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It was the month of March and the Stabler house was very tense. Olivia was a week late and everyone was antsy. They wanted her to hurry up and give birth already. Elliot was loosing his mind with anxiety. Every time Olivia moved at random times he would ask if it was time. It was driving Olivia crazy! So she had decided to go out with Casey, just to the spa. Elliot at first had been against it because he wanted Olivia near him. Just in case. But Olivia kept insisting it was okay and begging him until he agreed. He already knew that she was going to go, she just wanted him to be okay with it. That Saturday came up. Thankfully Elliot had the day off and the kids where going to stay at home with him.
"Mommy!" Carson called as she ran through the house looking for her mother.

Olivia was struggling to get her jacket on. Once it was finally on she called, slightly out of breath, "Down here baby!" She smiled when she heard the little padding of feet above her head.

Carson came pounding the stairs and then she rushed to her mother. Before she attacked her with a hug she froze and started to walk slowly and then hugged her. "Have to be gentle with the baby." Carson said with a large smile.

Olivia smiled. "That's right baby. We have to be even gentler when the new baby comes right?"

Carson shakes her head and her little pony tails fly around her head. "So mommy. I'm gonna be a big sister right? That means I get to chose if I want a brother or sister right?"

Olivia laughs and replies "Where did you hear that from?"

Carson simply shrugged her shoulders as she said. "I don't know. Any who I want a little sister. So I can dress her up and teach her how to play Dora!"

Olivia sighed as she replied. "Darling I already told you mommy was having a boy."

Carson's little nose scrunched up as she said. "But I can dress up a little boy momma."

Olivia gently smiles as she replies. "That's right you can't. But you can teach him different things."

"But mommy! You have to have a girl." Carson pouts.

Olivia hears a car horn outside. She looked out the window and saw Casey's car in the driveway. She tries to bend down and kiss her daughter but can't. "Sorry beanie but I'm not having a girl this time. Maybe when this baby is a little older you can have a little sister."

Carson sighs "Okay mama. Have fun." hugs her mothers legs and then goes to the living room.

Olivia sighs and calls to Elliot. "El! I'm leaving."

Elliot was in the kitchen getting something ready for lunch. "Okay baby!"

Olivia smiles as she opens the door and heads out to the car. She was slowly twisting her wedding ring around her finger. Her and Elliot had gotten married on New Years Eve. They couldn't wait until after the baby was born and New Years Eve seemed like the prefect time for it. They went on a little weekend get away afterward. Elliot already promised her a longer honeymoon some where hot after the baby was born. Olivia smiled as she got into the car with her best friend. "Hey Case"

Casey gave a look to her friend. "Don't you hey Casey me! Do you have any idea how long Elliot had me on the phone! He kept asking me a thousand questions and stuff like that! Liv you shouldn't be going to the spa! You should be at home resting and getting ready for my nephew!" she started the car.

Olivia laughed. "Casey calm down. The spa is helping me and the baby. If I'm relaxed then hopefully little one will be relaxed enough to come out."

Casey's eyes went wide as she replied. "Don't even say things like that! That little boy better wait until you are safely in the hands of that hunky blue eyed husband of yours! I cannot help you deliver a baby!"

Olivia laughed even harder. "CASEY! Calm down sweetie! I'm not in labor and you wouldn't have to deliver the baby if I was to go into labor! You just have to get me to the hospital."

"Which is 3.5 miles from our destination." Casey replied.

Olivia looked at her. "You really have been talking to my husband."

Both woman laugh.

~Later that day~

Olivia and Casey where lounging on some comfy chairs eating strawberries and drinking juice.

"I feel so relaxed." Casey nearly moaned.

Olivia giggled. "I did. But now not so much. Little one here won't stop moving around!"

"Ooh I wanna touch!" Casey squealed.

"Go ahead. Right here." she got Casey's hand and placed it on her large stomach. She smiled when she felt the baby kick right under Casey's hand. "See."

Casey smiled as she looked up at Olivia. "I can't wait to feel mine kick." she muttered in awe as she looked down at Olivia's stomach.

Olivia titlted her head to the side and she said. "Feel your's kick? Is there something you want to tell me Casey?"

Casey's head snapped up quickly and she said. "No! I mean yes...I'm mean!" she groaned as she put her head in her hands.

Olivia smiled. "Cassandra Helena Novak! Are your pregnant?"

Casey looked back up at Olivia and said. "You didn't just full name me Olivia Vanessa Stabler!"

