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Olivia pushed a strand of her now brown hair out of her face. She was walking around her kitchen trying to find something a banana. She groaned pulling her hair into a ponytail and fanning herself with her hand. She had lived here in Kentucky about 4 years now, and she was still getting used to this heat. She leaned against the counter and looked around the medium sized kitchen. She groaned when she couldn't find a banana. She walked through the house and went to the living room. She sat on the couch and looked around. She was terribly bored. Her head snapped up as she heard a scurrying of feet upstairs. She stood up and went upstairs and peeked inside the master bedroom after seeing nothing she went to the room across the hall. She opened it and peeked around the light blue and yellow room.

"MOMMA!" A small voice cried.

Olivia nearly jumped out of her skin. She looked down and she smiled getting down on her knees. "Carson Joanna Lawson didn't I tell you it was nap time?"

Carson smiled at her mother her large green eyes wide and smiling. "Yes but momma I'm not tired" she replied.

Olivia smiled and pushed a strand of her daughter's long brown hair out of her face. She laughed her daughter's little Kentucky twang. "Ok darling. Let's go and watch some Backyardagins." she said to her four year old daughter.

"Ok momma" Carson said with smile.

Olivia stood up and got her daughters hand and they walked downstairs to the family room. Olivia sat her daughter on the couch and cut the TV on. She turned to Noggin and thankfully the Backyardagins had just came on. She sat next to her daughter and smiled down at her as she sang along. It was around 3 when Olivia realized that Carson had fallen asleep. She smiled at her daughter and laid her down on the couch and got a light blanket and placed it over her daughter smile frame. She then went back to the kitchen to see what she was going to cook for dinner. She finally decided on ordering something. She was not in the mood to cook at all. She then went back to the family room and sat down she turned the TV to an episode of Criminal Minds. She was so engrossed in the show that she didn't realize that her husband had come home.

"Olivia!" his voice rang through the house.

She winced. He sounded anger. "Great now what's wrong?' she whispered as she stood up and went towards his voice. She turned the corner to the kitchen and looked at her husband. "Yes?"

Seth Lawson looked at his wife and said. "How come I don't smell any food cooking?"

Olivia stared at him, he was rather handsome with large green eyes and blonde hair, and then she looked around the kitchen and said. "Well as you can see I didn't cook anything"

He was over to her in a flash and had her pushed against the wall. His hands holding her arms tightly. "Excuse me? Who do you think your talking to like that?" he sneered in her.

She was breathing heavily and she stared into his eyes. "I'm sorry"

He nodded and kissed her roughly as he dropped her arms and pushed away from her. "So what's if for dinner"

"I'm going to order something" she whispered as she looked away from him.

He nodded and turned away from him and opened the cabinet under the sink and took out a bottle of bourbon. He took a swig straight from the bottle and said. "So Olivia where is my little girl"

"She's taking a nap" Olivia said after she cleared her throat. She looked at the menus on the fridge and said. "What do you want for dinner?"

He looked at her with an eye roll and he slurred. "What the hell do you think I want for dinner? Food!"

Olivia tensed she hated it when he drank. "Ok. I'll order pizza" she then order the pizza and turned and quietly went to go check on her daughter.

Carson was up and playing with her doll house. She looked up when she heard the door open, her little body tense. When she saw her mothers face she smiled brightly. "Hi momma"

Olivia went over to her daughter and sat next to her on the floor. "How was your nap Beanie?"

"Nap like" Carson responded with a matching smile.

Olivia laughed and tickled her daughter. "You are so goofy"

Carson giggled and said. "What's for dinner mommy?"

"I just ordered pizza" Olivia said with a smile.

"With pepperonis and banana peppers?"

"Of course beanie. It should be here soon. How about we go outside and swing until the pizza gets here?"

"Ok mommy. Can we swim?"

Olivia looked through the glass sliding doors that lead to the backyard. The backyard was pretty big with a monkey gym, a pool and a patio. "Uhm not today darling. You would only be in there for a hot second before the pizza gets here. How about tomorrow? I'll call Hanna's mommy to see if they want to come over"

Carson nodded with a smile. "I'll get my shoes on" she said as she stood up and fixed her pink shorts and light yellow tank top.

