic bread floating in the air. Out of all the things the pale man could be doing on a Sunday, he had to be on a blind date. He was usually a calm person, but something about being surprised pissed him off.

He hated being unprepared. But thanks to his aquatic animal obsessed friend he ended up here. Oh, Kisame will definitely pay. He walked through the restaurant looking for his date.

'Shouldn't be that hard judging that the place is close to empty' Itachi thought smugly.

He finally saw a sign of civilization as he headed toward the back. He walked past a table with an old man with wild, white hair and red marks down his face and a lust filled looking brunette hanging on his arm. Disgusting. Finally the man spotted his table, seeing that there was a blonde sitting all alone.

'A blonde? Very original, Kisame' he thought chuckling silently.

He then started studying the female's features as he made his way over. She had elbow length golden wheat colored hair (was it natural or dyed?), but part of it was in a ponytail.

He stepped in front of the awaiting girl getting a better look. Smooth ivory colored skin and beautiful ocean-blue eyes. Or eye as a matter of fact, since she had a long bang covering her left eye.

"Uchiha Itachi." the raven introduced himself with a small smile. The blonde got up shaking Itachi's hand, him noticing the long black gloves covering her hands. The Uchiha took a mental note to question that later.

"I'm Iwa Deidara, un" she replied smiling back. Itachi also noticed the unusual bass in the female's voice. Another topic to cover.

The two sat down as a waiter approached them stating his name and handed them menus. He then excused himself to tell the white haired man to settle down. "Hm" Itachi murmured softly but loud enough for Deidara to hear.

"What?" Deidara asked.

"Not to be rude but it's just that Deidara is quite an unusual name for a girl."

"And nice dress by the way." he commented coolly, trying to save himself, though the blonde didn't really have the chest to hold up the black cocktail dress.

Deidara opened her mouth to respond but the waiter had come back for their orders. Deidara pursed her lips, eyes fixated on the waiter who interrupted her oncoming rant. "I'll have the chicken alfredo and water" Itachi ordered setting the menu in the man's hands.

"And you Deidara?" Deidara's jaw clenched as she spoke, making her face look oddly masculine. "I'll have what he's having, but with sweet tea, un." The waiter nodded, collecting Deidara's menu and left to get their drinks.

"So, as you were saying?" Itachi finally said once the guy sat the drinks on the table.

"I'm. A. Guy." Deidara said still frowning.

The world seemed to freeze for a brief second as those three words sunk deep into Itachi's brain. "What?" Itachi yelled his voice louder than the old man's bellowing laugh. "I'm a guy. You didn't know that?" asked the confused blonde.

"Obviously not!" the Uchiha said still yelling. He wanted to keep his cool, but this was unbelievable! "But your blue friend-"

"Ugh! Damn that Kisame." Itachi growled storming toward the restaurant door.

"Wait!" Deidara called going after the man. Itachi brought his hand to the handle but before he could open it he felt a firm grip on his other arm. "Where are you going, un?"

'He's joking right?' He thought to himself.

"Uh, home? You're a guy, not a girl." Itachi said in a 'duh' tone. The blonde arched his eyebrow in confusion. "Can't you tell? I have no boobs, un."

Itachi's eye twitched as his face flushed a light pink in embarrassment. "I thought you were just flat chested! Plus, I'm not gay" Itachi said, snatching his arm away.

"Just please stay, un. Give it a try, you might even like it." Deidara purred softly licking the shell of the Uchiha's ear. Itachi had to restrain himself from even the slightest shiver.

'When the hell did he get so close?' Itachi panicked.

"I told you, I-" Itachi stopped suddenly as a soft whimper escaped from the blonde. Itachi looked down at the shorter man who was now pouting like a child. The raven felt a light tug on his heart, giving him a slightly weird feeling.

"Fine." the Uchiha grunted.

Deidara's eyes grew to the size of dinner plates, quickly dropping his act. The blonde turned away and began walking to their table, Itachi following. Itachi grinned in amusement as he watched the others' small, curved feminine hips sway from side to side.

'Maybe Kisame did make a slight mistake- No! Don't defend the enemy.' Itachi thought angrily.

As they took their seats Itachi saw that the food was placed on the table. It was probably cold so he stuck to his water, but that didn't seem to stop blonde.

Itachi's P.O.V

"So, tell me a bit about yourself. What do you do for a living?" I said propping my head on my hands. I listened for a few minutes as Deidara rambled on about being an artist, but I soon tuned him out as I watched his plump looking pink lips moved in sync with the muted words coming out of his mouth.

'I wonder what his lips taste like.'

No, there was no way I was gay. I was a proud member of the Uchiha family for crying out loud! These foreign thoughts were deeply frowned upon and I had enough pressure. My family owned one of the biggest companies in this city and it was a requirement to maintain the perfect image.

A scowl formed on my face at the mental image of my father's face full of disgrace and disgust if I were to abolish the family name and what about Sasuke?

He looks up to me. What kind of role model would I be if I became the one thing our father hated? Before I got any further I was brought back to reality when I felt a soft hand caress mine.

Deidara's P.O.V

"So tell me a bit about yourself. What do you do for a living?" Itachi asked with interest. Or was it fake? Oh who cares, at least he stayed, right? "I'm an artist, un. I sorta travel from town to town entering my art work in their weekend exhibits and if someone likes it they pay me for it" I started.

