Hey guys. A lot of people ask questions via reviews, e-mails, Private Messages about me. So, I decided to answer these questions. Starting now.

First Question

Q. Are you dating?

A. Currently, yes.

Second Question

Q. If so, do you have a pet name for her?

A. Godzilla (I call her that affectionately)

Third Question

Q. I want to be just like you. How do I do that?

A. You don't want to be like me. Trust me

Fourth Question

Q. Are you related to Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling, or Stephen King?

A. Sadly, no. But it was rumored I was related to Gollum or Dobby.

Fifth Question

Q. What is the right age for me to date?

A. Forty-two!

Sixth Question

Q. Are we ever going to see your brother or niece's fanfic up here soon?

A. My niece is just a few hours old. And my brother is possibly not going to graduate elementary school.

Seventh Question

Q. Did you create Ekkhn Klann?

A. Yes and no. Yes, it was an idea to create the collab group. No, I did not make the account.

P.S. If you don't know what Ekkhn Klann is. Search Ekkhn Klann in Author section here. You'll find us.

Eighth Question

Q. Who were the planned/original Ekkhn Klann members

A. Well, maximumride123 and I were original members. Except it wasn't called Ekkhn Klann then. It was called a collaboration. Back to the question. I planned for Qoheleth, maximumride123, HuntressOfTheSky13, and me. And due to the collab story we were working on at that time, Qoheleth declined unfortunately. Shame though, he was pretty much the first author I started to read on FanFiction.

Ninth Question

Q. Are there any old collab stories before Ekkhn Klann?

A. So many questions on Ekkhn Klann! Well, one. The Not So Excellent Quest for Harmonia. Which will be republished sometime during the spring on Ekkhn Klann. But if you want to see the very original visit my profile or maximumride123's.

Tenth Question

Q. My whole neighborhood reads your stories everyday. We think you are the best author on FanFiction.

A. Thanks for the support! But I'm not the best author. Out of the thousands here, I don't compare to any of them.

Eleventh Question

Q. Name your favorite Percy Jackson author.

A. bloomingauthor7 was the original Percy Jackson author. Qoheleth is pretty cool too. And me of course. And don't be offended if I didn't mention you. All of you are awesome. But I had to pick them because they are full of amazing-ness and awesome.

Twelfth Question

Q. Do you have any pets?

A. One dog that looks like an albino Toto.

Thirteenth Question

Q. If you have any, what's his/her name?

A. Louis.

Fourteenth Question

Q. You put a lot of people you know as guest stars in Percy's Incredibly Stupid Adventures. Will we see your girlfriend as a guest star?

A. I don't think you'll see Godzilla in there. Because I stretch the personalities of the authors. If I stretched her personality. Her cuteness would break the computer.

Okay, I'm done! Thank you for the questions. Keep on favoriting and subscribing to me.