Olivia nodded and stood up and followed her daughter to the sliding doors, both their shoes right by the door. Olivia unlocked the sliding door and let her door outside. She fanned herself as soon as she was hit with the hot. "Man it's hot"
Carson nodded agreeing with her mother as she skipped to the monkey bars. "Mommy where were you born?"

"In New York City" Olivia answered. Saying that made her heart ache she missed the city terribly. She missed Munch and his horrible, Fin and his utter coolness under pressure, Melinda and her wit, Casey and her jokes and her readiness to listen, Cragen and his whole being there for and of course she missed Elliot. She could barely say or even think his name for that matter without being depressed. She winced as she thought about the day she announced she was engaged. The day she got married and of course the day she told everyone she was leaving. She could barely make the words out when she looked at Elliot. Truthfully he was her best friend and so much more. He was the only person that she could trust with every fiber in her body, he was the love of her life. But she couldn't have told him that she could have never told him that. So she settled on someone else, some who was at the time kind, smart, good looking and just who she was looking for, but that changed when she moved her to Kentucky.

"Mommy? Mommy?" Carson said as she tugged her mother's hand.

Olivia snapped out of it and looked down at the love of her life. "Yes?"

"Is daddy here?" her eyes large and wondering.

Olivia bent and picked her daughter up and said. "Yes. He is here. Do you want to go and say Hi?"

Carson's head indicated no. "No momma."

Olivia looked at her daughter and asked. "Why not sweetie? Is there something you want to tell me?"

Carson looked towards the house and she tensed as she saw her father in the window. He was holding that same bottle of bourbon but it was just about gone. "Uhm no mommy. Is pizza here?"

Olivia sighed and kissed her daughters head and said. "I think it might be. Let's go see"

They walked back inside of the house and went into the kitchen. The pizza boxes were on top of the island counter. Olivia put Carson and said. "Sweetie go ahead and wash up for dinner. I'll get everything set up ok?"

Carson nodded and turned away and walked to the bathroom.

Olivia went to the sink to wash her hands and then she fixed her daughters plate and then her own. She walked out of the kitchen and went to Seth's office. He was a accountant. "We are about to eat. Are you going to join us?"

He was standing by the door looking out the same window he was looking out before. He turned and looked at her. His eyes were slightly red and he was utterly drunk. He stepped closer to her, making her back up to the door, "If I do what are you going to do for me?" he gripped her ass and brought her closer to him.

Her eyes were wide and she felt really uncomfortable. "Seth your drunk"

He was kissing her neck as he brought her closer and then he whispered in her ear. "Your point?"
"My point is" she pushed him off of her. "I'm so sick and tired of this! Your drunk just about all the time! Your scaring our daughter!" she yelled.

He smacked her hard across the face. When she fell to the floor he knelt down beside her clutching her hair tight in his hand. "You don't yell at me. Is that understood?"

Olivia had tears in her eyes as she looked at him. She said nothing.

"I SAID DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" He yelled pulling her hair so that she was facing him.

She nodded and cried out. "Yes"

He dropped hair and watched as she fell to the floor. "I'll be there when I get ready. Now get out"

Olivia stood up and as she turned around wiping her face she gasped. "Carson baby"

Carson stared at her mother and then looked at her father and she quickly ran from the hallway.

Olivia never wanted Carson to see that. Of all the times something like this went down the only thing that Olivia could think of was Carson not seeing. She ran after her daughter. "Carson!" she called. She looked in her room. She was starting to panic. She then heard a little whimper coming from the closet. She went over and opened the closet door.

Carson was on the floor holding her stuffed Tiger. "Mommy he scare me" she whispered.

Olivia got inside of the closet with her and held her four year old in her lap. "It's going to be ok darling. Mommy going to fix it ok?"

Carson nodded.

Olivia didn't see or hear Seth as he stood outside of Carson's bedroom.