I had recently settled in Tokyo, making just enough for a simple living. Just the basics: cheap but nice apartment, and food; not exactly enough judging on how skinny I was. As for my art not a lot of people cared for it because my beliefs were so called 'amateur'.

See, I say art is fleeting. Meant to be there one second then explode in a great blast. Explosions were beautiful. Though most famous artists greatly disagree with my views, some respect them. For example, my favorite art critic, Sasori Akasuna, or as I secretly called him: Sasori Danna.

I met Sasori Danna in this museum, where he was attending their exhibit. I had waited for this day so my role model could see my work and praise me. I signed in late just so they would show my creation last.

Finally it was time for the big finale. My sculpture was based on a classic- Swan Lake. It was a life size ice sculpture of a slender ballerina with two swans' wings expanded out and wrapped around her waist. But no one knew nor could see the small bombs planted in the ice just waiting to go off.

I scanned the crowd and saw Sasori Danna sitting in the first row with slight amusement on his face. "Oh, it just gets better Danna" I muttered to myself. Once everyone settled, I knew it was show time.

"Art is . . . BANG!" I shouted making the sculpture burst into thousands of tiny ice shards. I listened to the surprised gasps that turned to wild applause and smirked. I looked over to where Sasori was sitting and saw that he was gone.

My eyes franticly searched for the redheaded artist until I spotted him going back into the building. "Hey Sasori Da- Akasuna" I halted quickly in front of the man, feeling quite small. Though I was inches taller than him.

"What brat?" he grumbled.

"How'd you like it? My art, un?"

"Your art? You stupid brat, that wasn't art!" Sasori hissed angrily.

"What do you mean, un?" I was confused.

'Why would he say something like that?' Deidara growled in his head.

"Confused? Well, here's an important lesson. Art is meant to last forever and not disperse suddenly! Art is eternal." Sasori simply said. With one last smirk he turned away and walked to his car. I just stood there dumbfounded.

It was like I'd been struck across the face. Art was- dare I say it- eternal? Impossible! I ran outside making a beeline toward the critics' car and started to tap obnoxiously on his window. After a minute I heard a long, angry groan and then the window slowly came down.

"You again? Look kid I don't have time for- "

"You're wrong, un."

Sasori chuckled once. "I beg your pardon?"

"Art doesn't last forever. It soon fades and leaves a person's memory, un. Art is a blast, something that'll be remembered as a great explosion of wonder and sheer awesomeness. It's fleeting, un" I turned my back on the shocked redhead, knowing my career was over though it barely begun.

"You have a lot of nerve, brat. Thinking art is fleeting- BAH! But I can't help but have some respect for you" Sasori sighed. I turned back around my eyes wide. "W-what, un?" I stammered.

"I won't repeat myself, brat. Here's my card. Try not to annoy me" he said with a smirk before driving off. The next day I read in the magazine that he put my quote that I said to him in his interview. Though he totally bad mouthed me and my art, he said that he could only give me the respect I deserved.

"And ever since then I've kept in touch with Sasori Danna, un." I looked up from my story to see Itachi's face in a tight frown.

'What's wrong with him?' Deidara's eyebrows furrowed. I grabbed his hand and he jumped. So he wasn't listening after all.

Itachi jumped when he felt the blondes' hand caress his. "What's wrong Itachi, un?" Deidara said his soft blue eyes meeting coal black ones. Itachi, realizing what was going on, snatched his hand back quickly as if he'd been burned.

"I'm sorry but I have to go" the raven said getting up and leaving money on the table. His dark eyes were cold and unreadable.

"What's wrong this time?" Deidara whined speed walking after him. This time Itachi didn't stop until he was in his car, and drove off. Before he had gone too far he glanced back in the mirror to the pitiful looking blonde.

His ocean blue eyes filled with sadness. It took all his effort not to turn back around and stay. No, the faster he got away the sooner he'd be able to figure out these odd feelings bubbling inside him. Or get rid of them completely.


Itachi pulled into his driveway, quickly turning off the blinding car lights. The entire two story house was dark except for the dimmed light in the dining area.

'Okaasan probably fell asleep at the table reading again' the raven thought.

He turned off the purring engine and snuck into the house. He hurried toward the flight of stairs silently making his way up until he heard a chair scrape against his parents' floor. "Itachi." A deep voice boomed. 'Shit!' he thought facing his father.

"It's late Itachi. You know I have an important meeting to attend and you're required to be there." Fugaku said his dark eyes boring into his sons'. Oh how he wanted to turn away from those judging eyes but kept them focused to avoid any unwanted conflict.

"Yes I know Otousan. It won't happen again." Itachi said. "Oh I know it won't. Be dressed and downstairs by 6:15" Fugaku grumbled then quickly disappeared upstairs.

Itachi waited until he heard the door to his parents' room close and then sighed. He walked up the stairs and was at the door to his room when he heard a soft voice call out to him. "Aniki-san? What're you doing?"

Itachi smiled slightly and faced the speaker. "I was just going to bed and so should you Sasuke-kun."

"I want- I need to talk to you" the young Uchiha stated.

Itachi sighed, hating the fact that he'd have to turn his own brother away. "Sorry Sasuke, I've had a long day and I'm tired. But later I promise" Itachi thumped the young boy on the forehead smiling softly.

Sasuke frowned and made his way back to his room muttering angrily about being treated like a child. Itachi chuckled and went into his room closing the door. He collapsed onto the bed not even bothering to undress as his eyes closed immediately.



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