Chapter 16!

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"… and that should bring in a three percent increase" a raspy voice said from the phone speaker. "Fine, but I want copies of the records by Thursday" Itachi replied before ending the phone conference.

He sat in silence, thumbing a pen on his desk for a while until he got up and closed his office door. He opened a cabinet in his desk and pulled out his cell.

Pressing the power button he waited as the phone booted up before searching through his contacts. A highlighted bar hovered over the contact for a second and then without another moments' hesitation he clicked call.

Itachi bit his lip as the ringer rung slowly. It rang about four times when Itachi considered giving up. Just as he was about to hang up a voice called out to him.

"Deidara?" Itachi asked.

"Yeah, it's me, un. Sorry I almost missed your call" he heard the male breathe heavily into the phone. A small smile grazed over Itachi's face.

"I'm just glad you answered."

"So, uh, what's up?" Deidara asked. "I was just wondering if you were free for lunch today." Itachi asked looking outside the window. "Sure, what time, un?"

"How about now? The café on sixth?" Itachi suggested.

Deidara let out a chuckle. "Now sounds great, un. See you later" Deidara said in a low tone. Itachi felt a sudden wave of lust wash over him at the sound of the blonde's voice.

He was in deep trouble.


Deidara sat at the table, his fingers drumming against the polished wood. Why did he feel like a nervous wreck? It was just Itachi.

"Yeah, just Itachi, un. Only sexier, more taboo, and God those eyes looking all over my –" Deidara stopped, feeling his face flush and southern regions harden.

"What is wrong with me?" Deidara muttered.

"So, you talk to yourself now Iwa?" a silky voice chuckled.

Deidara looked up with a smile and quickly got up to hug Itachi. "It's good to see you" Deidara sighed burying his face into the ravens' neck. Itachi let go of a shaky breath.


The blonde suddenly tensed and let go, winding his hands together. "I'm sorry, un. Thank you for coming" he said. "Ahem, no problem. Please sit down" Itachi replied, gesturing with his hand toward the seat.

Deidara saw the mocking glint of a ring on his left hand as he sat and began to pick at his napkin. 'I knew it' He thought bitterly. "So how have you been, un?" the blonde asked still looking down.

"I've been fine; business has definitely been going well and you?" Itachi plucked the napkin from Deidara's hand, forcing him to look at him. "Well, I just sold some paintings for a pretty hefty price. And then I have an exhibit in a month" the artist beamed, forgetting his upset.

Itachi chuckled. "Would you mind if I attended? I do have quite an appreciation for art, especially yours" the Uchiha smirked. He didn't know why he said it but it felt so natural and right. Deidara's cheeks flushed a bright red before he straightened up.

"I wouldn't mind at all Mr. Uchiha. And I'm honored that you favor my art, un" Deidara stabbed a piece of his food and ate it slowly. Itachi's eye twitched in annoyance. Two can play at that game.

"Well, your art is pretty impressive if I do recall Mr. Iwa" Itachi let his name roll off his tongue. Deidara glared playfully and leaned forward.

"Pretty impressive? I'm sure you've forgotten how great it is, un. Maybe one day I can show it to you – my art that is" the blonde purred. Itachi groaned heatedly, his eyes boring into Deidara's'.

Deidara smiled and then his eyes flickered down. Reaching into his pocket he brought out his cell phone and sighed. "Well, as much as I would love to talk more about art, I have to get back to work, un".

Deidara stood and squeezed Itachi's shoulder. "Thanks for lunch Mr. Uchiha, un. Let's do it again." And with that the blonde was gone. Itachi's mouth twitched up a bit as he paid for the bill and left the café.


"Thank you Miss Haruno that will be all" Itachi said shooing the woman out of his office. Once she was gone Itachi relaxed in his seat. Ever since lunch the other day they've been texting one another.

Maybe even flirting but that wasn't a big deal right? The Uchiha sighed not even bothering to think about it anymore. Just as he was about to make a short call his cell buzzed.

'That better not be Ino' he thought.

Ino had been acting a bit strange, even for her and expressed it by frequently calling him at work. Picking it up he saw that it was Deidara and answered quickly. "Wanting another lunch meeting Mr. Iwa?" Itachi teased.

"Itachi, I need you … now, un" the blonde said in a husky tone.

Itachi's eyes enlarged at the statement. "Uh, come again?" he gulped.

"After our lunch date I just couldn't get you out of my mind, un. I kept thinking about your hands all over my body. Please Itachi, I need you" Deidara breathed out.

Itachi shivered slightly. "Where are you?" the raven growled. "My house. It's those condo apartments on 78th street, C4. Hurry, un."

"Okay" Itachi said snapping his phone shut.

Getting up quickly he gathered his things and walked out of his office. "Miss Haruno, I'm done for the day. Any calls come in take a message and fax them to me" he said quickly left the building before she answered.

