Society's a Platypus! (Or that random topic on Facebook)

A short story for HuntressOfTheSky13 and The Girl Who Danced with Fire

"Hey Percy, what are you doing?" Annabeth asked.

"Society's a platypus!" Percy shouted angrily.

"What?" Annabeth asked shocked, "What are you talking about, Percy?"

"My ex-girlfriend's a platypus!" Conner screamed with him.

"I seriously have no idea what-" Annabeth started.

"Here's a fun fact, that y'all should know!" Grover started to say, "Everybody has a platypuses or is it platypi? or platypuseses?"

"It could be platypeople!" Chiron added.

"Or platypies." Conner joined in.

"PLATYCOWS!" Percy screamed.

"WHAT THE HADES IS-" Annabeth yelled.

"PLATYZILLA, HOME DOG!" Grover cut the poor demigod off.

"PLATYGOD!" Mr. D chimed.

"Even better, PLATYGOD'S BOSS!" Chiron retorted.

"Touche!" Mr. D chuckled.

"Platyzeus!" Conner yelled.

Thunder rumbled and lightning struck Conner frying the Son of Hermes. Conner blew out a puff of smoke, "Sorry dude! Chill out!"

"Platypower Rangers!" Percy screamed.

"Platycandle." Grover put in.

"Platywerewolf (for those who cannot visualize the Platywerewolf, think of Taylor Lautner with a bill)." Conner gagged.

"Platyvampire." Rachel added happily.

"Huh? Where did you come from?" Annabeth asked.

Completely ignoring her, Percy added, "Platymonkeys!"

"Platygrover!" Grover chuckled.

"Platypercy!" Percy screamed.

"Platyfergie!" Conner exclaimed.

Everybody looked at him funny. But, Conner shrugged, "What? She's hot!"

"Dude, she forty!" Everybody screamed at the fried demigod

"She's thirty-five!" Conner screamed.

"She's not hot!" Annabeth yelled.

"You don't understand!"

"Platytaboo!" Thalia added.

"Where are you guys coming from?" Annabeth screamed, obviously annoyed.


"What is that?"

"Dobby with a bill!"

"What's a Dobby?"

"Platysnooki!" Rachel yelled.

"Jersey Shore sucks!" Annabeth screamed angered.

"Platymegan Fox!" Conner added.

"Now, that's hot!" Percy replied as Annabeth shot daggers at him.

"Platykronos!" Annabeth blurted.

"Who dares speak my name?" Kronos roared.

"Annabeth, Lord Kronos!" Percy pointed at Annabeth.

"Did you assist her, child?"

"No, rip her head off." Percy jumped up and down.

"Who the **** are you?"

"I'm your grandson!"

"Who gives anything for you!"

With that, Kronos beat Percy to a pulp... Everybody was screaming their heads off until Kronos left. Annabeth started to speak once more, "So what was the platypus deal?"

Everybody looked at her strangely, "PLATYANNABETH!"

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