Olivia laughed and said. "Why yes I did and I'll do it again if you don't tell me what's going on!"

Casey sighed as she said. "Well you know how me and Fin have been seeing each other right?" when Olivia nodded she said. "I found out I was pregnant last week."

Olivia squealed and wrapped her arms around her friend and said. "Congrats sweetie! Oh that's wonderful! How many weeks are you?"

"4." Casey sniffed.

"Oh this baby is going to be so cute! I can't wait to see..." but Olivia paused. She frowned slightly and she looked down at her stomach.

Casey stared at her friend and said. "What's wrong Olivia?"

"Uhm...I think my water just broke." she whispered.

"What! How is that possible! I thought you had contractions or something! Liv why didn't you tell me you were having contractions! Oh my God Elliot is going to kill me and then.."

Olivia placed her hand over Casey's mouth and said. "Casey darling calm down. Everything is going to be okay. Some times woman don't get contractions. I guess this is one of those times. Just get me to the hospital and no Elliot isn't going to kill you. I won't let him. Now come to the hospital."

"Hospital right. 3.5 miles away." Casey mumbled as she stood up and quickly started getting things ready.

Olivia stood up and walked behind her friend. She looked at her best with a smile small. She was running around like a chicken with her head cut off. "Casey...your not the one who is going into labor. So come on take a few deep breaths and let's get to the hospital."

Casey nodded and got Olivia's hand and they rushed to the car.

Olivia got her phone and dialed Elliot's number.

He answered on the second ring. "Are you okay?"

Olivia chuckled. "You answered the phone mighty fast there Mr. Worry-a-lot!"

Elliot laughed. "Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah. Can you meet us at the hospital...my water broke."

"LIV! Why didn't you say that when I answered the phone! YOU GUYS CODE BABY! CODE BABY!"

Olivia smirked as she said. "You have a code baby?"

"Olivia wipe that smirk off of your face! Why didn't you tell me that you were having contractions! No never mind I'll meet you at the hospital!"

"Okay." Olivia smiled.

"See you soon Liv. Love you."

"Love you too." She hung up the phone and that was when she was hit with the contractions. "Oh!" she gripped her phone tightly.

Casey was looking from Olivia to the road. "Don't worry Livvie! We are almost there!"

Olivia nodded.

It was nearing 8pm. The Stabler kids where sitting in the waiting room with Cragen, Casey, Fin and Munch.

"Is the baby here now." Carson sighed as she kicked her little feet back and forth.

Cragen laughed as he picked her up and placed her in his lap. "No not yet darling. Trust me you'll know when the baby is here."

Carson pouted and leaned into his chest. "I wanna see the baby now grandpa."

"Me too Carson. Me too." he chuckled.

Elliot soon came to everyone with a large smile on his face and tears in his blue eyes.

"The baby is here!" Casey asked as she jumped up.

Elliot nodded. "Come on."

Carson jumped out of Cragen's lap and ran to her father. She giggled when he picked her up. "Come on daddy! I have to see my little brother."

Elliot just chuckled. He waited for everyone to stand up and come over to him. He then guided them to the room Olivia was in. He slowly opened the door and smiled as he walked in.

"Hey you guys." Olivia said. She was slightly sweating and her brown hair was a mess around her face. In her arms she was holding two babies.

"Mommy! You said it was only going to be a boy!" Carson gasped as she jumped out of Elliot's arms and went over to her.

"I thought I was only have a little boy." Olivia said with a smile. "It seems that the little girl was hiding behind her brother the whole time."

Casey walked over to her friend. "Are they both okay?"

"Of course." Olivia said with a smile.

"They are beautiful Olivia." Cragen said.

"Thanks dad." Olivia said as she looked up at him.

"What are their names?" Maureen and Kathleen asked at the same time. They took seats by Olivia.

Elliot and Olivia looked at each other. "The boy is Jackson Donald Stabler and the little girl is Jewel Jacinda Stabler."

"They are precious" Casey said with a smile.

Olivia smiled. "That they are."

"Mommy! I told you I was going to have a little sister!" Carson said with a smile.

"That you did sweetie." Olivia said as she gently kissed her daughter's head and then looked down at the twins in her arms. She looked around at everyone with a smile. She was so happy at the moment. She couldn't remember feeling so loved. She gently kissed the top of the Jewel and Jackson's heads. Happy that she had found the comfort that she had been searching for.