Itachi practically sprinted to his car and jumped in. Without even a second thought he pulled off his wedding ring and tossed it in the glove compartment.


Itachi knocked on the door and it flew open Deidara standing there with wild, lust filled eyes. He stepped into the house, grabbed Deidara by his hips and kissed him hard.

Deidara groaned and wrapped his arms around Itachi. Itachi slipped his tongue inside the blonde's mouth exploring every inch before pulling away.

"Wrap your legs around me" he whispered. Deidara nodded and did as told, his cock brushing against the Uchiha's hip. Itachi hissed as Deidara rocked gently against him moaning into his neck.

"Bedroom, second door to your right, un" Deidara huffed. Itachi followed the directions and tossed the blonde on the bed. He undid the buttons of his shirt, throwing it to the side and took off Deidara's'.

"You're as beautiful as I remember" Itachi said kissing his jaw and to his shoulder.

Reaching down he took Deidara's hand, thumbing the mouth slits. "I missed these things" he murmured before running his tongue along them. The hand mouth opened and the tongue darted out eagerly to wrestle with the Uchihas'.

Deidara moaned heatedly as Itachi made out with his hand. "S-stop teasing, un" he whined. Itachi smirked and gave one last lick to the mouth.

"Still so impatient" Itachi chuckled as he took off his pants and the blondes. With no more clothes in the way Itachi let his hands rub slowly over the blonde's lithe hips.

"Suck" Itachi commanded putting two fingers near Deidara.

Deidara took a small lick at the fingers before bringing them into his mouth. He ran his tongue sensuously over each digit, his tongue wrapping individually around each one.

The blonde sucked lightly on the fingers before Itachi pulled them out, his teeth grazing them a bit. Placing one finger at the entrance, he pushed inside Deidara's heat and his other hand made small circles on his hip.

"Ngh … more, un" Deidara groaned pushing against the invader. Itachi groaned and hurriedly pushed the last two digits inside, feeling the sweet tightness of his blonde. After he was sure Deidara was prepared he pulled his fingers out, which made him whine at the loss.

"You don't know how long I've dreamed of this. Of us Deidara" Itachi murmured. The raven lined up in between the blonde's legs, casually tossing one leg up on his shoulder.

"Relax babe" was all that was said before he pushed all the way in.

Itachi hissed as Deidara's heat surrounded his cock. Itachi gave a roll of his hips, causing Deidara to throw his head back with a soft moan.

The raven proceeded to kiss along his lover's jaw down to his neck as he rocked his body gently against him.

'In, out, roll' Itachi chanted in his head, holding Deidara's hips when he bucked upward.

"Mm, Itachi, un!" Deidara panted heatedly and turned his head to the right giving Itachi more access. Itachi's lips ghosted over the blonde's Adams apple, his tongue flicking it lightly.

"God, you taste so good. Even better than I remember" the Uchiha whispered on his skin. He closed his mouth over the pulsing vein in his neck and gave it a hard suck.

"Aah! P-please just fuck me, un" Deidara cried. Itachi gave one final suck, leaving behind a dark mark.

"It'll be my pleasure babe" he replied in a low tone.

Pulling out to the tip he gave Deidara a predatory smirk before slamming back in. Keeping a steady pace Itachi thrust in and out of Deidara as the blonde eagerly pushed back onto him.

"Nghh … h-harder Itachi, un!" Deidara moaned his hand mouths biting into the ravens' shoulder. Itachi growled and gripped Deidara's hips as he thrust harder into the blonde's tight heat.

'I should know this body like the back of my hand. Where is it?' he thought.

Itachi shifted his angle slightly; a strangled moan erupted from Deidara. "Aah, there, un! Do it a-again!" Deidara panted.

"My pleasure" Itachi grinned and began to thrust into Deidara's prostate harder and faster.

"I-Itachi, I'm c-cumming, un!" Deidara cried arching his back as he came. Itachi grunted harshly pulling out and slamming back in to Deidara's prostate as he came hard his seed coating Deidara's insides.

"Mmm, Deidara" Itachi groaned riding out his orgasm. Itachi laid his head on Deidara's shoulder panting before he pulled out with a loud pop and laid beside him, wrapping him in his arms.

"I've missed you so much Dei" Itachi muttered into the others' neck. "I missed you too, un. It's been too long" Deidara replied. "Deidara about that incident six years ago, I –"

"No! I-I don't want to think about that right now, un. I just want to hold you Itachi" Deidara pleaded.

He knew it was wrong because Itachi was married but he couldn't help how he felt about this man. He loved Itachi and that would never change.

"Okay, okay calm down. I'm right here Deidara" Itachi said softly and kissed his head. Itachi pulled the covers up to cover their bodies as they drifted off to sleep.


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